OBE Log: Confrontation with Covid

The past month of February ( 2023 ) I got Covid. I have been working to process it all month and am highlighting this particular log from the month to help show as an example how my consciousness was affected by the covid organism, and how during this particular experience I was brought into the etheric bandwidth of Earth space and shown what is happening there in relation to this organism. I am shown there are those who are protecting me, not just me but as many as is possible. As well as a duck-like ET species who is here, who I am not sure is working with or against us. I feel, at least in a sense, with us, specifically to eliminate waste produced in the confrontation between the covid and human organism(s) *which is interesting in itself.

I hope to find myself fit to be shown and learn more. I would certainly like to be more clear on more of the details. As you will see below, recently a similar ET species transmitted through the crystal which is depicted in shadow. I am still feeling for how to read this. A colorful rainbow does surround the being. As always, I continue to process all data to the best of my ability.

February 10, 2023

Dark, death, shadow-lands, succubus, rooftop rescue

I am in an apartment with a man. I am both inside the apartment as the woman, and behind the scenes as myself talking with someone. The content of the two streams of data come to be near identical. I am walking from the living room area of the apartment, where I have just been shown two large clumps of my hair on the floor, over to the bathroom where I resignedly see two more. I pick them up and throw them away. I say ( both in an behind the scene ) “I think I am going to die soon” and then in the scene, to the man, following a few second pause “is saying that morbid?” He nods his head, saying “no that is not morbid”. He knows, too, it is coming soon. I am wondering behind the scene what the illness will be and ask “is it cancer?” No answer is forthcoming. I am just let to wonder. I suspect I am only wondering this at all due to the pain my sleeping body is in at the moment from processing the covid. There indeed does seem to be something about this virus that brings to light the idea of mortality. 

The scene shifts from the apartment to the car which we have at the gas pumps. It is night and the city is quite alive. A man in the vehicle at the next pump begins to pop himself over and harass me. My partner ( or spouse, I am not really sure which ) suggests we leave. I am not sure we are in a position to easily get out of here but see an open enough path to the front of us, which I take. Everything starts morphing very rapidly now. There is a gang of wild men in cars immediately coming after us from behind, the scenes are beginning to take on a very circus-like appearance. I am no longer in the same vehicle and my partner has departed. I am riding something more like a jet ski now which occasionally has to be propelled forward like a scooter, by kicking on leg upon the ground. I periodically look behind me to see the strangest things. 

At two intervals through all the oddness I am approached and given Angel messages. The first is given by a male, the second a female. I have only retained the latter. I am approached by a pretty ethnic female wearing an earth-toned colored dress. She is not nice to me, possibly more of a “fallen” than “angelic” angel, but this is likely why I retain the message. Which is simply that I would do well to exercise more. She is suggesting that I could walk rather than always ride a vehicle. She herself is walking and as she walks back off into a crowd I thank her for her insight. She seems to appreciate my genuine show of gratitude ( I do fully realize this is an Angel message ) and she begins saying more to me before finally disappearing into all the activity. Meanwhile, back in the craziness, the road in front of me is not looking good. 

There is a very dark area up ahead. In my attempt to get away from the crazies I seem to be getting herded right at it. I turn to look behind me again. Now there is a whole brigade of uniformed monkeys, coming row after row in my direction. It is a harrowing site. I am pulling up now in the parking lot outside a large carnival ground set-up. It looks as though the theme could be that of halloween because the colors of all the rides, which look more actually to be living entities, are black and purple and orange. I step down off my vehicle and am beginning to walk now toward the entrance. It doesn’t feel like there is any other option. Everything seems to be demanding I enter. I can’t say that I want to, though. I am standing here, on the right watching all the crazies fast approach, and on the left this dark theme park. It is all too much. ( my memory ends here ).

For a brief while, from utter unconsciousness, small areas of information again begin to bleed through. I am outdoors in the terraced area of a lovely garden. The day is truly lovely. There are two women wearing white sitting on a marble bench seat. One is younger, the other the age of a potential mother. This is not the younger woman’s mother, but she is emitting strong mother-love energy to her, not for the girls own good but because she is using it to get something from the girl. It occurs to me this a succubus. She has her head to the girls chest, as though she is attempting to speak directly to her heart. The girl likely has lost her own mother which is why this tactic is being used. I tell the succubus I will give her what she wants but leave the girl alone. She does not listen to me and instead continues on her working with the girl. 

As this scene fades another comes into view. There is a girl standing in her backyard at the edge of the pool. The sky is blue, there is a row of tall deep green brush behind her.  She has a broom in her hands and she is sweeping the muck off the back of what is supposed to be a long bodied aquatic reptile. She seems to see me seeing her. She seems to enjoy what she is doing. She calls me over and shows me how she sweeps the watery muck into the pool before she is done.

All this is now penetrated by an immense Internal force.

I begin to be given an insane amount of data on what is going on. Not just in my plight this evening as my body continues seeking harmony with the covid organism, but within our whole planetary and solar system. It is of course way more than I can consciously hold. I spend a good amount of time compressing all the data into symbols, until all I can see are the symbols, and the story line is all but gone. As I am doing this I can see it is not the first time I have done this. I somehow intuitively know which shapes, textures, colors, patterns, spin ratios…will effectively house the data. There for instance is what could be seen as a plate, a swirl pattern in hues of olive green, navy blue and magenta comprise the plate. Upon it sits a clear gelatinous toroid. And there are hard earthen shapes that look something like an equilateral cross or + sign laying all about. Not all of the earthen shapes are whole, some are broken, or irregular and some of the broken portions are just dust/debris; inside this is a massive story I may one day unpack.

Before I wake, in stunning, fully alert point consciousness I find myself on the rooftop of a building in the city. It appears to be the top level of a parking structure that is perhaps 4 levels high. My vehicle is the only one up here, it is one I often drive when I am out, a quite plain mid-sized white truck. I am centered, standing in the exact middle of the rooftop. There is some kind of operation in progress, there are agents up here. The first I see is a female, a human female, attired in navy blue gear, who is positioned to the front of me at the rail, she is armed with a long range rifle. I cannot see what she is aimed at. It has not dawned on me yet that all this is for me. I turn to look behind me to see what more might be revealed. This view looks in part toward where the ramp goes back down into the parking structure. 

A shadow-y, duck-like ET being who recently came through

I am seeing first one, and then many, non-human entities in full body hazmat-type suits of various colors—peaches, pink and blues. Are they are working with the humans, is this a joint operation? They all see me and seem to be giving me some space to acclimate to their presence and activity and come up to speed with what is happening. It is true I am struggling, with what all this is and what it means. I am trying to see inside the colorful pastel colored suits to what these beings could look like. They are just shorter, and more slight than the average human female. They walk in a kind of waddle which makes me feel their feet are webbed . What I imagine is a kind of duck, an upright walking bird that is aquatic. There are various white roped off areas where different levels of work are being done. My attention moves through these until I arrive at what seems a large ( white ) ocean liner docked at the water’s edge upon which more of these are beings are working. It is all so much, what is this? who are these beings and why are they here? what are they doing? are they working with us or against us? I have only questions and can literally hold no more.

I cycle through what I have seen here a few times until I then find myself standing in front of an old hand carved wood door with a small + shape cut out at face level. I see a man standing there looking at me from the other side. I recognize him! Oh I am very happy to see him. Something is beginning to come back to me. As it is, he pushes a few red grapes through the opening at me, and, smiling, says “should we go through it all again?”

The visual landscape begins pixilating into a swirling cauldron of shapes, ( my condensed symbols ). This image of the cauldron being stirred is very helpful in tying them all in together.

Yes! … we are definitely going to need to go over it again.

OBE Log: I am Told Who I Am

I am in pain. My body is in pain, as I return from another work weekend that requires I be on my feet for 10 hour shifts at a time. My feet feel broken, my bones hurt, my joints ache, there is a pinched nerve at the left side of my neck. It is a sheer state of exhaustion going into the night. Already reaching in and connecting inwardly with Inner being I humbly request to be healed. I observe as the work actually begins—I give my instantaneous gratitude and fall off into the depths. Toward the morning the request continues in its graces, to my great surprise in an experience wherein my very identity is re-revealed to me. Isn’t this what might be considered the height of all healing?….having our self, returned to ourself after for so long being in the dark.

I am about to begin to see.

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OBE Log : Elvis : a Physical Reunion

The increasingly more paranormal, precognitive experiences are not just continuing but becoming a regular course of events. In the following experience there was almost more than I could put together ( there were so many levels to it ), but following it, streams of data continued coming through to me to the point that I spent the day following them all. Before I go into some of this, as a prequel to the experience itself let me say this. I was 12 years old when Elvis died. I remember the day well, because I had met a friend across the street and she was crying. When I asked her why she said that Elvis Presley had died. I had no idea who that was.

Following this, synchronistically, his movies began popping up in my life and I discovered he was a very famous person and popular singer. Not only this, but he regularly played Las Vegas, and annually was right here in my hometown. Prior to the experience you are about to read, which, let’s not mince words, was a sexual encounter and ( quite literal ) manual raising of the kundalini – I had no idea of the details of Elvis’ death or that there were any mysteries surrounding it.

This said, – as this experience begins I am entering what I perceive as a crime scene and there are details in the experience that match those of Elvis. So it seems the experience is pointing to his death and potentially suggesting it is what would be considered a crime. I am still acclimating to being given REAL data in dreams and other such altered states of consciousness. It is a lot for me to process and I honestly don’t know why I am being shown what I am, or what to do with it. I will just do what I have always done. I will continue to make my logs.

January 9-10, 2023

[ A day after what would have been Elvis’ 88th birthday ]

It is night. I have happened upon what may be a crime scene that is being investigated. There are bright, multi-colored neon-like lights flashing throughout the periphery. A male and female investigative team are here exploring looking for signs of what may have happened. I step into an area, possibly a shower room with a large towel wrapped around me over my clothes. As I open the large glass shower door to enter I see they both are in here and stop short. They tell me this space is occupied and being investigated, it is for now off limits. I understand, saying cheekily in good humor that there are too many people in here for a shower anyway, and then suggestively add toward the man “or are there?” I make my way back into the larger/general ( possible crime scene ) area and by the time I arrive the male and female officer are again already here. There is light banter back and forth between us through which I show I can keep concealed what they are doing here. I am showing a good sense of humor about it all, so much so on both these accounts that they begin to try to recruit me undercover as what in decades past was called a ‘snitch’. Just keeping eyes and ears on the city and reporting back. 

In equal good humor I am declining the recruitment and beginning to walk away with a forming sparse group of others, singing the line of a popular song as my response. As I am singing the line ( of a what is an Elvis song ), Elvis himself walks into the scene from behind me on the left, sweeps his arm around me and sings the line with me. It is as real, and as normal an occurrence as could be. I am very familiar with, and fond of this energy. I am having a very good time trying to harmonize with him, while at the same time in continued good humor showing him I cannot hit the notes to save my soul. Almost before I know it, without missing a beat, in absolute divine-and-perfect timing our energies begin intertwining. We move from standing ( vertical ) to horizontal as we synchronously begin kissing, fall over a set a furniture onto the floor without coming undone from each other even in the slightest. His energy is truly something else, there is no other like it. We have met in this way before so what I am feeling right now is not new to me. It is just so surprising the response in me he can invoke. It is rare and also so unique. Every ounce of me wants, and spontaneously is reaching in to explore it. 

Within this, as I begin wondering about the connection I have with this beautiful being, I begin reminiscing of days past. IRL there are also two discrete senses in which I have connected with Elvis. During his career, at a certain point he began playing Las Vegas, where I am from and at that time also lived. Later in life, on the river in Laughlin, Nevada, when I worked the casinos as a beverage server, I met the Elvis impersonator ( Pete Willcox ) working Harrah’s hotel casino. After swing shifts, in the early morning hours just prior to sunrises we would sometimes meet  ( unplanned ) on the boardwalk and end up kissing for hours. It is an unbelievable kind of experience to look into a face that so resembles the real Elvis and be kissed. The surreal nature of it takes you over. —My reminiscing ( and shift in brainwave frequencies ) is leading my attention back toward physical space. I am still in the scene lip locked with Elvis and things are just beginning to really heat up, while at the same time I am acutely alert to my physical and energetic systems. I am, blissfully, in sleep paralysis, magnetically sealed in position to the bed, in full body vibrations. The root center vortex is in a perfect state of spin, unerring radiance, warmly and thoroughly holding every cell and system in a refined, complete state of excitation. There is a pulse pattern to the spin I am observing as I shift back in.

Elvis is beginning to remove his shirt, there is no stopping what is in play. 

I know I have to excuse myself for a moment, to ready myself fully, to remove something that has been placed down below. I am well past the years of bleeding and cannot figure out in the moment of all this happening what it could be. The sensation is present, though, and therefore, so to the knowing that I have to remove whatever this is. Elvis has now felt it, too, and is giving way while l now excuse myself to take care of this. It is all done without delay and the overlapping continuance of our activity takes over seemingly without missing a beat. It is morning now, though, and I am beginning to more fully wake proper. In the twilight state between realms I am again alert to my physical system. I observe the root center vortex and know the inner scene and activity is moving on toward its completion even without my conscious state of attention directly there. 

I watch the gradual cessation of the spin of the root center as the heart center vortex takes over and begins spinning. It is a wonderful sensation, only in relative comparison not near as animating as the vortex has been at the root. I am noticing its pulse pattern, it is also very different. There is a long, more than one full minute-long pulling/pressure and then following this an instant release. Again and again. It is intense. The longer I focus the more the intensity grows. After a time the pulse pattern begins to change *but I am still working at shifting my attention back into the fields and I am beginning to come away from the focus on the more physical aspect pulse pattern. 

Inside I am in etheric space, in a bedroom in the home of my maternal grandmother ( I have not gotten all the way back in to Elvis ). In front of me is my bed which is topped with a white comforter, seamed in a pattern of large squares across its total surface. I am working to get a large white monitor atop the bed with which I plan to record all the pulse patterns of the vortices ( chakras…. ). This activity has drawn the attention of a young African male, who has now entered the room *or more accurately the span of my attention. He comes with a mechanical device which is used to synchronize two people and invoke the vortices to spin. He wants to use this with me. 

I am telling him this is something that more rightly should be done naturally, not brought about with a mechanical device. Through our conversation I am continuing with my own activity, bent on getting these spin ratios recorded. It is important what has happened tonight and I want to understand the nature of the depth of the connection that has been made. I want to be able to study the natural mechanics, the innate internal processes of what has happened. The young man and I are walking, he is holding one end of a cord and I the other, when as I tell him what I just have I let go of my end. With this I shift from the etheric back into physical space, >>>

Where I can still feel the vortices, still feel the pulse patterns. I am dazed, stillness pervades.

It is an hour before I can even move my mind.  (  what has just happened?  )

The Winter Solstice ( 2022 ), Data Delivered Through Dreams

It is beginning to happen more often that I can keep track of, and it is happening steadily, a few times each week, at times in ways that seem more prevalent than others, yet each time it leaves an impactful impression. I dream something, or return with data from an OBE that shows up in my field ( ie: Earth space ) the next morning. Data is delivered to me, I successfully bring it through with me into real time, where I find it present and validated.

One example of this is when two or more of us bring back the same data from the fields—experienced in unique ways but the same data. Last night and today goes a bit further. A portion of the data I bring back contains a message/knowing to check the daily Q’uote on our forum board, specifically in reference to something I am experiencing in the fields, specifically regarding karma, and specifically as an answer to where I still lay in question about it all.

Read on >>>>

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OBE Log : Strategy for Exiting the Earth-Life


This experience is one that reveals the onset, as well as the event of the conscious shift from a standard dream state into a full OBE wherein the conscious state of attention is present within multiple fields. I have learned, indeed known for some time that the cluster of beings who help compose this life experience are working from their end, to help me from this end make the fully conscious shift from this life experience when the time comes. I know this from out of body experiences and also more regular dream time experiences. Including the combination of these in events such as the one I am about to outline wherein we are all engaged in working the details of this through. It will not be a standard ‘death’ experience, there seems to be much more planned and in the works. As the details come through to me, here forward I will make them public.

Others of you may come to recognize similar processes going on within yourselves. The more of us who can make our ultimate transition retaining full conscious awareness the better. There is much work to be done and our service is needed, both on this and that side of the veil.


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OBE Log: Vortices : A Natural Technology-Symbol Used to Pass and Embed Data

December 6, 2022

It is late into the 4am hour and I am screaming myself awake.

Yonatan’s symbol is at the epicenter of the experience.

Yonatan posted this on our forum board yesterday. I immediately see the sun, light, and two people/beings/energies dancing/twirling/spinning. I see the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 8 : read more


As it begins I am with Bill Ryan.

Location: the interior of a home. I see yellow, I see green plants and white light streaming in through windows. We are both standing. Not sitting, not walking or moving, just standing, facing one another. We are streaming to one another in a full front on exchange. I am transmitting, Bill is asking questions, grilling me.

What I am imparting to him has to do with the Kundalini. I am telling him what the process was like for me. I am focusing at present into the physically painful aspect of it, recalling this data is bringing me to the point of tears, tears I would not ever let myself shed in the real time physical process itself, choosing at the time to instead aim at the awe. He wants to know why it is was so painful. I am explaining the necessity of having to reach this state, the point where you are at a threshold, the very end of your rope in order to invoke a movement, the reaching further than you now are. Bill is understanding and accepting this explanation.

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Parasitic Control: Have We Been Infiltrated?

This is the story no-one wants to hear.

I have to tell it to you, though, as it is possibly the truest story ever told, perhaps even of our contemporary species as a whole. How far back in time would humans have to go, I wonder, to discover when this first happened? I can only wonder for now — and in the meantime, tell you how it is I came to know, what I do now, for myself. I can tell you what I did, show you what I have cleared from my system and what I am still freeing myself from here today.

For me everything goes back to 2009

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Everyone who is about to read this knows well enough what I am about to say. It just seems the opportunity to say this is coming around a lot right now, and, well, it could only do us more good to hear it ( again ). To keep hearing it – until we either finally do get on with it, or simply let it be the validation and enhancement to what we are indeed already getting on with. We simply have to get moving. We have to move more. Even if we think we move plenty right now, we have to move more. Movement has never been so important. Times have changed. We live in a mostly indoor, sedentary, computer driven age. So we have to somehow creatively push through this.

I don’t often talk about myself in the everyday sense of what it is like to be a person living in Earth space in present time, generally I find it neither necessary nor interesting but I am going to do a bit of this now. For more than a decade I have been working with a chronic myalgia in my shoulders, neck and back of the head. I know a lot of us are working with various body ailments, aches and pains these days. Not just fibromyalgia, – autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases are rampant. As a naturopathic minded person, my essential “medicines” for staying fit, or at least as well and fit as possible are the basic essential elements :

Sunshine, water, movement, the breath and love.

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Living Systems & False Matrices: Body Health, Our Microbiome and Ability to Shift Frequencies

We all know what is going on out there in the world. I don’t need to tell anyone or bring anyone up to speed. It has never been more important to see to our health–our mental, energetic and bodily well being. To keep boots on the ground, we simply must begin to place more emphasis on this than we have been. Even if we think we take fairly good care of ourselves, now is the time to place even more attention on the nitty gritty and get even more detailed in our self care.

It is a choice to do this, and it is a choice to not. We are each, one and all sovereign to choose but do always keep in mind that our lives are nothing but a series of our very own choices. Know this and please choose well. We generally know our own strengths and weaknesses. Diving in where we know we tend to be weak is a really smart idea right now. Strengthening ourselves in these areas will go a long way toward keeping us upright and feeling our best.

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Sovereignty Made Simple

The responsibility the idea of “One” inherently takes upon itself.

( where are we in our collective awareness of this? )

There is no other.

I ( alone ) am the reality I am experiencing – I AM the reality.

I AM THE LIGHT I AM THE DARK.—there is that of me I hold up in the light, there is that of me I push down into the shadows. It is I who have done this and I who must one day undo this.—let what is held low rise up into the light where it can be met, moved with and made whole again.

Collective awareness of this has to grow.

We glean the truth of it from time to time….we may acknowledge, for nano-seconds, that each night as we lay ourselves down, close our eyes and go IN, three dimensional environments surround sound us which we immerse ourselves in; often…real as real can be. There is a tendency in what we call “real life” to refer to these as “dreams”. But what would happen if we let ourselves actually look at this for more than the minute it deserves?

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