OBE: The Downfall of an Otherworldly Ancestral People


It is increasingly common at present to be shown within my experiences, the rise and fall of the myriad of cycles,—peoples and civilizations. Is it because we are again in such a phase of a cycle? At a crest that is now collapsing? Looking out into our world it would seem so. Everything seems to be disintegrating. All our various systems, the health care, banking, election systems, etc.. flawed and failing. It is not an easy time to be alive, or navigate our way through, is it? But it IS a good time to get clear, on who exactly we are and the best way for us to move forward. As sovereign beings, this choice is always ours. It is important, now more than ever to not give it away. To choose, and fully experience that choice. It is the only way we ever learn.

An important note: it is not that the cycles can ever be avoided or evaded, it is that through them we can either cycle “up and out”, and/or “down and back around again.”

At the verge of a potential paradigm shift, >>
which way will your choices take you?

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