The Winter Solstice ( 2022 ), Data Delivered Through Dreams

It is beginning to happen more often that I can keep track of, and it is happening steadily, a few times each week, at times in ways that seem more prevalent than others, yet each time it leaves an impactful impression. I dream something, or return with data from an OBE that shows up in my field ( ie: Earth space ) the next morning. Data is delivered to me, I successfully bring it through with me into real time, where I find it present and validated.

One example of this is when two or more of us bring back the same data from the fields—experienced in unique ways but the same data. Last night and today goes a bit further. A portion of the data I bring back contains a message/knowing to check the daily Q’uote on our forum board, specifically in reference to something I am experiencing in the fields, specifically regarding karma, and specifically as an answer to where I still lay in question about it all.

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December 21, 2022

Teal green torus, karma, forgiveness

* * *

Today is the Winter Solstice. 
( the portals are open )

*  *  *

I am with Darr and a few other girls in an apartment.

I am here, communicating with Darr in particular for quite a long time but the activity is now very vague. There is a sparkly dust-like substance that I see has spilled and gotten onto the back of a large, deep brown colored overstuffed chair. I am scooping it off and recollecting it into a little pouch. The scene shifts—I am now in a very large home, working as a cleaning person for the older woman who lives here. The house is already very clean. So clean that it shines. There is an orange substance that has gotten onto the under rim of one of toilets, though, and right now I am here cleaning it off. I am deciding to clean all the toilets when the woman comes up and has to use the bathroom. I am pointing out the one that I have already cleaned saying that one is ready for use. I remember I have placed her four cats in an area to the back of the house. I need to let them out, the area back there is too small to leave them there long. When I open the gate one of the cats bolts and runs out toward the street. In the panic of thinking it could be hit by a car I reach for and grab its tail. The tail stretches long but I do not let go. It is right now beneath a parked car in the street and I am pulling it closer to me. (  shift  )

I am walking down a beautiful hill into an apartment community’s swimming pool area with a teal green toroidal shaped floatation device in my hands. I do not live here, I am just here to use the pool to float. There is a girl sitting on the side of the pool who almost immediately begins inquiring into the tube that I am now wearing around my waist. It makes me look particularly skinny. She wants to know where she can find one just like it. I am telling her I came across it years ago at a particular place that is no longer distributing them. Following our conversation I leave the floaty at the side of the pool and go inside the office. I think security has come by and asked me about living here. 

Once this is settled, on my way back to the pool I am stopped by a man who hands me a CD titled “Q Quotes”. I am not sure if this is a deck of cards or a CD, both ideas are present. Either way I am telling him I am not sure this is the correct item I am needing but I will accept it. I continue around to the pool to see my teal toroidal shaped tube is missing. It isn’t where I left it and doesn’t seem to be among other the other more common shaped floatation devices in the pool. I begin walking around the pool and find the sister of the girl I was speaking with earlier. I ask her if she knows anything about it and can tell by her expression that she knows her sister took it. 

I begin having a discussion with her about karma, never getting to graduate Earth. 

She is not even listening to me, it is beginning to make me very angry. She fires back at me that it is I who will be stuck here. I am yelling loudly at her now, that yes!….SHE and her sister will continue to be stuck right here on Earth. I am walking away in disgust as I begin to wake.


It is only as I am waking, and working to embed all my symbols that I begin to glean their importance and meaning. 1 ) The toroid >> ( which prior I was simply seeing as teal colored inner tube that made me look skinny ) which I acquired some time ago and was now being taken away; note the toroid shape is at the basis of what one needs to liberate oneself. 2) The Q quotes, the discussion about karma, which is about ME but through harsh judgment I had been throwing out onto the sisters. Question: why in the scenario did I not choose instead to just let it go? I can see it was deliberate on my part to not forgive the action of the sisters. It seems to have something to do with forgiving inappropriate action to the point of them becoming spoiled ( rotten ) people. Sometimes a consequence must be delivered to help one learn better.

I will give this some serious thought. The consequence it seems has been delivered to me.

What I have done, though, I can not quite see.


Knowing I would find a relevant post in our board’s “Quo Quotes” I headed straight there 
after logging this experience : ( today’s Q’uote ) :


Q’uote of the Day

There are many ways to acquire adhering karma. There is only one way to relieve karma and that is to forgive. If you feel that you have injured or harmed another, then we would encourage you to go to that person and ask for forgiveness. Then we would encourage you to go to yourself and ask for your forgiveness of yourself.By far, the most adhering of karma is that which is self-judged. Do not fall into the trap of forgiving another but failing to forgive the self. For in a karmic transaction there are two. And the entire transaction must be forgiven before the wheel of karma can stop turning.”


This is happening too often for it to be a coincidence.

Quan’s group is certainly working with my own. No doubt about it. In fact this is happening steadily between me and many of the people around me at present. I wonder how many of you out there are experiencing a phase of entering into this as a more regular course of your days as well.

Let’s keep our eye on it. And of course LOG everything.


All this comes through at the same time as we are doing a being a day leading into the Winter Solstice, which we are of course arriving at today. I am very excited with the new arrival. He feels very special to me so I want to share him with everyone.

He is a King.

The concepts that come through with him are bold and clear :


I feel he is the one behind leaving me the concept of the “mountainous structure” in the sky in so many of my dreams as of late. He certainly has me ( and all of us ) in his sights and is ready to jump into the work we are doing. Successfully graduating this life experience. Assisting as many of us as possible to do the same. 

Although the sound structure I am receiving may not be quite right, for now we are going with the name TORREL. It is pronounced in a single syllable : ( torrl ). Interestingly, although rare the name is used here on our planet, principally in the United States. The character analysis of the name says this: “persons with the name Torrel play the role of the peacemaker behind the scenes, and this gives them excellent diplomatic abilities.—balance and equilibrium are their focus as their greatest successes comes through playing a supportive role and being the mediator.” This matches close enough to exactly with the being I feel coming through to us. Further, 

Acoording to vedic astrology, Rashi for the name Torrel is Simha or Sinh, and the Moon sign associated is Leo. The name Torrel has the Fire element. Sun is the Ruling Planet.

So—I feel we have come close enough indeed with the sound structure. 

Meet our Guide through these Winter months, 

Please greet him in love and gratitude.


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