Contacting Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Combining Consciousness with Crystals.

Exploring consciousness has been an amazing gift to my life. Through this phase of my process it is growing into an innate ability to work together with CRYSTALS in their more fundamental capacity as communications devices. (which at this time is not a widely known technology, but a knowledge newly returning to the planet).

Crystals, I am delightfully remembering – are a very high form of consciousness.

Their consciousness can be used to connect consciousness, to communicate consciousness to consciousness—through all space and all time. Here you may look in on this taking place and even join in on it! A great many of the images throughout the site are formations / INformation arising from within the combining of my consciousness with crystals. The majority through a very particular crystal who you will also see photographed throughout. Some transmissions reach right out to the crystal surfaces and some I am going deep into the crystal matrices for.

Please do join me in going IN and making discovery after
wonderful new discovery.

We are LIVE.


Crystals, Consciousness and Contact

I will continue saying this until it is deeply embedded in collective psyche. The shift is a shift in brainwave frequency cycles. It is how I consciously expand out beyond the body, beyond physical space, 3D Earth-life space into galactic space. The crystal is a tool I use to show you, and also help encourage you more deeply into making the shift yourself.

When I go into the crystal it can be thought of as a condensed version of the whole cosmos. Within it are all the frequency fields and all the frequency processing speeds. The very  s l o w  3D processing speed, in which there is created an illusion of space between one thing and another thing, one being and another being, is rare through the crystal. We are only just now learning to accommodate this processing speed but we are going to show it to you here.

What is far more available in there are the much higher frequency processing speeds. From all happening all at once *not really photographical in a way that many others can process, down to where.. -and this is the most common-.. everything overlaps. Picture a circle, and another circle rolling halfway out of it to where what you are seeing are two circles overlapping. A vesica piscis, plus that upright ‘football’-type shape in the middle. 

In the crystal, each being’s face is overlapping in this way. Each one’s eyes are overlapping the being next to it, – to whom it is most closely connected. This overlapping occurs all throughout the frame. Not just by the eyes. This prevents most people from being able to see the beings. They need for there to be space between one being and another being. They are not yet able to process data at higher frequency speeds. They are stuck in the 3D beta wave frequency. 

This is what we are engaged in this work to assist with, – lifting others of us out beyond the beta, into a fully conscious shift from the beta —> o u t  beyond. Do you see?, whether we are talking about OBEs, expansion of consciousness or the crystal work — it is the same.


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