Dream Data: November/2022

I began logging my dreams daily back in 2019. It was just going to be for a year, a consciousness experiment, 365 days of consecutive dreams ( PDF ), just to see if I actually was able to bring data back from the fields daily. It was surprisingly easier than I had first thought, requiring focus and discipline, yet relatively effortless for the most part at this point in my journey. I learned so much from the year’s worth of logs that I naturally, automatically fell into continuing my reports. I continue to log daily ( or near daily ) here at the close of 2022. The logs can be found in the group daily dream log on our forum board. We are, encouragingly, currently on page 144.

This past month of November seems to have really kicked up in activity. Tests, lessons, contact, body examinations, the ancient past and future probabilities. I feel like I need to keep the momentum going because it seems a new level of awareness, and service is coming into play. I have a question I have been asking. I rather unexpectedly, one day genuinely began wondering. Who woke me up in 2009, and why?

The following will be some of the more critical data that
has come through this query


Note: There is an important Author’s note about dreaming and dream logging, following my own logs at the close of this article that I hope is of some help to you.


November 30, 2022

On the table. My body is being used to help others.

The past few night’s sleep have been really rough.

I am up on the craft again tonight. My body is being used to help filter a black tar-like substance out of 6 people’s blood. One of them is Robyn. I am so happy to see her. Behind the scenes I am being told how it is the black tar filters through my system without getting stuck. I don’t retain any of this but know it has to do with the Kundalini. Down below there inside the scene(s) I am standing with Robyn in front of a large white refrigerator. I am working to move it a bit and when I do the smell that is produced is horrendous. In one of the other areas—

It is night. I am looking for and have found another of the men. He is sitting outside in his car passed out. He is sleeping but also there is the idea that he has been drinking. I am doing all the work for the two of us, having gone into the building the car is parked in front of, a nice restaurant, I am gathering up all our things from one of the wooden tables, coats, purse, hats, gloves, etc.. but they are so heavy and my right arm is so weak from pain.  I scoop the items up but then drop them. Others around me stand as though to help as I make another attempt to gather the items into my arms and at the same time begin to wake. It is energetically painful to do so and I let out a loud groan as I pull myself from the one area to the other and roll myself onto my other side.—physical exhaustion being the only thing I feel. It has been like the last few nights in a row.

November 29, 2022

Inside an examination on one of the craft

I am in a place that is mostly mine, but also I feel that it is Someone Else’s and I am merely the caretaker of it. There is an item here that is of great value. It is represented as a clear glass vehicle that is stuffed full of folded cash. An hispanic woman works her way into the space, back into the area where this is hidden. I can tell it is her principal aim. I stop her just short of it and begin telling her she is no longer welcome here and can leave now. I am energetically and bodily walking her back toward the front door and out of my space. As I do, I find the two of us face to face, so close as to be nose to nose. From this vantage her appearance shifts more toward her ET form. I note this only for a moment and then she is gone. Not long after, an hispanic male comes in looking for her, but also looking for the same item of value that is hidden here. 

He is as attractive as the woman is beautiful. I stop him short, just inside the door, telling him the woman is not here and he can just leave now. The two truly are in love, and truly have been separated. I help them find one another again, telling the man he knows where the woman is. I ask him “where would she go? where would she go to immerse herself in the memory of you? this is all she truly wants to do.” We all find ourselves in an outdoor setting, a park-like environment near a tree. The woman is sitting on a half wall built around the tree, that extends off to the right and left of it for some distance. The man is sitting not far from her and there are others sitting about enjoying the day here as well. I point out to the man that she is just there, but he is distraught. As is she, even more-so. I call to her that he is here, and after a time or two, like a blind woman who can barely see through her tears her heart alights and she follows my voice over to him where they reunite. I shift back over to my space.

There is now another man who is here ( if I can call him a man ). He is caucasian, bald with a tuft of bright orange hair standing up at the front of the forehead and he has no eyes. The eyes are literally drawn on, wide to the very outsides of the face. I am still in my space, the valuable item is still here, but more and more I am sensing I am not really here but rather on a craft ( with the ETs ). This man, too, is after the valuable item. There is nowhere here that I can really hide it. He is sitting upright on a bed in one of the rooms. I get the idea we are not even in the same room but as I can see inside the whole structure all at once I am aware of him, as he is also aware of me. We are talking, he is doing most of the talking, but as is common I do not make it back with these details. Only the general sense, feeling and direction of it. 

As we talk I am becoming more trusting of him but I am at the same time leery. The trust is shown by me using the bathroom to pee with the door wide open. He has/had no real eyes so the sense was that he couldn’t see. But as we talk, he is growing more human in his appearance and his eyes are becoming more real. I am beginning to suspect that he can see as I, for a second time am using a commode to pee, this time right here in the room with him. Mhm. Urine samples are being taken. I look into the commode to see the urine is a dark, sludgy brown color. I have the state of mind to reach into the behind-the-scenes area where someone is telling me not to worry, they are just looking into my state of health and what is going on in my body. I do know there is something going on in my body so I resignedly, yet also appreciatively consent. 

I go back into the scene and 
at the same time

* * *

Note: the valuable item in this experience is my body, a vehicle/car = the body, 
the cash inside = DNA, possibly cleared neural pathways and more.

November 28, 2022

A possible message for Rajesh, how the [ – ] are getting in

I wake exhausted from my dream state being given the name Rajesh. I ask if what I have just been dreaming is about him and am emphatically told YES. I try to reach in for the data but my energy stores are just too low. I decide to go in again, specifically for any message trying to get through to Rajesh. When I come alert,—

I am with my sister, Sandy, who is deceased, and my Mom. There is an extra apartment they have acquired but it is sitting empty until they rent it out. Although I don’t really need it, I am able to do all I need here where I am in the group structure, I am trying to think of some reason I may be able to go there on my own for a week. Mom and I are walking Sandy out to her car. It is night. She says we are welcome to come with her. Mom doesn’t want to and has already headed back inside. I am asking Sandy where she is going. I have to loudly call out her name many times before she hears me. Once she does, she says she is going to the bank, ( somewhere else ) and then to Chick-filet. I think flatly to myself “Oh…” yeah I don’t think I want to go to any of those places either. I begin walking back toward the house. 

On the way I pass my car, my old car, Goldie. I notice she has multiple windows cracked down about an inch. As I open the driver’s side door and reach in to roll them up I see that one of the rear windows is rolled all the way down. How did this happen? I would never do this, I think to myself. In the process of getting all the windows rolled up a waft of smoke enters from the far rear. I close the car, realizing there are others afoot, positioning themselves to surround me now. It is a gang of 3 men and 1 woman. It is clear to me they are no good, menacing but low-life kind of thugs who are doing the footwork here for someone else. They are herding me back toward the house as I ensure many times, as under their radar as I can that my car is locked and secure. One of the men bumps into me hard as we are approaching a metal stairway. He does this to demean me, to show me where I am in the pecking order, ie: behind him, and gives me an intentionally fake apology for having done so.

When I get inside there is a battle going on. The family is being told by one of its own members who will fight and who will not. It is the more father-like figure who is wanting to handle the great bulk of all this and is telling the others to secure themselves. The man the thugs ( who herded me here ) answer to is inside. He is played by the actor Dick Van Dyke ( note: also Dutch, like my family ). He has pulled out a large Reptilian hand and like a glove placed it over his own. He is calling on negative ET assistance and a high amount of electric energy is flowing into him from somewhere. He is saying something about type 2 beings, claiming his own negative beingness as type 1 and the rest of us – this family he is after – as type 2.. he is telling us the problem with us type 2s, why it is we will always lose in a fight. He has a frequency device that is being set in a way in which to mesmerize all but one person in the family, who the others, themselves, either through neglect or outright action, will kill. 

November 26, 2022

Sandy, space mission, alchemical world, deep mind probe

My sister, Sandy, is taking a space mission.

I try to convince her not to take it. She has a handicap, for one, and it has a 100% failure rate in the two missions that have taken place prior. I see some kind of globulous space plant. (scene shift)

Humans are becoming various animals. Animals are turning into much larger animals. I see two large black dogs, or wolves in particular. They are on their way to something, walking into the forrest. There is a dark Master approaching from the other side of where I am standing. Two large trees are between us. I lay low at the roots as he passes but he detects me. (scene shift)

I am working with a family. One of the members is going to do a program that looks deeply into and develops a particular capacity of the mind. She tells me I should join her. I don’t know how I would do this as I am not family. I am here working. She insists, though. She begins arranging something between some elder women. It is happening. We are being brought the piece of paper, the approval slip or pass to get in. It is passed from one elder to the next until the two walking toward us have almost arrived at me. Rather than hand it to me, though, they simply saunter by. I think to myself “no?.. you are not going to give it me?” I don’t understand.

In the very next moment my alarm goes off and I myself shift away, right back toward physical space. They must have seen I was already on my way.

November 24, 2022


There are crystals all down around my feet. 

I am looking at them all, wondering how this could have happened and thinking someone’s necklace must have broken.—even though these crystals are too large to have been strung into a necklace. They are all extremely clear, high quality quartz crystal. My heart is stunned, I just feel so fortunate to have come across this and begin picking them up one by one. Others are held away from them, and from me as I do this. I am beginning to enter a secondary scene. I am simply walking with what I ( consciously, from behind the scene ) feel is a wand-like crystal point. It is roughly 9 inches in length, a dim grey-blue-purple in color and “Vogel”-like cut. It has so many cuts that I cannot count them all but it must be something like 24-32 and on a crystal that is no more than 1.5 inches in diameter this is not only impressive but truly stunning. I cannot see who I am but I can feel the crystal in my hand. At first I feel it has been handed to me to charge up, but later glean it could have been the other way round; the crystal was charging me.

November 22, 2022

The ancient past, crystals

Large cluster of activity: cavernous dwelling, food that I have left it outside the entrance, a female someone throws it out. It is in a white paper bag. I retrieve it, bring it inside to eat but there is a lion in here. A girl leashes the lion and takes him out for a walk. I reach in the bag, past some overturned rice for another object that is inside. There begins to be other detectable movement in the room but I do not have my glasses to see well enough what it is. I find some glass but it is thick and not very clear. After struggling with it for awhile I find a momentary focus enough to see it is two ancient hyenas pacing back and forth. It surprises me they have not come after me or my food yet, they are just pacing back and forth. I step outside. [ there is a large section of activity here that has fragmented and I can no longer easily access ]. I see myself in a cave, picking a raw crystal up out of the dirt. I am saying something about it to another female who is here. I detect one more of these crystals laying exposed, fully up out of the ground.

A low, deep growl
a quick, surprising jerk of the head to the left. — and I am back.

November 21, 2022

Mom, funny dragon thing, told of a neuropathy in my body

I recall a long scene with my Mom but not the details.

I recall, following a long period of deep, intense internal work a moment of comic relief. An extremely long, beautifully colorful, two-toned ( artificial ) snake ( or snake-like dragon ) a woman surprises another woman with. I find it so funny that I want to see it done again. It not just funny, I am beginning to glean something.

Neuropathy, I am being told of this in the dream. I am conscious enough to reach through to the physical where I test what I am being told by touching the tip of my right toe with my left toe and sure enough there is a loss of sensation. The top 1/5 of my big toe is numb/asleep, there is roughly a 60% loss of sensation. Note: this is still true all these hours later in the day. ( goodness, always something ). Now this. I will have to keep a closer eye on what is happening, and the effect job stress is having on my body. I am in great body pain again coming off my work days. It is a level of pain that has me feeling near to throwing up. Why so much pain? I don’t know.

November 19, 2022

Lesson: Doing other people’s job for them

Large metal staples outside a large building, I see them and begin sweeping them up. I go inside and find a guy who works here. I ask him to help and he tells me he is quitting in a week. I take this to mean he will not help. A woman asks me if I will mix a large vat of beef tallow. I find it humorous that she is asking someone who is essentially a fruitarian to do this job ( but yes I will help ). Then I am walking, trying to find my way back from where I came. As I first go outside I see all the large metal staples have been swept up and even more has been done. The whole area looks pristine, really great. I am not able to find my way back. I ask for help. This brings me into yet another building. Inside is a woman who helps keep the place. I pick up one of her towels to wipe down a glass and she tells me she would never do something like that. I guess the towel had been used for something else and I have just ‘dual-purposed’ it. Another long night of walking. Outside. Shifting into and out of buildings. Working.

November 17, 2022

Lesson: Right, Due diligence

It is an interesting night. As I am laying here, around 10pm I begin to be so tired that I cannot keep my eyes open. Rather than push through, as I sometimes do, I consent to call it a night. Throughout the evening, each time the brainwaves pass through beta I briefly alert to what it is I am dreaming. This makes for quite a long night. 90 minutes in real time spans far longer in dream time. Being aware of these longer spans ( of time within time ) every 90 minutes, no matter how briefly has a transfer value effect that the body does experience. It has other transfer effects as well but I won’t go into this now. Just to say I am in a unique state as I type this.

In the first scene of the night ( and there are others behind this, but in front of me ) I am in a university level class room. Students fill the stadium; the tiered semi-circle seating around the teacher’s platform. The teacher about to teach this class is Angela Lansbury, she is walking from stage left to the center of the platform and stops in front of a female teacher’s aide. She begins asking the girl a series of ( inappropriate ) questions relative to her Covid and vaccination status. I am having a huge problem with this. I have such respect for this person, this teacher, ( Angela ), and I almost can’t believe what I see and hear happening over there.

My energy is beginning to cause an uproar in the room. I see many of the other students have been feeling the same way but previously staying quiet. There is nothing in me that can stay quiet, I, myself being in such a schism. The stadium is beginning to ask questions and the platform answering them. Angela is saying how she is made to do this by the University, it is not her idea. This at least makes me feel partially better, a moment ago it seemed she would not consider working, with others around who would not wear a mask or had not been injected.

Angela now moves into the background and a male student aide, ethnic, attractive, dark skin, black hair sits at the front ( stage ) right area of the platform and addresses my input. He is however skewing everything I say to make me seem ignorant and ‘anti’. I have no problem confronting his errors and correcting him for the class to hear. I know now this whole set-up is a farce and agenda driven. I am telling the other students that if they feel the same way we must each and all do our due diligence and get up and leave.—not participate.

November 15, 2022

On the table, exam room, arranged meeting

Up till really late today, I don’t knock off until after 2am and wake at 6:30am with not much of my dreaming intact as a direct result. 

It is a matter of not being able to hold to the dreams, to reach in there and grab a ‘bit’ to then expand into. This is what can happen when the natural sleep cycle is thrown off. I put on my eye warming mask for an hour and casually look around. Immediately adorable little animals are flashed real as can be at me. A baby long haired Siamese kitten is first. Then Ziggy, the one year old Pomeranian at my new weekend job. And then others. On and on.

When the eye mask shuts off I alert to myself again, and my dreaming. Again I cannot easily hold to the inner activity but I grab a ‘bit’. I am laying on a bed on the other side of a room divider with my large grey exercise ball on top of me. I can feel the excitation of my cells, which should at this point always alert me to my out of body state, but instead I remain blissfully ignorant to the fact. There are others here on the other side of the space divider.

I can detect a middle aged ( 40-something ) female with brown hair and a young man with medium blonde hair who is waiting to meet with me. We do meet in this experience, I can see myself up from the bed and standing with him interacting. He reaches to shake my hand, even while another who is here is still shaking his. There is a greater of level of his attention that wants to go to me. I do not recognize him, he is not someone I know IRL, but he is different looking. Maybe almost slightly like a young Bill Gates with long-ish shoulder length hair. I am not able to see any further into our conversation and activity. 

November 14, 2022

OBE: Precognitive Data, Dayna Stone

This experience is written into an article of its own and can be read : here <— link

November 12, 2022

Ephemeral hued dragonfly

A totally wild night tonight. Energy is high. My heart is racing and won’t stop. I can’t easily to get to sleep. Once I do I sleep and wake repeatedly. At 3am I wake drenched in sweat. The Inner energies are intense, I still feel this/them. Although my dreaming is clear in the night, all I can hold to as I wake ( feeling as though I’ve been run through the ringer ) is a colorful dragonfly I interacted with briefly in a state of lucidity. Its colors are simply phenomenal, a lovely purple with tones of cherry pink and back-lit in blue. The body of it is emerald green. At first it just looks like a fairly normal view of a dragonfly, only with the the very colorful wings. But then for some reason I catch it in a small glass dome shaped container. It is almost no larger than the little being itself. It struggles to get out and as it does my view of it changes to seeing it in greater orders of magnification. This is when I see into more of its detail. Appearing more like a full size being with characteristics it is worming its way out through the bottom of the dome, even though I am pressing downward on the dome. I am thinking I am glad I did or surely it would have gotten right out. I do have some degree of ( unexplainable ) fear of the winged being. I am struggling between the feeling to press down harder on the dome *which will potentially squash it, or let go and let it free itself.

November 11, 2022

Disembodied mechanical head, rape

I am asking again, quite seriously before going to bed: who woke me ( in 2009 ) and why.

[ The reply is blocked, and not blocked, meaning that to a degree I understand ]

Disembodied mechanical head. I see it floating up high in the room near a wall. I am not sure anyone else does. It seems made of a brushed gold and silver material. It wants us to drink from a bottle filled with fluid that is in the room. I lift it to my mouth and take in only a drop. Somehow I am knowing not to drink this. But the others who are here, they drink more of it. All I can remember is that bad things begin to happen now. This mechanical presence is malicious. There are at least 3 others here in the room who drink from the bottle. A man, who I seem to know well and two others, one of which is still a child, a young boy, I think, roughly 10 years old. The next thing I know,— It is night and I am driving my Mom’s car ( not a car she has ever had IRL ).

The car, and even timeframe seems to be circa 1970s. I am trying to get away from something, but also TO my Mom. I am confused about just how to do that and am currently driving into oncoming traffic attempting a u-turn. I make the turn and then drive the car into the sidewalk of a Main Street with buildings. I have parked the car here, at the corner. The next thing I know, I am realizing the driver’s side door is open. I am laying down on the front seat and a light skinned black man is standing outside the door. I realize I am in trouble, I keep saying “no, no , no, no” because I see that he is contemplating taking advantage of the situation. He does. He slides himself into the car on top of me and rapes me. I have no voice, I can make no call for help at all. I also have zero connection or interface with the body, I feel nothing. I would think I am point consciousness except for the violation in play. I must be merged in the consciousness filed of someone but I am experiencing this wholly in first person. The whole event is over within minutes. Although sinister, it has not been violent. The man just finishes and gets out.

Now I am in a large open space, I feel I must still be point consciousness in a house with my mom and dad and someone else ( young ). This is as much as I can see. I know, and feel there are important details I am seeing into but they have for now receded to where I can no longer reach easily into them.

November 9, 2022

Recorded message, my back is washed

I am in a backyard area in the garden,
recording a video of myself telling the people something. 

There is the idea of it being just a brief, 7 minute video *the contents of which now elude me. Interestingly, the location seems almost more important to me ( when recovering this data ) than the message I am recording. I am outdoors, in the sunlight, a backyard garden. The “backyard” part seems to indicate I am in a private area. This scene fractals down into many other areas of the dream where other things are happening. Inside is represented by a large structure with many levels/floors. I am traversing through them doing things I can no longer see but at one point I am in the elevator going back up to my floor.

There are two other females in the lift. One of them, at one floor a few beneath my own wants to wait here for a man we can all see across the floor. He is moving further away and it looks is going to be some time so I push the idea of taking me up and then coming back down for him. There seems plenty of time for this and I am in a hurry, on a time table, I am telling the one girl emphatically that “I am ON”. The stage is set and the curtain is rising. I know going up that the activity up there that I am in such a hurry to get to is “a play” but what I am repeating is more about my service. I cannot >>and do not want<< to be late for my service. This idea and energy is coursing through me emphatically as the elevator takes me up toward my floor.

As I am shifting more toward the backyard area where I am recording, and further past here toward 3D Earth space I view the scene as an outside observer and can see many more things than I could while directly in it. I have a camera’s eye view and am being shown myself slowly from the feet up toward the face. I look about 30 pounds lighter than I am IRL, and wouldn’t you know it naked. I am being shown this to see that I had the opportunity to come into full OBE awareness.

I am sitting in such a way that although others can see a lot of me, nothing alarming is exposed. The angle is in good taste. I can also see that as I go about what it is I am doing, there are others here who are attending to me. At the coarse level I am unaware of them.

They are two males, one a monk in robes, asian, shaved head. The other of Indian descent(s). They are giving me in essence a sponge bath, specifically washing my back. All of this activity and more is coalescing as Earth gravity is taking me over.

Laying here back in the bed,
I feel it would be nice to see more into the message I had been recording.

The ambient voices of people talking down in the living room prevent this.

It is just too loud to get around. ( sadly ).

November 8, 2022

Repeating dream theme: old propeller plane

I am up in a turn of the century, open air propeller airplane again. The skies are cloudy and dark. There is another fellow in the plane, who is caucasian, thin and a bit older than me. He is throwing an object, a rifle, I think, deliberately out of the back of the plane, having determined the winds and its probable trajectory, to hit another plane down below. I just can’t believe how he actually does it. I enter and exit this scene multiple times to experience watching it from observer mode, and then experiencing it firsthand from within the scene. I get so caught up in this particular aspect that I lose the plot of the actual scene. Who we are, why we’re up here. And, why, for heaven’s sake the man is throwing the object to hit the plane down below in the first place.

November 7, 2022

Who woke me in 2009 and why

Before laying down for the night, around 8pm I find myself in silent discourse with an Inner element. I suddenly find myself with a very clear question in mind : in 2009, who was behind the idea to wake me up? why was I awakened? I am not sure I have ever wondered this before, which is rather interesting in itself, isn’t it? But now I am with the very clear question and clearly wanting to know. Some time after this I go to sleep. During the process of shifting back into Earth space in the morning, multiple times, ( more than 6 times ), the content of the night is covered over. I am confident I have been told. I am equally as confident the information has intentionally been kept from my conscious knowing. The question now, is why. – although I already know the answer to this. To keep me interested and inquiring. We do like a nice spot of excitement.

November 5, 2022

Crushed cars, crystal library-vault

Scene one: out on the street, a female traffic officer ( for lack of a better concept ) is directing people to drive their cars into a large steel shipping-like container that is in the ground. As the cars drive in they are stacking up, one atop another. By the time the fourth car stacks atop the third the pile is high enough in the container for me to see the occupants. I am energetically beside myself because I can see a little boy in the third car, as it is getting squished by the weight of the third, growing in his fear and impossibly trying to crawl out. I am questioning the woman in the fourth car, which is a teal green color, why she just blindly listened to the officer. She could have not driven in. She could have aimed her car to the left and not so fully crushed the third car. The first two drivers had no choice, they could not see well enough into enclosure. But the fourth driver I feel could see so she had choices. I am held here swimming in this horrible energy, this awful feeling of seeing the young boy, the cars getting crushed, there being no way out, me being able to do nothing to help. I feel entirely powerless. This is the worst feeling imaginable. 

Scene two : two data streams are superimposing : in the first is the idea that the Corso/Carson family Holliday gathering is going to shift to Oregon, where the two girls have moved. I am speaking with someone about how the entire family gathers for most every holliday, and that usually it is Lucille’s place where they meet. In the second area I am entering a large library *I enter and exit this place multiple times between airline flights to and fro. In the center of the library is a large square pool ( note: same shape as the previous steel container the cars are being directed to drive into ) filled with water whose light is glowing golden. 

Many times that I am here I see perfectly into the  c l e a r  water to where the many crystals inside are sitting. The last time I am here the light is so golden I cannot see through. I have come here this time with the idea to retrieve some of these crystals with the idea of keeping the Corso/Carson’s all together. Maybe the pool knows. The water inside is boiling hot, I know this and all the same go wholly into it to retrieve the crystals I need and have full knowing are here. These belong to the library but I am taking them. I am wondering if anyone here will stop me. No-one does. A part of me feels guilty, and knows there are consequences for such things.

I am now laying the crystals out in a particular way, with like styles and types together when I notice one of them has a little sliver that has broken off. It is a thin, slightly irregular shape that is roughly the size of a fingertip. Noticing this I see another, and referring to these as “chips” know they are important and group them together. I am in collaboration with someone who I am telling this. I think they might be, or be related to Gina. In either event, the two girls, Gina and Tawny are growing near. I am almost ready for them to begin making their choices. There are 3 types of crystals for them each. I wonder which they will choose.

I have my own tower of crystals I have arranged at the library.

These will keep us all in touch.

November 3, 2022

Sharing, working together

This is a lesson in discerning true sharing and working together from
manipulation and being taken advantage of.

I am waking this morning to massive winds and torrential rain. I remember my window is WIDE open so I pop up real fast to close it before the portable A/C unit sitting just inside gets all wet again. I am too late for this, but I get the window closed and the floor and A/C unit dried. This only takes a minute but it has been enough for my dreams to have receded significantly.

Prior to this I was in a wonderful, all night long state of semi-conscious dreaming. For this log I will key in on the one area that is still standing out to me. There is a man who instead of living in a house is now living a bit rougher in an RV that has a shower. The idea is that he is homeless, he’s been displaced. Two other males, who have also been displaced wander into the picture. They all begin working together, sharing amenities, while continuing to work things out with their new situations. The man with the RV is working very hard to get back with his son, this is his motivation. The younger of the additional two has come from a privileged situation, has no clear motivation and takes a lot for granted. He also has a very incorrect view of the man with the RV who is the one really offering the most here in this arrangement. 

The scene shifts into a vehicle where I am with two other women. I am in the passenger seat. The driver is going through my things and putting on a pair of my white pants. The concept of sharing is again coming and I can feel the stark difference between what I have just viewed in the environment with the men and the way I myself feel right now about this woman helping herself to my things. She has not asked, it does not feel there was any arrangement or pre-agreement for this. I am trying to acclimate to the idea of her wearing my pants. My white pants particularly. The scene shifts to where I am meeting with two large men in black suits who are built like body builders. I think they are Russian. I try to introduce myself to one of them, moving to shake his hand but he evades me, saying something to sort of hold the space but really I can’t figure out why he has done this. I am trying to understand the behavior when I begin hearing the wind and rain outside and realize I had better pop up and close the window.

November 1, 2022

Dystopian future, yoga room, white room

In the first set of dreams I remember I am in some kind of dystopian future. 

Some people with power are going to bring down a plane full of people for no reason. Someone I know is going to be on that plane. A young man. I am in a position to know what is going to happen, I have access to knowing things but no wealth myself. None of the people have any real wealth. I am going to give everything I have to the young man and am telling him to not get onto the plane. Instead, take what I am giving him, ( it is only enough to see him through a single day ), and slowly make his way back to me. What I am giving him, the money being used here, is like a bitcoin but it is a physical bitcoin. One of them is worth about 25 cents, one of these is enough to see to the people’s needs for a single day. No-one has much more than one of these at any time. I can see the idea of infighting in some areas, and fighting over food. ( scene change )

I am in an energy of being seriously impressed..

I feel like I am in the Arab world. I am standing on an inner balcony, a floor above a large room down below. It is a yoga room. It is enormous, more than football field sized. It is rectangular in shape and along its interior walls has smaller rectangular shaped rooms, which have openings but not doors, that all pour into the larger central space. The smaller spaces are for individuals in their private practice, the larger space is for group practice. There is a huge, truly beautiful hand crafted, colorfully patterned rug throughout the center. It is all done so well, with space enough for everyone and no-one being in anyone else’s way. It is aesthetically and energetically pleasing. I am being shown all this by someone who is very large, very tall, who is standing directly behind me. I feel this being is male. ( scene change )

I am now in a white room.
This is my space. It is my bedroom.

It is a very simple room with a simple but comfortable bed in the center. The walls are all made of white brick. I am noticing, though, that the brightness of the white has been taken up. It is to a level that the room is almost no longer pleasant. It just seems way too sterile or sanitized. I am inspecting the bricks, trying to figure out how this happened, or even what it is exactly I am detecting. Rich shows up and tells me he has power washed the walls. I am wondering how he would do this without the bed and everything else getting wet. He is telling me how he did it, and I am listening, but I can’t say that I really understand. I am standing here again, inspecting the walls, beginning to see a little creature up there. It looks like a little e green snail but without the shell. He is so cute. I am delighted by his presence. I am asking Rich if he sees this but with the arrival of the little one my energy is already beginning to shift elsewhere.

From physical space I can feel myself for some reason abruptly and with 
significant force pulling myself out of here and back awake.

I have no idea why I have just done this.


Author’s Note

If you have made it this far, wow. ( let me know in the comments ). You are likely standing amongst yourself, or a very small crowd. This is where the REAL awareness begins to expand, though. From the logs it can be seen what our Inner being is saying to us, what It is helping us work through, bringing to light, and what graduations are beings made.

In the month of November, I found myself having a very clear question in mind. I began wondering who awakened me in 2009, and why. This question attempts to be answered throughout the whole month and I am gleaning more than I was previously but still have some ways to go so I will continue asking this question, each night as I lay myself down and open to what the answer could be. It does feel important and even imperative that I know.

Due to their daily nature,

Dreams are increasingly more precognitive and there are common themes:

  • Contact
  • The ancient past, future probabilities
  • DNA, species markers, polarities
  • Health, body examinations, being on the table
  • My own body—used for healing and for science/discovery
  • Crystals, crystal libraries and vaults
  • Various lessons in discernment

Dreams are vacating the previous realm and gradually coming to be experienced as an extended part of my life. This is so important to highlight. They are becoming an extension of my life. Do you see? This is how we grow the potential of what we call ‘life expectancy’. We literally expand ourself o u t into it, occupying both the here and now and at the same time beyond where we are now—into the more of ourselves that although here is laying in wait. It is like getting back a missing limb, a missing part of ourself that until now we didn’t even notice was missing.

I hope more of you will begin to join me in this.

Join the ongoing experiment, join our group daily dream log. If you have questions about how to make your logs, prior to having actual dream content to log just ask. I am here and I am yours. Know that the more regularly you go to make the logs, the more the data stream will open. But, first, you have to go to make the logs. You have to make the first move, take the first step. When you do, Inner being will be right there to meet you, quite literally 100% of the time.

The Crystal Work: Video Recorded Contact

Today is, as they say a good day.

A new milestone with the work has been reached.

This past week, for the first time ever I was able to video record a contact in a shareable format. In the past this has not been possible, just due to logistics, really. When I am going into the crystal I have the cell phone camera right up on the crystal and switching from photo mode to video mode enlarges the screen to where the being is too close up to effectively see. There is more to it as well, — the light coming through the crystal, as it moves creates ripples that will dissolve any one view into others. Like a moving kaleidoscope. So I have to be able to keep up, in order to hold a particular light stream in a specific pattern in order to record. This is necessary for the still frames as well, but in photo mode there is plenty of space to navigate and otherwise do this. While in video mode there is not. All this said, this past week the miraculous happened. Heaven and Earth moved to create just the right set of circumstances and I was able to record a contact.

There is so much that can happen when I go into the crystal to explore.

I am going to go over a good deal of this with you now.


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Living Systems & False Matrices: Body Health, Our Microbiome and Ability to Shift Frequencies

We all know what is going on out there in the world. I don’t need to tell anyone or bring anyone up to speed. It has never been more important to see to our health–our mental, energetic and bodily well being. To keep boots on the ground, we simply must begin to place more emphasis on this than we have been. Even if we think we take fairly good care of ourselves, now is the time to place even more attention on the nitty gritty and get even more detailed in our self care.

It is a choice to do this, and it is a choice to not. We are each, one and all sovereign to choose but do always keep in mind that our lives are nothing but a series of our very own choices. Know this and please choose well. We generally know our own strengths and weaknesses. Diving in where we know we tend to be weak is a really smart idea right now. Strengthening ourselves in these areas will go a long way toward keeping us upright and feeling our best.

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Time Travel: Solving Paradox

These are my thoughts relative time travel paradox.

First thought:

Just as I have said relative to defining the future, “time” is equally challenging to put your finger on, isn’t it? Many people think of time relative to a particular fixed “distance between” >> one moment and another moment, for instance. In a similar fashion I think of time in terms of frequency bandwidths. When from 3D I look at 2D ( the remainder of the animal kingdom and plant kingdom ) and 1D ( the mineral/elemental realm ) I see the past — all the way back through to the Origin of all life. When from 3D I look out toward 4-5-6D and beyond I see the future — all the way through to the very Origin of all life. There really only ever is the one destination.

Because the whole Cosmic structure is concentric, ie: it sub/cell-divides within itself, there is nothing separating any one point within it from any another, save FREQUENCY. [ frequency is everything ]. A very practical example of this is that if you excite your cells to the equivalent of being angry, you will find that in so doing you separate yourself from that which is the equivalent of peaceful. In a similar way, frequency can cause some of what is in Creation to fall to the outside of our direct experience. While the 3D frequency bandwidth is inclusive of 2-1D *they appear directly in what we call “our reality”, it is at the same time exclusive of the higher Ds.

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Regression Therapist for Consciousness Study : Found!

Some things are just so incredibly exciting. ( this is one of those things )

I almost can’t believe how long ago I put out this call, it was way back in January/2016. That’s six years ago! I had been meditating, and this is during the time/years I was out on the land. The idea just came to me to do it. I will post the exact call I put out at that time:

I am searching for someone.—

I would like to engage in a collaborative project with a person who has regression therapy skills. Who may also wish to write, lecture and/or teach ( although not necessarily ). Much like Dolores Cannon, who was comfortable taking people into deep states of consciousness ( the somnambulistic state ) and wished to, in her own way document the contents of her sessions.

When Dolores shed her earthly body she came with more emphasis into my sphere than she had prior to her passing. I felt her keenly present in those first few weeks (although I did not know the reason for it) and at this time, in very short order devoured the majority of her books. No easy feat. There were 13 of them rushing at me. The content in all, as an avid explorer of the realms ( OBEr ) so excitingly familiar.

Dolores, creator of QHHT, is the only person I have grown to be aware of who did regressions more fundamentally in exchange for their content, rather than necessarily for a fee. I know most people work by way of the latter but at this time I am looking for someone I may co-create with. Who I may exchange with — sessions for experiences. data and information. Who may find it preferable to work at this time with someone practiced in additional states of consciousness.

I began vlogging and journaling my experiences online the moment they began. I could not keep them in. It was a part of my Service to show what a real time *process of awakening looks like. I think it went rather well. Regardless of the content of the experiences relayed, and the many sites on which they are published negativity has rarely been drawn. Which is a surprise, considering the extent of the supra-natual content. 

I found I could be in many areas of consciousness at the same time. Multiple dimensions, discrete environments, simultaneously. It took awhile to cognize but the time was granted. My experiences continued every night and day for three years until I could word what was happening and speak it to people. I am told ( to me quite humorously ) I am a communications specialist. A Speaker. or Channel, as contemporaries say. 

To this, on my end of the collaboration I wish to advance the skill. I feel very deeply to begin working with others. I do not know if I can regress easily into the states where high quality information can be reached, I have never been regressed, but it is my hope that through this process I may begin to more rapidly acclimate to consciously accessing them for the purpose of bringing necessary information through to the planet.

If this sounds like project you would be interested in (or if you know of someone, preferably in the San Diego area [ but not necessarily ] ) please contact me. I am looking for you. It is not necessary that you be a licensed practitioner, you may more simply have a heightened interest and curiosity that brings through to you certain gifts: for regressing, being aware of and/or directly experiencing the various states yourself, a sharp mind, keen intuition and questioning skills. 

All of this may even still be developing. It is not necessary that it already be 
developed. We can grow together.  

Casey Claar
the galactic travel channel

Well this call was answered, to my incredible delight April 3, 2022; just a couple months ago. As fate would have it, within the timeframe of the year we were unconditionally given to focus in on this work >> what I put into the ever-growing basket of what I simply call “the consciousness work”. For easy reference, all of what you see here on this website.

The call was answered by…… [ drum roll, please ] …..a beautiful and talented woman by the name of Crystl, Crystl F. McCall who you will hear leading the sessions which are about to follow. Crystl is new to regression work, as am I, she is just beginning to get her feet wet having completed the Dolores Cannon’s level 1 QHHT program. It was agreed upon by the both of us in the beginning that we would share our material, ( these sessions ), notably any and all of it which was particularly interesting relative to the consciousness-and-crystal-contact work.

Specifically, we all want to know more about the beings.

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Dream Re-entry : A Conscious Shift Back In Through Interpenetrating Fields

June 15, 2022

Concentricity, Spheres within Spheres

I start waking while it is still fairly early, which is surprising as I did not fall off to sleep until quite late, well after the 1am hour. I am going to have to dive for the dream data, I have only a cover song playing in my mind at this time. The room is cool and outside the sky is overcast, perfect for dream recollection. I roll onto my stomach, turning my head toward the right and place my Healer, George, at my forehead. Moments later a light show is going off in my head. In the back of my brain. I feel this ( not see it ); energy tingles. The sensation is so prominent it gets my attention, in physical space as well as inside the field. The two fields are seamlessly overlapped. 

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The Conscious Shift : Inducing the Altered State

Something I feel is important, to not just share with everyone but to put out there as often and in as many ways as I can, is that the additional states we are each in the process of allowing back into our experience are ALL already taking place. All the waves, all the frequencies, all of everything out beyond what we call “the Earth-life”, including the very roles we ourselves play out there are in constant, ongoing effect. Even now, as the wave, frequency and role we play here also is. There is no separation between the waves. They are coalescing and concurrent.

This awareness is often why I refer to my awakening process as being one of the turning on of my cognition, my cognitive faculties, because the whole thing has always been in play. The whole time, here, active and ongoing. It has just been me, through a period of time not realizing. I was not even locked down in the beta-frequency wave. I could shift. What I couldn’t do, and I find this increasingly humorous the more I see, — is cognize the differentiations. Inside the experience that was me I was always simply being who I am, existing where I am.

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Earth Status Report: Sound, Resonance, Frequencies and Frequency Assault

In some situations I might suggest to forget altogether about fiction, some things are simply far stranger than fiction. – not in the sense that they are not understandable to our physical faculties, but in the sense that they are so outside the range of what is usual that when they do pop up in our direct physical experience, it is as bizarre as bizarre can be.

Some months back, perhaps mid-summer ( 2021 ) a sequence of highly mysterious events began to unfold. – all of these events are connected and each involves sound and resonance. Frequencies of vibration. I began to notice, for instance, some unusual, and what has since become regular air traffic over the house. Along with the usual flights which are up at an elevation that is barely audible there are now low flying craft, which due to the loud and near constant sound is intrusive. These craft include a khaki colored double propeller plane, jet fighters flying in formation and helicopters. As I am typing, all of what I am mentioning and more is overhead.

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Preparing the Body for the Conscious OBE

Looking back into the ancient scriptures we can see there tend to be three fundamental schools of thought. The first we are quite familiar with, dualism, which at its premise sees physicality as the source reality. There is no liberation in dualism ( Dvaita ) which boldly states “physical reality is all there is”. Next we have the view of qualified non-dualism, which consents to a reality beyond physical reality, and therefore to liberation but only at the moment of death. Which brings us to Sankaracharya and absolute non-dualism, which sees the One and the all as identical and says, therefore, liberation is achievable at any moment – within the lifetime.

Well prior to reaching the point in this lifetime of shifting into what we colloquially call the out of body experience, I had intersected with the schools of thought and aligned through and through with Sankaracharya and absolute non-dualism. <— this was the priori. I chose my position. What came to me, I feel is a result of this. I chose, then heaven and earth aligned within me to bring me to the experience of what I chose. All of this is important to cognize, to not only see, for myself, but to say to anyone who may be reading… listening and taking any of this in.

Step one is to choose.

Every step here forward is only ever into what it is you have chosen – how it is you have come to align yourself. This goes for each and every one of us. Regardless of the choice made, – each and every one of which, it is equally as important to say, is in every way valid.

Whether you are chosing liberation to come at the moment of what we call ‘death’, or liberation within the lifetime, you are likely able to reach in and feel how critical it is to prepare for such a moment. – for a successful launch out into the gradient of your aim.

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The Weight of Consciousness

Does consciousness have a weight?

I want to have a glance, to bring a topic of the mundane — weight, weight gain/loss — into a wider range of view for a moment. Let’s begin by asking the obvious, “does consciousness have a weight?” Specifically, in physical space does it have a weight. Do those who carry more awareness, a wider experience base also carry a wider girth? more weight? Where and how is it getting stored? In the mental body?, the emotional body?, the physical body? Is it burdensome to know, to directly experience what consensus yet is not? How heavy is this for you? What is your service, what are its extents? – some of us feel to go to far greater lengths for the greater good.

Now there are of course many reasons for one’s size, shape and physical state. Many of those in consciousness circles, predisposed to this aptitude have explored this sometimes to great length. I am just pointing to the fact that this >> a broader awareness and experience base << is another, distinct reason unto itself. And may even be found to lay at the basis for what has been happening a lifetime. As we know, we get ‘activated’ to awaken, often a good deal down the life line. Much lay in the subconscious until this point.

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