Video Archive

We are beginning anew with a new video channel ( Sept/2021 ). I will be compiling my logs and painting clearer pictures with them – with the themes clearly coming through : the conscious shift, conscious awakening and conscious contact – and of course their sub-themes which include direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, spacial anomalies, time travel and more.

Note: The original video log I began in 2009 was under the moniker “omcasey1” and was changed to theGalactic.Travel.Channel a decade later in 2019. That now archived log can be found : here. As the log continues it will be under my own name : Casey Claar.


Log: Record of Initiated Contact, Cathryn & Greg Caton
The Beings ( 2 ) : Inner Energy Stream : One Continuous Loving Flow

Learning Mantra, The Maha Mrityunjaya
Regression : Session 8 : Spiral Geometry, False Light, Space Plants
Regression : Session 5 : Special Gifts, Stoned as a Witch
Regression : Session 6 : Dragon, Dragon’s Egg
Regression : Session 7 : Egypt, Aldebaran
Regression : Session 1 : QHHT Sample
Update : Consciousness : Crystals : The Story in the Stone
Trippin’ on Consciousness
Regression : Session 4 : Indigenous Plains People

Project Camelot Interview with Kerry Cassidy: Awakening Consciousness, Crystal Contact
Interview on Conscious Living & Wendy’s Coffeehouse Podcast: The Communications Function of Crystals


A Channeling Session: An Extraterrestrial on Kundalini
Inducing the Altered State
Bhramari : The Humming ( Bee ) Breath
Samavritti Pranayam : Same Wave Breathing
Plavini Pranayam : The Breath that Makes One Float
Practice : Breath Awareness : Altered States of Consciousness
Crystal Contact : The Beings : One Continuous, Loving Flow
Requesting a Rendering
Practice :: Sounding Out Om


Reality & Dream, Leveling the Playing Field
Spiritual Awakening, Superhuman Vision,
Conscious Contact


The OBE, ET Contact, 3D Control System
Out of Body Experience
Frequency Assault
Crystal Contact
The OBE as Time Travel
Et Contact Compilation
2012 and Beyond
Preparing the Body for the Conscious OBE
A Message Through Time
New Channel Trailer

2 thoughts on “Video Archive

    1. Did you like it? thank you, Robyn.. Alexander’s focus is more on the 3D control system and what we call “conspiracy theory” so it was a nice, metaphorically speaking “East” meets “West” kind of talk. lol I had fun, he is so sweet, I think we are going to do another of these.


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