Video Archive

We are beginning anew with a new video channel ( Sept/2021 ). I will be compiling my logs and painting clearer pictures with them – with the themes clearly coming through : the conscious shift, conscious awakening and conscious contact – and of course their sub-themes which include direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, spacial anomalies, time travel and more.

Note: The original video log I began in 2009 was under the moniker “omcasey1” and was changed to theGalactic.Travel.Channel a decade later in 2019. That now archived log can be found : here. As the log continues it will be under my own name : Casey Claar.

Frequency Assault
Crystal Contact
The OBE as Time Travel
Et Contact, Compilation
Preparing the Body for the conscious OBE
A Message Through Time
New Channel Trailer

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