Living Systems & False Matrices: Body Health, Our Microbiome and Ability to Shift Frequencies

We all know what is going on out there in the world. I don’t need to tell anyone or bring anyone up to speed. It has never been more important to see to our health–our mental, energetic and bodily well being. To keep boots on the ground, we simply must begin to place more emphasis on this than we have been. Even if we think we take fairly good care of ourselves, now is the time to place even more attention on the nitty gritty and get even more detailed in our self care.

It is a choice to do this, and it is a choice to not. We are each, one and all sovereign to choose but do always keep in mind that our lives are nothing but a series of our very own choices. Know this and please choose well. We generally know our own strengths and weaknesses. Diving in where we know we tend to be weak is a really smart idea right now. Strengthening ourselves in these areas will go a long way toward keeping us upright and feeling our best.

As the years begin taking us more into our adult years, it is important to begin placing more emphasis on our internal terrain, the organs, systems and glands of the body – than the external bits., which is often where we tend to focus in our younger years. This marks our “growing up”. When it comes to this, there are so many ways of potentially placing and patterning our attention, but very helpful within the total placement is on our elimination pathways.

  • The mind
  • The skin
  • The liver
  • The lungs/breath
  • The colon
  • The kidneys

These are what tend to get blocked, backed up and bottle-necked. So anything you can do to help open these pathways can be pain saving, in the least, and life saving at the most. Meditation and contemplation for the mind. Movement, exercise, sun, body work for the skin. A healthy diet based in 80% organic fresh fruits and vegetables for the liver. Pranayama, breath work, aromatherapy for the lungs. Sufficient clean living water, herbs, and, again fruits for the colon and kidneys.

Every living organism on the planet requires basically the same thing:

  • Sun
  • Water
  • Proper sustenance
  • Movement, exercise, rest/sleep and
  • Love

See to these, not overdoing any and you will always be well.


In the body, the spine and psoas are the two key areas to keep open


Now— because there is a little something running around out there in our world at present ( we all know what that is ), and because there are some who have asked I am going to share with you my Naturopathic protocols for staying happy, healthy and on my feet. As I said up there, elimination pathways are important. There is a pathway, a whole system inside us that begins in the mouth and ends in the rectum. Put on your galoshes, we’re about to dive into it.

A Healthy Diet, Heavy on the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Let’s start at the mouth.

Without going into a lot of detail, because we all know how to eat and what the basis of a good diet is and is composed of, I will just say that at near 60 years of age I focus on fresh organic fruits, fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices and whole vegetables both raw and cooked. Roughly 60-80% of my diet is comprised of this and I find it to lay a healthy basis for life. In addition,—

I nearly never eat out, I prepare all my own food. I find this not only important but necessary, not just now but for the past decades. My focus is on organic minerals, meaning minerals that have been first processed through a tree or plant [ rather than inorganic minerals, the rock variety that come directly from the ground ]. Organic minerals are more widely and immediately bioavailable to the body and I am less likely to cause my body to overwork trying to get at something it can’t. I do take in a variety of inorganic mineral salts ( *never the toxic variety ), the aim, though, is to increasingly minimize the use of this altogether. It is a process.

Other rules and natural tendencies with food include:

  • Waiting 3 hours after waking before eating
  • Liquids and semi-solids ( such as smoothies ) to begin
  • The equivalent of two meals a day rather than three
  • Stopping all eating 3 hours before bedtime

All this helps my digestion and waste “transit time” remain in good order.

Keeping things moving

Keeping things moving is the most effective way to get, keep and stay healthy. Moving the body externally through exercise, dance, sports, walking, recreational activity is great but we have to go even further. Working directly with the breath as a vehicle unto itself is also necessary, as is getting into the internal mechanisms of the body systems, organs and glands. Perhaps most notably the lymphatic system, “the bathroom” of the body, responsible for processing and pushing through waste products – and THE GUT, the central brain of our living organism.

This is the area where a lot of us tend to be lackadaisical. In the United States we are perhaps particularly prone to not go into this area. The intestinal system. It is like a deep, dark, shadowy place one best not venture into. What is let to happen there, as a direct result, we tend to turn a blind eye to. This only gets us so far in life, and generally by age 40 is landing us squarely in emergency rooms around the nation. It is a downward spiral from here if truly choosing to go this route ( ie: allopathy ), as it is at its worst a pathway into a “mental” diagnosis and at best a treatment of symptoms which from here will only progressively get worse.

Instead, I wholeheartedly DO recommend that all of us hitch up our big-people pants and dive into a greater awareness of the reality living deep down inside us. This reality, in two simple words being 1 ) pollutants, and 2 ) parasites. We live in a fairly toxic world. I do not know many who would not affirm this, it being so notable – and we take these toxins in through various pathways daily. This makes for an inner terrain in which parasites thrive. There is not one of us, living in a chemical body, who does not live with this as a fact of bodily existence. It simply must be looked at, acknowledged, studied, and steps taken to help decrease the body’s load.

In this light, there are multiple protocols I observe and employ.

These aid me, to no end without doubt.

My stay healthy protocols

The first two on this list are enormous subjects in themselves. I have linked them to where these discussions are ongoing on our forum board. You can find quite a lot of information here as well dive into the discourse. Keeping stomach acids high is what helps take care of most critters that make it into the mouth, whether this be viruses, fungi or the more macrocosmic variety of parasite. Peppermint is my favorite go-to for not just this, but also keeping my oral and nasal passageways clear. A drop or two of therapeutic grade ( ie: safe for ingestion ) peppermint in roughly 4 tbsps of water which I sip on over an hour or so, and breathe from the mouth upward in the nares helps the pathway be quite inhospitable to stray, potentially nefarious visitors. Eucalyptus is another which I use for the nares. A a single drop in a tbsp of coconut oil, pinched at the nares and sometimes also applied to the chest does the trick. So simple, pleasant! and effective.

There is of course much more that I could say and go into, but it begins to be a lot, and even waay too much for most people so I will leave off here at this and as always, I am here to go over anything further, or simply in more detail in the comments or on the forum board.

Let’s take this seriously and all endeavor to be well.

My blessings go out to everyone.

Sovereignty Made Simple

The responsibility the idea of “One” inherently takes upon itself.

( where are we in our collective awareness of this? )

There is no other.

I ( alone ) am the reality I am experiencing – I AM the reality.

I AM THE LIGHT I AM THE DARK.—there is that of me I hold up in the light, there is that of me I push down into the shadows. It is I who have done this and I who must one day undo this.—let what is held low rise up into the light where it can be met, moved with and made whole again.

Collective awareness of this has to grow.

We glean the truth of it from time to time….we may acknowledge, for nano-seconds, that each night as we lay ourselves down, close our eyes and go IN, three dimensional environments surround sound us which we immerse ourselves in; often…real as real can be. There is a tendency in what we call “real life” to refer to these as “dreams”. But what would happen if we let ourselves actually look at this for more than the minute it deserves?

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Log : OBE : Hippocampus, Magical Being

October 10, 2019

Magical being. 

Hippocampus – Mythological aquatic reptilian/horse being. – so named after an area of the brain. POWERFUL.

I am in the ocean, the waters are rough, but so not so rough that I cannot remain afloat. I am immersed as I would be up to my head. I am at first fearful, as I would be if physically in the middle of the ocean but as this enormous, magnificent, silver/blue/grey skinned being is surfacing through the waters before me, my state is growing more rapidly into awe and a more direct physical experience is ensuing. 

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The Role of the Body

Have you ever wondered?

What role the body plays in conscious out of body experience? Conscious contact? These being highly related and equally relevant. It is a subject I find of great interest.

A first observation on my own part when beginning to make conscious shifts into what is colloquially called the OBE – is that the body does indeed come in to play. That while the conscious mind is ‘going out’ – new levels of information and energy are ‘coming in’ to the whole conscious construct. The conscious mind/energy/body SYSTEM.

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