A New OBE Hot Subject: Alternate Frequency Future


The idea of an alternate-frequency future, the same alternate-frequency future continues to impress upon me. The month of April I am slipping into it every night, the whole first week of the month. I just keep dreaming about it. The same group of individuals, the same alternate society. It is challenging information to bring back with me. Tonight, —see below— even though it is the MAIN dream of the night I still struggle to bring it forward ( it is so content full ). I am very body tired from a 12 hour work day and have to wake early for another this morning. Otherwise, maybe I could have embedded something more. I can only say that “something” has happened, something that has affected the whole population. <— this idea keeps impressing upon me.

As seen in the timeline below, the event that happens eventually leads to a rebuilding that, although more idealic than before, continues to have a suspicious undercurrent.

This is how it all began to come through. >>

March 13, 2023

Frequency future, new system and structures

I do not see why but there is a movement, people are on the move, there is some kind of mass migration. In the midst of whatever this is, some people are hiding from some others. Likewise, I do not see why. I, myself, am entering an apartment that is not mine ( most have been already been abandoned ) in order to hide. When I go to hide behind a rack of clothes which the man who lives here is coming out from >> he says it is time to go now ( to get away now ) as he passes me and heads out the door. I continue the movement into the apartment, into the rack of clothing. 

From here I have only fragments. My body is so tired and my energy so low—but Robyn features prominently here forward. In all the movement…migration…she is looking for a new school for Aris. This is the undercurrent behind a lot of what follows. 

In another area there is information about a bottle of water I have acquired for myself for the journey. The bottle is large, glass, and has a blue and silver label. A man comes through and says something about it, like it is no good. He takes my bottle and exchanges it with a much smaller bottle that is made of green glass and has a red label. I am confused about the switch and not happy with it at all. So much more happens, I just cannot hold to it.  

Further down the timeline, closer to waking, in a park-like setting, Robyn is standing on a kind of billboard platform that is grey and really high up in the sky. I am impressed how she can be so casual and calm up there. No belt or rope even holds her to it. She is painting. She turns to look at me when I arrive, we exchange a few words about being up there. How she got up there and how she gets down. It is not clear to me. There are no stairs, or steps that seem to lead up. Only the platform itself seems to be there. So she shows me. She leaps from it, as easily as one might pick up one foot and put it in front of another to take a simple step. She free falls in a sitting position and, as quickly as she leapt, lands on her butt on an invisible energy net. When she lands, for a moment I can see it. The movement ignites what I can only call a contrast in the light.

A park just outside the city

Robyn steps down off the energy net and walks toward me. We have a long conversation about a handful of things I no longer remember. While we are in this conversation we are in the black. When it completes we re-enter the park-like scene where Robyn ascends back up to the platform. I watch her, but can see only so far, I still cannot see how she elevates up to the platform. I see her walking roughly 10 feet away, then see nothing until I see her back up there. It is like the middle part is kept from my view. It is as invisible as the energy net. I watch her go back to her work, painting, and am again impressed, this time that she has taken the time, which must have been an inconvenience, to show me all she just has. I think to myself I am not sure I would have, but this is likely my low energy at present bleeding through. 

With this thought, 

I see back into the black, into a portion of the conversation we were having. It is about pain, understanding and having a respect for each others pain, and what it feels like to be in each of our bodies. We discuss switching points of perspective to experience this firsthand. I, experiencing her body, and she, mine. The remembering fades before this actually takes place and I am back in the park area. It is a truly beautiful, picturesque day. — lush greens, a mix of wild and landscaped plant life, clear blue skies. The sunlight and temperature are perfect, there is a certain recognizable stillness in the air. We seem to be, in a manner of speaking in a frequency future. 

The system here seems to be operating in harmony with the people. In my view it is working, functioning, caring for its citizens. It seems there for them. Yet I hear an underlying dissatisfaction and chatter to the contrary, which now that I am awake see must be the differential between our own system and this? — this must be what we are dreaming, envisioning, re-writing our own reality into. I do not see much of it but I like what I have seen.

OBE: The Downfall of an Otherworldly Ancestral People


It is increasingly common at present to be shown within my experiences, the rise and fall of the myriad of cycles,—peoples and civilizations. Is it because we are again in such a phase of a cycle? At a crest that is now collapsing? Looking out into our world it would seem so. Everything seems to be disintegrating. All our various systems, the health care, banking, election systems, etc.. flawed and failing. It is not an easy time to be alive, or navigate our way through, is it? But it IS a good time to get clear, on who exactly we are and the best way for us to move forward. As sovereign beings, this choice is always ours. It is important, now more than ever to not give it away. To choose, and fully experience that choice. It is the only way we ever learn.

An important note: it is not that the cycles can ever be avoided or evaded, it is that through them we can either cycle “up and out”, and/or “down and back around again.”

At the verge of a potential paradigm shift, >>
which way will your choices take you?

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Dream Data: January 2023

The month of January 2023 has been a doozy. So much began happening that I had to drop my personal curiosities and questions for now and just let myself be directed into what Inner being feels the need to show me at this time ( which is considerable ). As you can see from the titles of the events experienced this month there is a good deal of data coming through on the Earth, past and future humans, global events, collapse, earthquakes, EARTH CHANGES. As well as rapid healing and the processing of old wounds. All of which ties in together for those in the know, preparing to survive in the coming times and achieve a successful “death’, one in which we carry memory with us ( rather than fall again into the cycle of forgetting ) when the times comes.

Elvis features heavily, I am also beginning to be told who I am — and the month ends on a bang with the stunning, starkly simple message that “God is fatal”. I make it back with some riveting detail on the meaning of this but we will have to keep our eye peeled on the coming month to learn more. The storyline data is getting exciting indeed.

How this will all conclude lays ahead.



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OBE Log : Elvis : a Physical Reunion

The increasingly more paranormal, precognitive experiences are not just continuing but becoming a regular course of events. In the following experience there was almost more than I could put together ( there were so many levels to it ), but following it, streams of data continued coming through to me to the point that I spent the day following them all. Before I go into some of this, as a prequel to the experience itself let me say this. I was 12 years old when Elvis died. I remember the day well, because I had met a friend across the street and she was crying. When I asked her why she said that Elvis Presley had died. I had no idea who that was.

Following this, synchronistically, his movies began popping up in my life and I discovered he was a very famous person and popular singer. Not only this, but he regularly played Las Vegas, and annually was right here in my hometown. Prior to the experience you are about to read, which, let’s not mince words, was a sexual encounter and ( quite literal ) manual raising of the kundalini – I had no idea of the details of Elvis’ death or that there were any mysteries surrounding it.

This said, – as this experience begins I am entering what I perceive as a crime scene and there are details in the experience that match those of Elvis. So it seems the experience is pointing to his death and potentially suggesting it is what would be considered a crime. I am still acclimating to being given REAL data in dreams and other such altered states of consciousness. It is a lot for me to process and I honestly don’t know why I am being shown what I am, or what to do with it. I will just do what I have always done. I will continue to make my logs.

January 9-10, 2023

[ A day after what would have been Elvis’ 88th birthday ]

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Dream Data: December 2022

PROLOGUE : The question I asked last month, going into the fields specifically for a reply [ who woke me in 2009 and why ] I continued asking this month. In addition to this, a new question specifically for the month of December was asked. The new question is relevant to data that has come to me prior through the dream state and has to do with a cubed object I have discovered attached to me at the back left calf. I want to know what it is, why it is there. I also want to know about the feeling of a time table by which I am meant to work it off. I was shocked it was still there the last time I was shown, which was roughly a year or so ago. This said,—

I have started working a second job again this past month which is leaving me more exhausted than usual—with less reserves than when I do not have to work the second job. I am severely challenged to keep hold of my queries and ask them cogently going into the nights. Due to this I will continue with these as my main queries through the new month and year of January 2023. I am also tasked ( by my Group ) to begin discussing what so traumatized me back in 2013-2014. The jellyfish shaped craft which I observed so ominously occupying the etheric frequency bandwidth of our Earth space. All this is highly challenging my boundaries as well as capacity. It will not be an easy year, but it seems one in which this processing must be done and completed with ( and so it will ). In order to see clearly how best to continue from here.

Let the dreams begin,
and the data flow

This month I am visiting and viewing many different types of societies and how they work
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Dream Data: November/2022

I began logging my dreams daily back in 2019. It was just going to be for a year, a consciousness experiment, 365 days of consecutive dreams ( PDF ), just to see if I actually was able to bring data back from the fields daily. It was surprisingly easier than I had first thought, requiring focus and discipline, yet relatively effortless for the most part at this point in my journey. I learned so much from the year’s worth of logs that I naturally, automatically fell into continuing my reports. I continue to log daily ( or near daily ) here at the close of 2022. The logs can be found in the group daily dream log on our forum board. We are, encouragingly, currently on page 144.

This past month of November seems to have really kicked up in activity. Tests, lessons, contact, body examinations, the ancient past and future probabilities. I feel like I need to keep the momentum going because it seems a new level of awareness, and service is coming into play. I have a question I have been asking. I rather unexpectedly, one day genuinely began wondering. Who woke me up in 2009, and why?

The following will be some of the more critical data that
has come through this query


Note: There is an important Author’s note about dreaming and dream logging, following my own logs at the close of this article that I hope is of some help to you.


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OBE Log: Precognitive Experiences Continue

November 14, 2022

It is 8:18 in the morning.
I have just reached over and had a look at the time on my cell phone.

I am very body tired from working long hours over the weekend and due to this – the strong sensation of body ache – am not clearly seeing into my dreams from this evening. I decide, all the same, that I will close my eyes and lay still here for awhile to see what I can see.

The next thing I know I am in a strong, very specific rhythmic “pulse” of full body vibrations. I wonder to myself from deep within them how my heart ever withstands this without adverse effect. The pulsing goes on for some time and when it stops I am left in the void. I lay here without moving, not even breathing, ready for the visuals to open out. Before they fully do,—

I am aware that Robyn has come into the room. 

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Parasitic Control: Have We Been Infiltrated?

This is the story no-one wants to hear.

I have to tell it to you, though, as it is possibly the truest story ever told, perhaps even of our contemporary species as a whole. How far back in time would humans have to go, I wonder, to discover when this first happened? I can only wonder for now — and in the meantime, tell you how it is I came to know, what I do now, for myself. I can tell you what I did, show you what I have cleared from my system and what I am still freeing myself from here today.

For me everything goes back to 2009

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Everyone who is about to read this knows well enough what I am about to say. It just seems the opportunity to say this is coming around a lot right now, and, well, it could only do us more good to hear it ( again ). To keep hearing it – until we either finally do get on with it, or simply let it be the validation and enhancement to what we are indeed already getting on with. We simply have to get moving. We have to move more. Even if we think we move plenty right now, we have to move more. Movement has never been so important. Times have changed. We live in a mostly indoor, sedentary, computer driven age. So we have to somehow creatively push through this.

I don’t often talk about myself in the everyday sense of what it is like to be a person living in Earth space in present time, generally I find it neither necessary nor interesting but I am going to do a bit of this now. For more than a decade I have been working with a chronic myalgia in my shoulders, neck and back of the head. I know a lot of us are working with various body ailments, aches and pains these days. Not just fibromyalgia, – autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases are rampant. As a naturopathic minded person, my essential “medicines” for staying fit, or at least as well and fit as possible are the basic essential elements :

Sunshine, water, movement, the breath and love.

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Living Systems & False Matrices: Body Health, Our Microbiome and Ability to Shift Frequencies

We all know what is going on out there in the world. I don’t need to tell anyone or bring anyone up to speed. It has never been more important to see to our health–our mental, energetic and bodily well being. To keep boots on the ground, we simply must begin to place more emphasis on this than we have been. Even if we think we take fairly good care of ourselves, now is the time to place even more attention on the nitty gritty and get even more detailed in our self care.

It is a choice to do this, and it is a choice to not. We are each, one and all sovereign to choose but do always keep in mind that our lives are nothing but a series of our very own choices. Know this and please choose well. We generally know our own strengths and weaknesses. Diving in where we know we tend to be weak is a really smart idea right now. Strengthening ourselves in these areas will go a long way toward keeping us upright and feeling our best.

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