Conscious Contact : The Beings

As many of you who come to find yourselves here at this page may already know, in 2009 I was activated from within to Awaken and underwent what initially was a four year, top-down, life changing Transformative process. You can read a brief description of what that process was like for me : here. To surmise, the process included alterations to my physical system, the initiating of the capacity for the fully conscious shift into what we colloquially call “the out of body experience”, and contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. This contact occurs still, on other worlds, on board craft in or near our local space as well as directly in my own living spaces.

As all this continued, beginning roughly in 2017 I began to exhibit a skill working with crystals. Working with them in a highly specified manner, as communication devices. I am still learning how it is I have this ability. It is near as much a secret to me as it is to you. I began to see pictures coming through ( this is the easiest way to say it ). What more accurately began happening is that, with the new way my consciousness was now working I began to be able to process data at higher speeds. At these higher processing speeds there is a form of pattern recognition that occurs that is not present at the slower data processing speeds.

In short — this lets me see more.

It lets me see into additional frequencies, beyond the 3D physical spectrum. It lets me see well into what is commonly called the astral, what I prefer to call galactic space ( 4/5/6D ). And it lets me, to near daily astonishment transfer the contents of my awareness, through the mean of the crystal solidly back into 3D physical space. To this page, for instance, where I am now going to show you and let the beings present, and the frames to speak for – themselves.

Isea, (pronounced Eye-sha)

3 thoughts on “Conscious Contact : The Beings

  1. Everyone…..this is only a very small sampling of the beings who have come through to us through the crystal, – but you can see they are all very unique ( very different! ). If you would like to see them ALL as they come through, you can see a great many of them at Patreon, nothing is hidden there, we do not run our platform the way others do. And you can see most all of them at our Community Forum, the link to get there is in the menu at the top and also in the sidebar. We have a section just for the crystal work. This is a direct link to that forum: I hope to see many of you there. If you choose a username and password you can interact with us there. It is the main Hub we use to connect with one another. —Casey.


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