Dream Data: December 2022

PROLOGUE : The question I asked last month, going into the fields specifically for a reply [ who woke me in 2009 and why ] I continued asking this month. In addition to this, a new question specifically for the month of December was asked. The new question is relevant to data that has come to me prior through the dream state and has to do with a cubed object I have discovered attached to me at the back left calf. I want to know what it is, why it is there. I also want to know about the feeling of a time table by which I am meant to work it off. I was shocked it was still there the last time I was shown, which was roughly a year or so ago. This said,—

I have started working a second job again this past month which is leaving me more exhausted than usual—with less reserves than when I do not have to work the second job. I am severely challenged to keep hold of my queries and ask them cogently going into the nights. Due to this I will continue with these as my main queries through the new month and year of January 2023. I am also tasked ( by my Group ) to begin discussing what so traumatized me back in 2013-2014. The jellyfish shaped craft which I observed so ominously occupying the etheric frequency bandwidth of our Earth space. All this is highly challenging my boundaries as well as capacity. It will not be an easy year, but it seems one in which this processing must be done and completed with ( and so it will ). In order to see clearly how best to continue from here.

Let the dreams begin,
and the data flow

This month I am visiting and viewing many different types of societies and how they work

December 31, 2022

Interviewing process, data exchange

Kerry Cassidy has come over and in the process brought some others to my front door. Everyone comes in. There are two female interviewers who will be questioning her while she is here, and two male figures who have immediately gone into the pool. While Kerry sets up with the interviewers I go into the pool with the males. We are exchanging information. They are also carrying some gemstones which are of interest to me. Kerry needs to use the restroom before she gets started, I direct her to where it is then shift my attention to where the interview will take place. Kerry’s chair is set up in front of a large box window. When she returns there is some light banter between us about the readying process and exactly what she will be discussing. A large spotlight turns on her. This is when she really comes to life and the information steadily begins to be flow. It is impressive to me how she can do this with the large spotlight in her face. We discuss this in itself in some length. Things are just beginning to get rolling when my alarm goes off and I wake. It is a work day, the morning is starting very early.

December 30, 2022

A drink from the same cup

Derrick is here in front of me, Elissa is with him, they are saying they want to drink from my cup, they want me to mix them a drink. I begin inspecting the cup, the rim of the cup and see it has a series of hairline fractures. It is not going to be fitting for this cup to be used. It is alright, though, I have many cups. I move toward a large open cupboard where sit many such cups and move to reach for one. With this movement the scenery shifts to where I am now seeing the big rig they arrived in, large arms are reaching into the cab and lifting a baby girl out from it. She is being held high, looked up upon. This is not Brielle, this is another baby girl. I look at my own hand to see a fine, thin cut on my forefinger. 

December 29, 2022

Moms and their sons. — the watcher and the looking glass

Throughout the length of this experience, which lasts 3 full cycles and takes place between the hours of 3-8am, I am in an overall full system telepathic exchange between expanses within my own system as well as each of the participants—who are my Mom, John ( my ex ), Charlie ( my dog who passed away some time ago ), Laura and her son.

The scenes and symbols presenting in the exchange all make perfect sense within the event itself. They are permeable, fractal and ever-changing, each giving way easily to another as needed; a grocery store, a city promenade, a classroom, casino and woods. There is a theme of “moms and their sons”. At its center this experience is a communication between my higher fractal consciousness and myself — real data is being given.

As the experience begins I am acquiring necessities. 

I have withdrawn cash from the bank, two thickly wrapped stacks of small bills. I have them in a large baggie with some sweet bread. I am in a communication with my Mom and visually with her at a grocery store. I am preparing for something I see coming and want to know what kind of storable food I can get for her when she tells me to get canned tuna. I make a [ conscious ] mental note and embed the concept : TUNA. It is important I say here that what is happening visually inside the store and spoken in words is only a tiny fraction of what I am experiencing. I don’t even know how to describe what I am more principally experiencing. It is an energy, wavelengths, currents through the core of me. It is an ocean of awareness and experiential knowing. I am moving through it, performing necessary action. I can see what the knowing, the currents and wavelengths include by the concepts and symbols appearing in the scenes. When we finish inside this one, we step outside into a promenade and begin walking.

We do not walk very far before John steps into the picture. He approaches from the left to the side of a planted tree. Again there is an underlying energy-connection, a similar wavelength through which currents are flowing back and forth between us. In shorter words, a deep telepathy. What is flowing back and forth I have no words for and if I did they would produce volumes. What I can say is what I can see and what I see is that something is wrong with him. As the wavelengths flow, as we are walking along, John keeps falling into holes and then pulling himself out of them. This happens multiple times before my conscious state of mind throws an inquiry into energy. 

Immediately it is confirmed to me there exists something in the chest, the heart and lungs, and also the left foot. The scenes are showing me John remove his shoe and sock. The toes are mostly gone, what remain are blackened, like what happens with frostbite. We continue our exchange for some time, the energy is good and sometimes not good and leads into where the scenes become a casino. It would be nice to have retained more of our conscious conversation, I feel much of it is relative to what is coming, what we are doing to prepare, why what we do is so important, if not for ourselves then for others. Everything needs to be in place. 

Every so often, as we are moving through areas, I pull my plastic baggie full of cash closer to me so as not lose track of it. Until John comes down over me in an area and kisses me. I get distracted. When I reach for the baggie again the money from it is gone. Just the two perfectly cut, lemon colored pieces of sweet bread are inside. John begins telling me about his house in Houston ( to my knowing John does not have a house in Houston ), and that I am 634th in line to inherit from it. He doesn’t think there will be much left by the time it comes to me. With this he begins to fade from the scene as Charlie comes in.

I am holding Charlie in my arms, it always feels so good to have him in my arms, he is like my own son. We are walking and walking as the energy between us flows. At a certain juncture he jumps from my arms into a small pool of water where he is now standing upon the flat rocks. Environments are superimposing, the casino with the woods. There is a male figure sitting along the rim of the water’s edge who is saying something to me. I am not really paying attention, Charlie has my full attention. I am stepping down some large rocks into the pool where I am retrieving Charlie back into my arms. I have gotten thoroughly wet in the process. 

I notice my clothing is that of woodland people, wool pants tucked into boots, a lighter brown long sleeved top and a cape thrown over. I step from the water and continue on with Charlie, again through the casino. As we are passing the bar, another energy is superimposing with Charlie, it is another son, he is recognizing one of the females behind the bar as his mother. I look to see a young woman with electric blue hair tied back in a ponytail. It is Lu, Laura. His energy reaches straight out to her and they connect *we all connect.

Laura and her son are synchronously superimposed in my awareness with Richelle and *her son. The energy channels flowing betwixt us in this connection are extraordinary, massive.. I seem to be handling them all just fine, though. Laura and her son, who both appear quite young here are heading out the back door to the rear of the pool, into the flatlands to the front of the woods on a solo walk together. Before fading from the experience,

I see her son look up and say to her “sometimes there is so much anger.” . . . 
He is helping her resolve this energy.

Time passes…….

For some time now I have been by myself performing various odd tasks.

At the moment I am sitting at a wood chopping block, staring intently at myself cutting jalapeños in a checkerboard pattern in rows of 3×7 when Laura comes running back into the area. She is happy, in a playful mood and saying she needs my help. They want to play a game. THE WATCHER AND THE LOOKING GLASS. I have knowledge of the game and not just anyone can play, you have to have the right access and codes. I find myself knowing this, and beginning to know more as I hear the words spoken — the watcher and the looking glass — I know they are important, I feel a good and evil fantasy fairytale-like undercurrent of energy enveloping me when the impetus to wake and write the words down throws me out of the experience and into my room, where I promptly log all my key words, then lay my head back down and embed the experience awhile longer.

Following this I wake proper. I have all the data I can hold.

*  *  *

Note: when going into our Thursday group meditation, an experience very familiar to me begins coming on.. I hear a voice, like a recording, scrolling words through my mind in response to me thinking the words “looking glass”. It is saying, “The looking glass is the kaleidoscope, or kaleidoscopic effect that appears at the juncture where minds meet. The watcher is…..”, I stop the recording short here due to my fascination at the first sentence and how instantaneously it appears at just my thought. I am also able to see what is being spoken and I know I will fall into the awe, into the mesmer if I don’t stop here to embed. I begin repeating the sentence again and again until only the metre remains. As I am writing this it is many hours later and I know I have left a few words out of this first scrolling sentence but this is close—close enough.

December 28, 2022

Molecular restructuring. exploring the sublime radiance within the shift

Prologue — This week exhaustion has the better of me, I am not easily catching the initial shifts into the dream fields or back into physical space. I will note here once again, the majority of all data collected [ and deeply embedded ] is done from within the shifts. The data occurs directly in the experience itself, but the transferring of it from the one state or frequency wave into another occurs in the shift(s). So although, due to doing this so often – daily – I am able to bring back data, this week it is not the deeply embedded variety, it is, relatively speaking, the barely recalling at all variety. While directly within the following two experiences I am fully conscious. Although it is from another portion of my total self that I am. This is always interesting in itself, because although I am acting with knowing and intention, it is my own and also not exactly my own.



In the one field I am trying on clothes, and more specifically colors:
cherry pink, jean blue and white. 

Whenever the concept of jeans occurs in the dream fields it indicates ( genes ). It generally means I am with the designers, and often the ETs and something is being done with my body, its molecular structure. In the data field I am standing in front of a full length mirror and looking at myself in these clothes/colors. I am wearing a full length fitted jean skirt and a cherry pink top. I am quite slim, the clothing is fits nicely, perfectly, and looks good but the top barely comes to the skirt’s waistband and I would prefer that it come down over it. For this reason I put it back on the rack while I try on a white top which fits my requirements. I like the style of the white, but prefer the cherry pink color. When I go back to the rack the cherry pink top is already gone and there is not another. I knew this was going to happen the moment I set it back—and I did it anyway. I return to the full length mirror and to looking at the jean blue and white.

In the second field I am shifting into and out of body—repeatedly to different locations. I seem to be in a small booth that is inside a larger room. It is reminiscent of a sound studio. There are windows in the booth that look out into the larger room, and/or vice versa, but my attention is not on them. I can just see as I write this that they are there. Notable in the experience is a communication network link hooked up to what I am doing and experiencing.

Following the link into itself I see it includes family and the idea of a family home *notably my brother, Derrick, is connected. It includes the ETs, and also the military. My attention is likewise not on much of any of this. Nor is it on the locations to which I am going out. What has the bulk of my attention is the fact that I am consciously and at will purposefully going out, and on the direct experience of this in itself. Of the stasis in which I center myself, the cellular bliss of it, of being inside and outside the body, inside and outside of time, inside and outside of space — this in itself. There is truly nothing, no experience more extraordinary.

I can see myself doing this repeatedly. Falling back into the space behind me, levitating horizontally, molecularly shifting in the way that seems to give me access to all the fields all at once and just holding my attention here in the sublime, central radiance and exploring it. — this said, I am also going out to locations, I just have very little interest in seeing where. There is too much more happening and the span of my attention holds only so much. I do see that Derrick has come by. I am showing, explaining, and proving to him that this is happening. I do not see why, only that he has connected to the experience, and that he is connected with it.

December 27, 2022

Repeater dreams, contact, jellyfish shaped craft, hair, cyst

Repeater dream. <— this is all I can embed of the first dream of the night, that it is a dream I have had >> experienced >> possibly even more than once before. I am noticing this at approximately 3am. I hadn’t gone to sleep until well after midnight. Later, earlier in the morning:

A male is asking me about my et contacts. 

The inquiry is an attempt to come to terms with his own. His may be even more prevalent in that the onset of the remembering is more current. We are standing on a slope and walking downward. It is reminiscent of a ramp descending from a craft. Is he really trying to get me to remember? to cognize what is even now in play?

It is 7am, I have woken again and decide to get up to use the bathroom. I deliberately keep myself busy for 10 minutes with the intent to call for an OBE. After doing so, it comes to me to ask a question about an OBE I had back in 2013. I am taken out onto Main Street, Santa Monica, see the homeless, a mushroom cloud nuclear explosion in one area of the sky, and then off to the left, thousands of jellyfish shaped craft descending through dark skies down to the planet. I want to know what all this was about. It is hard to get back into the fields. I keep being shown things that ‘shock’ and repeatedly throw me back awake. I somewhat quickly learn to get a handle on this by saying the word DATA each time it happens. [ It is just data—data is neutral ]. I continue asking the question “what am I dreaming?” and “where am I?” until somewhere near an hour later I am inside: 

Maria and Lucille >>>>

I am working with Lucille ( a past care client ) but I feel I am not really doing much for her, just waiting for my shift to end. There is another male and another female here with her. I am on a computer-like device learning and looking for data. I try to print one of the papers but it turns out to be much longer than I anticipated, pages and pages with a super long included receipt. I am trying to stop it from coming but unsuccessfully. When it is near complete I shift over to Lucille, who is in the kitchen. I come up to her and ask when her last shower was. She knows it has been more than a few days and agrees to have a shower and her hair washed now.

I was not, myself, thinking so fast. I look at the clock and confirm there is only 30 minutes left on my shift. I suggest we do this tomorrow and add that maybe we can even style her hair. I turn her around and start finger styling her hair as she is saying there is not much we can do with it. The hairs are very short. The color is more like Maria’s than her own. As I am working the hair back by the crown I notice a small 2 inch spit in the skin and inside, almost near to popping out is a cyst. I cannot just leave it there, I feel I can somewhat easily remove this for her myself. I can cover it afterward and then tell Maria she needs stitches. I am sterilizing a small tweezer and scissors, readying for the extraction when I begin waking.

December 26, 2022

Secret living libraries

Extraordinary experience last night. Sadly exhaustion is in the way of embedding the details so I have only the knowing that it happened due to waking briefly in the midst of it and being mind blown enough to make note. The experience – again – involves the transferring of keys, codes and data to others, as well as myself being a standing repository of a wealth of data passed from others. We are like secret living libraries and the data passes regularly amongst us so that it is always contained somewhere but only very few, very high up, who are in charge of all this know at any given time where the data is located. It is like the turning of a kaleidoscope wherein with each turn of the scope the pieces of the beautifully colorful, intricate geometrical structure shift and form a new geometrical and kaleidoscopic shape. And thus the data is always somewhere but where it is located is always changing. I am also shown how the data we are holding can be accessed and utilized or not. As well as what can happen to some of us, for just holding the data. It is a burden in itself and does not always bode or end well for the carrier. I am viewing all this in absolute and perfect neutrality. I have no vested interest. I am here solely to serve.

December 25, 2022


Quick notes. Exhausted, not well rested * heading into another long work day.

  • Bright effervescent blue-green crystal. As people and events move them away from the crystal I pocket it for myself.
  • Pastel blue-green lighter. Is left on the doorstep. I recognize it as mine.
  • Man. Married. He wants me to move in. I tell him I have lived my entire life alone *suggesting I am celibate
  • Derrick yells at me for what he thinks is happening here.

December 24, 2022

Erich, Carie, a portion of a life review


[ Note: My friend Carie has just recently passed over ]

This experience is extremely long,
beginning at the very start of the night as I am first laying down and continuing all the way through to the morning. It contains far more than I could ever write out in whole so what we will see here is only the highlights, those parts of the experience that most encapsulate it. There are areas where I am conscious, in an out of body state, and areas where I am not.

As this encounter begins I am coming in on a conversation in a darkened stadium-like room where issues, views and positions regarding the coronavirus and recent events are being discussed, namely by Carie and Erich *and notably the latter. I step in with with my own large view and begin giving a speech. As I am talking, Erich ( surprisingly ) sweeps in and gives me a kiss. It is a quick but deep kiss. When my senses come back it seems now just he and I on our own . . He is sitting on a set of bleachers in a mostly darkened area and he is emitting >> expressing to me some fairly harsh judgments. I listen, let him finish, then come up to him, take his hand and tell him I love him, “you are my friend, I am your friend, I will always be your friend.” What I am saying I can tell is lovingly accepted and appreciated. Throughout this entire event this is so.

At a certain juncture, my diet, quite oddly comes to issue. 

I find myself alone in a room with a man who is near attacking me with words. He is saying I eat sugar ( I almost never eat refined [ toxic ] sugar ) and other things that are simply not in my diet. He is standing in front of me and pushing me backwards with his energy. I am confused and feel intimidated but I am also holding my ground. I know I do not consume any of these things, I know at all times what he is saying is not true. I find myself back with Erich who is still sitting on the bleachers. I am telling him I am mostly a fruitarian, that I eat mostly fresh fruit. What I am saying is a percentage higher than what is currently true IRL, maybe this is a message to return to this, to a more detox situation of 90%+ fresh fruit. During this whole phase of the experience my physical body is heating up and is in a deep sweat. I see this as the waves pass through beta.

The next juncture of the experience brings me again closer to Carie.. both she and Erich are present but at first it is principally Carie’s energy I am feeling. Both are emitting deep resolving feelings. Each of their feelings cause additional ripples of thoughts and feelings. There are not words that can adequately describe this. It is pure feeling and pure experience. There are not visuals or scenes that accompany this, but periodically I am landing in scenes between them each where I am one-on-one interacting with them myself, as a friend and even at times counselor. At times our own “stuff” is simultaneously getting worked through. With Carie I mostly feel her working through what she is, as though she is in the life review phase of where she is. As though elements that include me have given me a kind of access to the review. 

The depth of feeling in the connection again has my physical system in a sweat. There is so much being resolved, so deeply and so rapidly ( ie: in a single night ) that the acceleration is at junctures through the night causing this. I have had to throw the blankets off multiple times.

I am with Erich again.

There is another man, an actor from the 1940s,—he is sitting on a chair in an otherwise empty room/area with a trench coat over his shoulders. I have walked up to him and am giving him a hug. A deep, strong, intentional, lingering hug. ( shift )

I am now with Erich in a living room on the sofa. In perhaps response to something Carie is feeling he is telling me of areas in life where he has felt inadequate. Areas that have just not been for him to experience in this life. I am telling him what I see from my own angle. That I see him as what I call a “hub”, a center of gravity designed to bring a host of others near. That this is/was the principle job, or function or purpose. That the other is not exactly so much a deficiency as not a purpose and function of his life to begin with, yes I align with him in this perception.

These are very poor words to describe what is more accurately happening here, which is more simply a pure, genuine, thoroughly open exchange between souls. The experience begins to conclude here due to my alarms for work beginning to go off.

I wish I had more time to process and log this one.

December 23, 2022

Future talk with guidance, pool, contact


During much of the night I am in collaboration with my Guidance system. 

We are going over things for the future, to ready ourselves but also to be more proficient as the time comes. One subject we are going over in great detail is the Patreon. I am seeing how more detail ( more content ) is on its way through and I feel, as I always have, to not inundate people’s emails by over posting, any more than 2-3 times per week. I am shown how we can begin combining data so that each post itself contains more data, and links to even more data. I am settled, and pleased with this strategy. Later in the night we are likewise making preparations for the future. Going over so many things they collectively fall to the recesses of my mind. However, I recall one of subjects discussed is about the fridge, either getting a new one now or having an extra one on hand. As we are all talking, down below in the scenes—

I am approaching a large swimming pool and stepping down into the water. A woman in the pool says “say cheese” and takes my photo. I am wearing a peach colored swim suit that resembles a similar colored bikini I used to wear when I first moved to California for college. I notice it is not the same swim suit, just close enough to make the correlation. I feel the fitness of my body, the flatness of my stomach, which also brings me back to the feeling of myself at that same time.

I am in an intoxicating energy, feeling all the elements here deeply—the sun, the water, the air, myself.. I look into the pool to see a medium sized white dog standing there. It takes me a moment to realize he underwater. Walking along the floor of the pool. I hurry him toward me so that he can get back into the air and breathe. I see him advance up the steps at the side of the pool just next to me, take a deep breath and as I think I see him begin to morph into a man my attention is brought back into the pool. There are two twin girls, I would guess roughly 7 years of age. They have oval shaped faces and their blonde hair is pulled back into single French braids down their backs. They are approaching me on their own. There is information I have they want imparted to them. Mysteries which they wish to know. In my exchange with them I begin waking back into physical space. I do not get to see any more into the details of the exchange.

December 22, 2022

Time travel, Earth parallel reality timeline

While directly in this experience I do not fully realize I am in a parallel reality Earth timeline, I just feel I am in some bizarre experience and within myself am repeatedly asking “what the heck is this??” and “where are these ideas coming from??” It is only in the shift out of the experience and the time I spend embedding the strange concepts that I see, feel and fully realize I have been escorted by a guide not just through time but across boundaries into a parallel reality. To say these concepts aloud you might think they are very common indeed, but it is twists and spins on them that provide the differences. I will give a few examples.

The Earth I am visiting does have and use money, but $1 in their contemporary timeline is a lot of money, much more than it is here in ours. When I arrive I am given $6, I figure if I am frugal this will see me through two weeks. Sex is also highly common, but the people’s motivations toward it are entirely different. While I am here I am trying to feel what they do so I can understand these motivations and at least to a degree fit in, but I will tell you it is so strange, so foreign to me that it takes the entire length of my visit to even just begin to glean what these motivations are and where they are coming from. Sex is something you also always pay someone for, $1 is what is generally paid. 

The longer I am here, the more I learn, the more I keep thinking to myself “I have to get a job.” 

I don’t know what kind of jobs there are, or what kind of jobs pay what. I am in a very real sense left to figure all this out on my own. I do have a guide here, though, who brought me here, and I can ask him to begin to get an idea. This is strange. I am shown that cleaning public bathrooms, like in a hotel or restaurant is a really good job. This is because people often casually lose money from their pockets in them. In good part because it is a socially acceptable place for people to come for sex. Which itself is highly socially acceptable and as common as daily meals. A person can make quite a lot cleaning the bathrooms.

When first arriving here I meet and am individually introduced to a small cluster-group of people who all reside together. I am settled in here with them for the duration of my stay. There are approximately 7 of them, 3 females, 4 males, all roughly in what look to be their 30s. By the end of my stay I feel I know them, and almost feel like I am one of them. There is a tall male member of the cluster who is particularly friendly with me. He is really easy to like, just very open and non-assuming, easy to engage with and somewhat easily excitable. He looks a mix between Indian and Spanish, but my ability to detect ethnicities among the brown skinned people is not very good.

The whole cluster is going into the bedroom together. 
It is here that I begin to see who it is I am ( merged with ) here. 

I appear a young male, much shorter than the other males. I have light brown skin and brown hair and although roughly their age am just a bit younger, roughly 28 years old. Everyone is in a pile here on the bed. I am on the outside edge of it. There is a funny Brad Pitt look-a-like in the center of the mix who reaches over with a fetish and does something with my hair, which is now barrette-d like a girl. My attention is shifting between here and a location out near the beach. I am still getting a lay of the land —and at the same time shifting away from this experience— I am looking into one of the cars pulling away from the beach and onto the road. There is a girl inside. She is more wealthy than most. I think to myself again, “I have to get a job.” Noticing the environment I think to myself this could almost be Santa Monica, California.

With this thought, I shift wholly back into my own physical space.

What an odd, crazy experience.

December 21, 2022

Teal green torus, karma, forgiveness


It is the Winter Solstice
( the portals are open )

It is beginning to happen more often that I can keep track of, and it is happening steadily, a few times each week, at times in ways that seem more prevalent than others. Yet each time it leaves an impactful impression. I dream something, or return with data from an OBE that shows up in my field ( ie: Earth space ) the next morning. Data is delivered to me, I successfully bring it through with me into real time, where I find it present and validated. 

One example of this is when two or more of us bring back the same data from the fields—experienced in unique ways but the same data. Last night and today goes a bit further. A portion of the data I bring back contains a message/knowing to check the daily Q’uote on our forum board, specifically in reference to something I am experiencing in the fields, specifically regarding karma, and specifically as an answer to where I still lay in question about it all.

Read on >>>> The Winter Solstice ( 2022 ), Data Delivered Through Dreams

December 20, 2022

The Collection Bureau. Spiders.

I am with Guidance. – someone ( a man ) is asking ( and bringing to my attention ) why I cannot sit back at a particular angle without pinching/compressing a nerve at the base of my spine. His question is causing me to tell him why I cannot but the detail of what exactly I am saying now escapes me. Note: this is related to the position in which I sit in my bed at night while using the laptop and the tension knot/pain in my right shoulder and neck/head.

The Collection Bureau. In the night, as the brain waves are passing through beta and I first scan for activity the data all compresses into a single concept and I telepathically hear said “The Collection Bureau”. The concept is so interesting/odd that I repeat it again and again. I am trying to see into what this is and what the concept contains but there seems to be this alone. As I am still scanning I begin to see another scene—

Spiders—there are so many. Someone kills one. Derrick and Roger appear. I tell Derrick there are too many. Maybe one would be okay but look how many there are. We are looking inside a large wooden box-like structure high up off the floor ( like a table ) in a room that appears may be a garage. It is dark in here and only this structure we are looking at is directly lit; the light illuminating it is in contrast to the dark very bright. Derrick picks up one the spiders and then just crushes it between his two fingers. He picks up another and does the same. The pace is slow, considered and deliberate. This begins to shock me, I am not sure how I feel about this now. He picks up another and crushes it the same. Roger appears and begins looking in on what we are doing. I tell him the same thing I have just told Derrick.

Later in the morning when I am waking I scan again. I see 3 people: one is a tall, middle aged male approximately 60 years of age, he looks like what might be described as an English gentlemen. The next is a tall, very plain looking woman, the idea of of a librarian comes through, she is wearing grey wool clothing and has a quite sour disposition. Both the male and female seem from circa 1800s. The last is a younger male, maybe 30-something, very casual in his appearance, floppy brown hair that is worn long over the ears. He is wearing browns. I am unable to see into the activity, discussion and interaction around these individuals. Every time I just tried I got zinged, like a quick electric zap that jolted me away from seeing in there any further. So I just have the people themselves. Who I feel are those from the Collection Bureau.

December 16, 2022

OBE: Strategy for Exiting the Earth Life



This experience is one that reveals the onset, as well as the event of the conscious shift from a standard dream state into a full OBE wherein the conscious state of attention is present within multiple fields. I have learned, indeed known for some time that the cluster of beings who help compose this life experience are working from their end, to help me from this end make the fully conscious shift this life experience when the time comes. I know this from out of body experiences and also more regular dream time experiences. Including the combination of these in events such as the one I am about to outline wherein we are all engaged in working the details of this through. It will not be a standard ‘death’ experience, there seems to be much more planned and in the works. As the details come through to me, here forward I will make them public.

Others of you may come to recognize similar processes going on within yourselves. The more of us who can make our ultimate transition retaining full conscious awareness the better. There is much work to be done and our service is needed, both on this and that side of the veil.

Read the whole experience here <–

December 15, 2022

A movie is projected onto ( into ) my back. Implant, embed.

I am standing in front of a mountainous structure. It is structured, it has been carved. I am meant to climb it, a bit like an obstacle course. It is a feat to be able to do so. There are elements, components of it that do something, that amount to an end result. There is a male figure who is behind me attempting to do this, and one of the end results is that I get to have a movie that shows me some things about myself and my future projected onto (/into ) my back. I am told to sit in a particular location, a certain distance and at a certain angle from the projection. I want to sit in another location that is closer to where I feel I will better be able to see. This request is denied. I am sat in the correct location, which forms an isosceles triangle between myself, the projector and a larger screen upon which others are viewing the data. There are more people here having this done besides myself. I have just finished watching a projection pertaining to another young woman, pretty and of ethnic descent. There is the idea of me throwing my black wrap around my shoulders, and also of using my bare white skin—I am not sure which will better capture and make more visible the coming movie/data/projection. 

As I am shifting away from this experience I have an instantaneous insight where I consciously begin to glean that I am again with the “others” and having a procedure performed. It is a shock to my system it comes so fast. The insight is that something is being implanted, what I call embedded. The insight comes as I find myself behind the scenes in a discussion with someone about how I embed data from OBEs by stopping short at the etheric and literally hand writing key words down on a piece of paper, where I can see them with my own eyes as I say them aloud. The shock has caused me to shift from the location prior to seeing the data projected onto/into my back.

When I resurface I am in a Lyft with a couple who having a visit from their young son. They are all of the same ethnic descent as the woman I have mentioned in the prior experience. Their son looks to be in his very early 20s. As we are all getting out of the Lyft, myself being the last, I am pouring bleach all over the back seats to disinfect them. It seems a natural and normal thing for me to do but then I notice the materials and character of the interior seating ( note: association of the materials with ‘skin’ ). Extra work has gone into making it really nice.

I wonder if the bleach will dye the material and I feel the light shock of maybe having just ruined it. I very quickly, immediately hope not. In my other hand I have a folded up $50 bill. It is for my ride home. I interact with the driver of the Lyft, resolving the whole bleach thing and also follow along with the couple to where they are now walking in a park-like setting with their son. I am explaining to the driver how the visit from the son was a last minute decision and I just could not let the opportunity to see him get by. It almost feels as though I myself have some kind of motherly connection to him, and that I have not seen him in some time.

As I begin to wake and am embedding all my key words I can see all the M’s ( mountain, movie, man.. ) and additionally hear the word Maria. I begin scanning deeper into my dreams, while at the same time not wanting to lose any of what I have already collected. I decide to leave it at this.

December 14, 2022

Point consciousness. giving guidance. exploring a Lifechanyuan community

I am point consciousness with Jena, a girl from another board who has been through a very challenging time and now lives in an Intentional community in China that has been labeled by the current government as a cult ( Lifechanyuan ). She was recently thrown into a mental institution by her own family for believing in this way of life. I am helping her to understand their potential panic, showing her “no more family” is one of the communities highlights. The community extends itself beyond “personal” family and into “community” family. New babies, for instance, are raised not by the biological parents but by the community. Not everyone is ready for the extents of such an idea. 

We are hovering above a desk in a kind of office, it is a little cubby area that serves as an office. There are index cards enclosed in sheer envelopes that have various foods written on them that show what people are eating. Someone wants to see inside. I feel it would be a breach of privacy to open the sealed envelopes. They are sheer enough, though, to read right through some of them and some of what is written is being inspected. One of the index cards is much larger and the writing upon it child-like. We shift over into a laundry room. The room is very clean and bright. A large window lights the whole space, inside there are a few young women and a single washer and dryer.

The laundry is a task I myself begin to perform. I am washing bedding, blankets. I am shifting a load over from the ample sized washer to the dryer and having some difficulty reading the gauges. I ask for some help. One of the girls comes and takes over the task while another is drawing my attention back into the washer. I look inside to see an entire case of canned foods has been placed inside. I didn’t do that. Who would do that? I am trying to solve the mystery when I begin to wake.

Note: I feel that I am being given information that could be of assistance if passed on to Jena, 
food and washing ( cleansing ) seems to be at the central crux of it.

December 12, 2022

Making off with a carved wooden box, chased all night long

Dark clouds and rain today.

As I wake in the morning it is groggily through an accompanied, very deep inner fog/heaviness.

I remember earlier in the night making off with a carved, 12″ x 9″ wood box. It is not mine but I am making away with it. I cannot see why but a man, middle-aged with dark hair is coming after me for it. This is the first of multiple chases through the night. Later in the night I am chased again. During the chase there are thoughts running through my mind relative to working with others to get away ( there are others also being chased ) or going it alone. I am seeing the advantage in hiding myself by going it alone. I am making my way through a series of tall trees as this is playing out. In the end, though, I am caught. Some man I do not recognize, which could be the same man from before has me in his apartment and in his control. There is a knock at the door. He tells me to answer to it. I open the door and breaking into a run shout out to the two females standing here to run away–now!–“as fast as you can!” This is as far as I can still see into this circumstance. I have a really hard time fully waking *all day today.

December 11, 2022

Body work. working on injured areas. family council

Exhausted I wake at 2am to the smell of skunk ( IRL ). It is so strong, so awful I can’t get back into a good sleep for hours. I keep wondering why I am being bombarded by so many bad smells as of late. When the alarm set for work goes off I am no where near ready to wake. My dreams are fragmented to bits—

There is a man. We are in his apartment. He is tall, well built, and has dark brown hair. We are sharing/exchanging body work. We are working on our injured areas. I explain why I don’t want to wear my glasses, the swelling and the indentions at the side of my head, having to wear them at an angle which you are not supposed to do. In the living room something begins falling from the outside into his apartment. I get him and say he is going to want to see this. It doesn’t surprise him very much and he doesn’t seem to investigate beyond an initial observance. I myself can’t figure out where it could possibly be coming from. It is like it is raining particles of nature, dirt and leaves, etc.. from the outside into the inside but there seems to be no opening in the ceiling or roof that would explain this. I, myself investigate. Later— 

I think I am at my brother Jason’s ( this is a first! ). 

There are a lot of chairs set up in the living room. Because I am there, there are not enough for everyone.—everyone is very respectful of the chair that has been allotted to me. Even when I get up no-one else moves to sit in it. I am walking some odd, random objects outside to air dry/clean. One of them is a sleep mask. There are a couple of these. One them looks way too small to fit me, it is black and looks like a cat mask. I am wanting to give it to someone.

December 10, 2022

Off planet human trafficking

I know by the tone of their voice something challenging is about to happen. I have asked, roughly 30 minutes prior to going in for the night about the black cubed structure hanging off the back of my left calf. Not quite remembering this, I say “yes I am ready”. And then, “I think I am ready.”

As I first come alert it is to a young man, in a kind of slum, he is imprisoned in a way here. He is interested in having sex wit me. This is a confined space and everyone is packed into very close quarters. I am aware of the conditions, I am concerned about the bugs *mostly the bed-type bugs that are likely to be here. Upon closer inspection it is cleaner that what what you might think it would be, but still dark, dirty, unclean comparatively. There are nicer areas around. He tries to move us to one of them. Really he has only the one thing on his mind. I tell him outright I will be keeping it myself for right now and for some time. It is way too soon for something like this. I am letting him kiss me but this is as far as I intend to let it go. 

There is another female here who is with the ones in charge. She is pretty and dressed very nicely. She really wants this young man. He wants nothing to do with her. He is focused fully on me. He is not happy when I tell him what I just have. There is a gang of others who are around him, who are here with him. Young men, young boys, they all seem roughly 18. They are a tough lot but really harmless enough. The scene is shifting. Now I see a whole bunch of tall potted trees. They belong to the man who is now here. I get the same lower element energy from him as I did in the slum. He wants to control me. I do try to merge into the scene with the idea to help water the trees. But this is not good here. It really isn’t good. It feels like a kind of controlled experiment. It feels dark, like off planet human trafficking, this is what  is coming to me as I observe the scene from a bit above. There are alternating colored lights that back-light the whole area. It looks like it is on a craft that feels to be in space.

As I write this it is just 12:27am. I am going back in.

Note: an hour later I am still not able to fall back off. When I wake next it is in shock to my alarm.

Subsequent data is lost. No time for re-entry. It is a work day.  

December 9, 2022

Germs and genes commingling. Body Scan. Existing Conditions

A lodge out in the woods. Germs and genes commingling. The idea of something like a virus thrown into a room full of people ( I myself am in that room ). I am asked if I think there is any value in this. I say “yes.. it shows how the consciousness, mind and brain are working behind the various programs they are running.” I am watching myself inside the long rectangular shaped room with the group of others. I seem very fit and robust. In a single step I leap up onto the table in front of me and do a sort of dancer’s reach/extension of the arms and legs. I do this repeatedly. My hair is tied and parted in such a way that I notice a slight widening in the part, ie: thinning of the hair up through the crown. As this experience progresses I find myself realizing that these conditions – germs and genes commingling – is what saves ( not kills ) humanity.  

Next dream : I am riding a tall, old fashioned bicycle. Another rider, a male on a more modern bike almost does not see me coming. I announce my presence as I, unable to stop the thing awkwardly go by. He has seen me just in time and gives me the right of way but then I circle back around, park and get off the bike to engage with the people here. I mostly talk with the male who is ( or was ) on the other bicycle but there is a woman here, too. I have no further details.

I get up to use the bathroom. 
This is the second night in a row that I have repeatedly had to pee in the night.

The next time I wake I am on a walk and talk. There has just been a body scan. A computer generated voice has just told me how I am likely to die and is now telling me about 2 existing conditions in the rectum. It is saying neither of them is fatal. It is the final word that ultimately catches my attention down in the scene. I turn back to address the matter to see I have just come down off a craft. I can no longer reach the craft, nor see who I am talking to in the scene. 

The juncture has caused me to start waking into physical space.

December 8, 2022

German woman. dies. OBE: full physical merge

I have a highly superimposed structure of timelines.The main, or central layer of the structure is a woman. She is German, or possibly Austrian, both these ideas are present within the timeline. She is approximately 45 years old and it is circa 1945. She is, petite-ish, quite slender, has short blonde hair and is dressed in fitted light brown clothing. She is in a process of trying to get to ( of all places ) Pittsburg. She has a very large force, which I feel is her own Guidance system working against her because they know she will not make it. The obstacles they are putting before her are enormous. She is absolutely determined, though. It is where she dies in the process that I am centering myself in order to still see as much as I can. 

She is on a ship, there is a storm, or possibly the waters are just very rough. 
The vessel is old and not very sturdy. 

The crew know that they have to tie themselves down to the ship if they don’t want to be thrown over. The woman is coming up behind one of the men. He is tall, handsome, also blonde. He shows her how he has tied his leg down to the ship and the woman is now doing the same. Once they are through this particular leg of the journey I see the man in another location. He is on land and looking out over the water. He is still aware of the woman who came to stand behind him on the ship. They are both in a mental conversation. She herself is standing right here with him and is just coming to realize as she says to him “I didn’t make it, did I?” The man is nodding and saying “no you didn’t.” 

I see the man’s timeline, activity throughout his life, there is a connection to the military and government but I have let most of that data go *a timeline of my own is more important. I, myself, am trying to get somewhere. I am trying to get to Las Vegas. There is a time element. At the same time as there always seems to be assistance available to help me, the structure itself is not functioning properly at my own command. The assistance is required to make it do so. I am trying to catch a plane, it is coming down to the wire. I am doing everything I can in order to get there on time but it doesn’t seem I am going to make it. I do not know whether I do or not, the last instant is blocked from my immediate view.

I get up to use the bathroom IRL, for the third time tonight.
When I lay back down it is just past 5am.

As I begin waking two sleep cycles later I am in a general state of awe over what has been happening. The most real experience of being merged within another person I have ever experienced. I am —physically— inside a young high school girl. She is maybe 17 years old, just a tad heavy and has very thick medium length brown hair. I have been walking around the school with her friends, interacting with one of her teachers, almost in a state of not believing what I am experiencing. I have never experienced this so fully at the physical level before. While here, I have access to additional levels of everyone’s manifest state; I have access to their psychic fields where there is an additional level of communication and interaction with everyone. What they say and do here is more instantaneously genuine that what we tend to let through in the physical field. 

The teacher here is a physical education teacher.

He is young himself, maybe just 30, sandy colored hair, everyone likes him, he hangs out with the students more than most other teachers. He is saying there are two things he will not talk about ( I am not remembering what they are ) but am asking him why he will not. On the psychic level he is saying because there is no forgiving what he has done. The statement has to do with his marriage coming to an end. I do not delve deeper into this into what happened. 

Back in the locker room I am inspecting myself ( this young girl ) very closely in the mirror. She herself is not here, I am fully animating this body. I am emitting out to her, though, that I will take very good care of it while I am here. I am looking at my forehead. I am thinking it is a bit small, but as I begin pushing the hair back to see it more fully I see it is not so small, perhaps just a bit. There is so much hair, and a lot of short baby hair around the hairline. She has a portion of the hair, high on each side of the head pulled into ponytails, and a section to the front of these in clips. I am removing the clips, doing what I can to look a bit less “teenager”. 

The girls are starting to leave the locker room and as one of them begins asking me a question about something one of us was supposed to prepare for class I file in line with them. I do not know the answer to the question she has asked, I haven’t gotten down accessing this person’s mental field for these things yet but I do my best to feign remembering as I say I don’t think it was me this week who was supposed to prepare the thing. I am beginning to wake. My friend is easily accepting my response as we all head off. I am realizing I don’t even know my name. The moment the realizing comes, though, at the front of my mind is the name Gina. I think I am either Italian or Greek.

December 7, 2022

Crystals, war and collapse. Sandy is studying in my bed.

When first waking I am not seeing very far into my dreaming. 

I do the standard routine, roll to my left put my crystals place and ask “what am I dreaming?” Immediately I see I have been aware of one scene in particular the whole while. I am not seeing very far into it but I am with a girl who is roughly in her 30s, has brown hair and works with crystals. The entire scene appears as though I am looking through my tiny fluorite crystal ( it is all very blue-green ). In another area I am seeing myself put on my blue and white striped tank top, usually it is a quite fitted tank top but here it is near swimming on me and I am trying to figure out the differential ( ie: why ). Prior to this I had been talking to a man, but I don’t even bother going into all that. The hypnogogs currently in play are nice and have the bulk of my attention. They are morphing from one scene to another to another. Most are war scenes, destruction, collapse. Then from nowhere two white long winged birds fly up from the ground and catch a beautiful airstream. My attention is wafting with them through the sky. The next thing I know,–

Sandy, my sister ( deceased ) is studying in my bed. I know it is my bed because it has my old quilt on it, the one I first bought when I was just 20 years old. She has 3 piles of books stacked high on the far side side and is preparing to dive in. The books are for college level courses that she is taking. I am telling her I admire her effort but I just can’t do that anymore myself. I am just not interested in any kind of class well enough to study. It is the aspect of starting something all over again from scratch that I am most referencing. It just seems that I am too old for it. We are discussing this back and forth when I say to her “you know, I still have to sleep in that bed.” She says she knows, but she isn’t taking any action to move the books to her own space. She is saying that she will …when I begin to wake.

*  *  *

Note: I am coming back to write this because as I was just contemplating all this data together it occurred to me this whole thing has been a message from my sister, informing me of her potential return to Earth-space. Now or in the very near future. That this may be a time of impending war. I did see the uniforms, I am going to investigate and see if I can find a match. I feel this is telling me where she plans to surface on the globe. My immediate instinct/feeling is Poland.

December 6, 2022

OBE: Vortices, A Natural-Technology Symbol


It is late into the 4am hour and I am screaming myself awake.

Yonatan’s symbol is at the epicenter of the experience.

Yonatan posted this on our forum board yesterday. I immediately see the sun, light, and two people/beings/energies dancing/twirling/spinning and I see the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 8

Read the whole experience here. <–

December 5, 2022

Medical questionnaire. exam. given free reign on board possible craft

The experience starts out with a medical questionnaire.

I am being asked more than 100 questions by a female someone in a white lab coat. She is sitting across the table from me. I don’t know how to answer a lot of her questions, which I can see in clusters all at once. I tell her I do not go to doctors, or have exams or tests, so I do not know the answers to what she is asking. A physical body examination comes next but I white wash all this out. My mind is free-floating through the environment, which I have also white-washed out to a substantial degree. I feel this is not so much a matter of not being able to handle it, but in order to retain as much other more relevant detail as possible. I am given free rein of the place. 

At the moment I am happening upon a group of people who are all talking amongst themselves. I am not recalling the exact subject but it is an esoteric conversation about the universe. They then begin talking about a particular skill one of the girls has developed which involves working with squares. I see them in my mind as black and white, and what it is she does with them. My mind is blown. I invite myself into the dialogue, saying “it is just fascinating the unique and vast array of skills the awakening ones are coming back with.” It just seems there is no end the newness and uniqueness of the various capacities. This conversation lands me in the company of a highly unique looking woman who looks partly hispanic and part black, possibly aboriginal. She is telling me of an elder grey female being she sees with me. 

As we walk off from the group with one another I am interested to hear what she has to say about the being and am telling her there are thousands here with me. It intrigues me that she has picked up on the particular being that she has. I am beginning to suspect that this woman and the being she is keying in on are related. At this point in our conversation we are approaching a cliff and beginning to walk over the edge of it. The terrain is desert, rather barren and is lit in deep reds and browns. Even the woman seems more other-worldly than local. The whole spectrum of this night’s experience has, I would say that I have been on a craft.  

The woman has walked me into a small group of 3 other women. They are packing up their gear, like they have just finished up a conference and are getting ready to head out. I am introduced to them and the woman out in front begins asking me questions. She is pretty and has auburn colored hair. From her questions I begin to understand. I say, “oh I see, you do interviews.” I begin telling her about the crystals and the crystal work. I tell her I don’t know anyone else who is doing this, working this particular capacity as an actual technology, and that I would like to see more people honing the skill. I get the idea my energy and meaning are at first incorrectly taken.

There is a feeling of having to explain myself more accurately each time this happens.

It happens not just once but on multiple occasions.

December 4, 2022

Actively trying to go out of body

Following a few sets of dreams I recall one area where I am attempting to have an OBE, applying a technique simply called “looking”. I am with another female in this area and it is hard to tell whether this is a guide who is helping me, or if it is me who is teaching this to her. It is both.

December 3, 2022

A sunrise and morning meeting at the beach

Body exhaustion again in the night. I wake multiple times to find that the cavity of my mouth has been sucked dry of all moisture. This is a common occurrence when I am being taken. I am too body tired to look in to see but in the morning as I am waking—

I am at the beach, it is night. I have parked my car right on out in the sand. I do not see this until later in the experience but I have parked right up against a waterfall-like water feature. So close that I do not see how I could have even gotten out of the car. So close that I am now hoping I do not get sucked in. Again it is my old car, Goldie, not my new car, Soir. I am seeing all this as I am walking along the boardwalk as the sun is rising. I am with a man who I am talking to but all my attention is now shifting from him back to my car. I go out there onto the sand and arrive just as beach security has also arrived, they are preparing to move Goldie for me but as they see me arrive they stop their activity and instead let me get in to move her manually myself. As I shift inside the car they all end up in here with me. Two males and one female. 

They are all very cool, and one of them very playful. This one has gone into a small bunk area above and gotten comfortable. He is now toeing me with his foot suggestively. I am nice about it but tell him I am not interested. He seems okay with my reply. The activity between us all continues until the very end of the experience when I see have shifted outside the vehicle and am standing on the sand, again with the man who I first found myself speaking with on the boardwalk. He is nicely, casually dressed and comes from significant wealth. His already dark skin is bronzed and his clothing crisp and clean. There is a light breeze blowing. He has a full living room set-up out here on the sand. We are preparing to sit and converse more as I begin intuitively knowing my alarm is about to go off—I am beginning to wake.

I quickly scan all the areas of activity and embed what I can before I do so,
then immediately make my log.

This is all for tonight.

December 2, 2022

Time collapsing. mount rushmore, abraham lincoln

It is another strenuous night of a lot going on in the body, *this has been going on a solid week now. The feeling of exhaustion has the better of me in the morning, I am unable to reach through and grab onto anything at all. All I have is the hypnogogic imagery coming through in my 30+ minute attempt to collect data. The first thing I begin seeing is something like all of time,–and then the frames [ time ] all collapsing onto itself. Quite shocking, in a way, but I am in pure observer mode and purely neutral *not emotional. This lasts only the moment which it takes me to see. Now, in black and white I see President Abraham Lincoln, specifically as carved out and away from the other [ 3 ] presidents on Mount Rushmore. I have a nice long look while the energy embeds.

December 1, 2022

A homey office. doing business. more contact

I am in an office building.

It feels this way mostly because there are two men in particular who do business here. I know them both well. I feel very comfortable and at home here. There are multiple environments superimposing. The space is very much in flux. For the most part, though, I am visually in a comfortable, casual, living room style office. I have worked here for some time. There are two females I detect in the environment. One of them has just arrived, she is new. I am familiarizing her with the area and introducing her around. I am telling her she will meet my sister, Sandy, tomorrow, who will be here to fill in for a day. [ I have the conscious thought that Sandy has again showed up in my dream space and wonder why she is visiting so much right now ]. There is a male figure who is here, who is behind all this activity— he is standing in an open and dimly lit space that is somewhere else entirely. He is backlit by a single light.

Of all the others who are here I single him out and come in for a long, really close-up look. He also is in flux. His facial features are somewhat static but everything else, his clothing, hair, etc.. are presenting in various formats representing the past, present and future. He has an appearance somewhat similar to Dr. Phil, only with very long, thin, straight light brown hair. This is the feature I first find so curious. The hairline seems to start further back than it more normally does on humans. I see brown robes superimposed into the mix of what he is wearing. He is standing perfectly still, allowing me to come in very close to observe him. 

The closer I come in to him,
the more the colors and lighting are bringing to mind an ET who has recently come through to us.

There is a strong association to be sure. I am so close, but cannot quite shift consciously on board his craft.

This is Lox. You can read about him here.

5 thoughts on “Dream Data: December 2022

      1. I do but not a rigorously as you have. I meet many people in my dreams from Tesla to Obama. Last night I was operating a drone watching over my old neighborhood. What most don’t realize is everything is a dream …

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        1. Mm.. Indeed. What is visual is virtual……created, “a dream”. – reality and dream are in a great sense synonymous. Last night I was being given more on the Earth changes, I had an arial view of maps of the continental United States and shown the changes that are to occur. You also had an arial view of the land below. This is a synch.


          1. I recall stating that I would be setting up a regular surveillance… Earth changes are inevitable. Veilikovsky was right in “Worlds in Collision”. Gradualism is wishful thinking brought about by by the short memory span of humankind. For example, in Japan, where that terrible tsunami took place, there were signs warning “do not build here” from the 1930s. It is proven it only takes two generation to forget!

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