A warm hello to all passing through,

It is an honor to be here on the planet with you!

I am pleased beyond measure to be sharing with you what is, as a communications SPECIALIST my communications specialty; deep contact and communication with local and non-local consciousness through the use of crystals and crystalline technology.

I hope you will enjoy this body of work, as well as my own personal real-time process of growing open and grounding Who I Am more fully here in the Earth life. So all may SEE…There is much more to US than our Earth person. Much, much more.

Please join me in rendering the previously invisible, visible.

To the work, and the Service!



Note: If you are connecting specifically to request a rendering, be sure to first go to the article “Requesting a Read” to ensure you understand the process. To ensure a reply please be thorough. In your contact please share your pathway here, how you came to find us.


  • Relay a bit of who you are, include your name(s
  • Relay what you are experiencing, your reason for reaching out
  • State your alignment with renderings and reads being public/shared
  • State you have read the above article, that you understand and have moved through the somewhat meditative process of concentrating down into your energy and sending the energy of your request out to me.

If you do not receive a reply within a few days of sending the form, revisit the link above to see what you may have missed. Resend the complete request in a single contact form.



Please note: The line is open to patrons and group members : July 11, 2020