Time Travel: Solving Paradox

These are my thoughts relative time travel paradox.

First thought:

Just as I have said relative to defining the future, “time” is equally challenging to put your finger on, isn’t it? Many people think of time relative to a particular fixed “distance between” >> one moment and another moment, for instance. In a similar fashion I think of time in terms of frequency bandwidths. When from 3D I look at 2D ( the remainder of the animal kingdom and plant kingdom ) and 1D ( the mineral/elemental realm ) I see the past — all the way back through to the Origin of all life. When from 3D I look out toward 4-5-6D and beyond I see the future — all the way through to the very Origin of all life. There really only ever is the one destination.

Because the whole Cosmic structure is concentric, ie: it sub/cell-divides within itself, there is nothing separating any one point within it from any another, save FREQUENCY. [ frequency is everything ]. A very practical example of this is that if you excite your cells to the equivalent of being angry, you will find that in so doing you separate yourself from that which is the equivalent of peaceful. In a similar way, frequency can cause some of what is in Creation to fall to the outside of our direct experience. While the 3D frequency bandwidth is inclusive of 2-1D *they appear directly in what we call “our reality”, it is at the same time exclusive of the higher Ds.

Advancing on this idea, just as our dimension ( 3D ) contains the lower-in-number Ds, the higher Ds contain ours; we appear right there in what they call “their reality” ( ie: the galaxy is not in the planet [ but rather ] the planet is in the galaxy ). This is why we are in their space, more than it is ever the other way around.

3D is a planetary-level of experience

In 3D, as we all well know, we are locked in on our own planet, we can’t get off our planet, consensus confirms “we are the only known life in the cosmos”. This classroom is designed so that through trial and error we can all learn to get along with one another as humans. First we have to do this, before we can be ready to enact the harmony on a greater ( galactic ) scale. As we begin to grow and graduate through this process, frequency-keys within us begin to unlock us from the 3D frequency and open us out into the higher ones. When this happens we begin to be capable of experiencing a greater depth/degree ( ie: dimension ) of space and time travel.

3D = three dimensions of SPACE

I think most of us likely have this bit down, but just to point out the obvious these spacial dimensions are : forward/back, up/down, side/side : and these dimensions form an axis-grid. In 3D we are more fundamentally in-and-experiencing space, and more specifically embodied 3D structures within this space *our embodiments or bodies <– this is the focal point of our experience. We experience the idea of time, but the way I see it not time itself. We experience the idea of time in the sense of “aging” forward, but in the scheme of most single lifetimes this is a slow and far cry from actual movement, or advancement in the sense of graduation out in consciousness == which would truly, minimally begin to let you ( as yourself ) visit any point in time along the horizontal axis.

4-5-6D is Galactic space

Some of our current science likes to posit that 4D is time. Although I do not agree, I DO agree that TIME begins to be more acutely experienced beginning here. With me, when I begin to “travel”, to shift in consciousness from one point in time to another, what is first required is that I go up in and begin to pattern match with certain frequencies. It is in the etheric frequency bandwidth I speak about that I can really begin to move around. Either in Earth space, or further into the galactic expanse. Just as planetary ( 1-2-3D ) space includes 3 fundamental spacial dimensions, galactic ( 4-5-6D ) space includes not only their additional spacial dimension(s) but also 3 fundamental, discrete dimensions of time.

What I have found, for myself, is that between every frequency and frequency bandwidth ( ie: dimension ) there is an area of bleed-over between the one frequency and the other. This is the etheric frequency bandwidth of that area. All etheric frequency bandwidths connect. It is somewhat simple to travel through etheric space via its connectivity points, into the etheric frequency bandwidths of 6-5-4-3-2-1 worlds/realities You are there, but you are there in consciousness, as point consciousness, you can observe and to a degree influence but not directly interact with the space. You can be free floating point consciousness and/or you can take your point consciousness into the consciousness field of another and experience from their perspective. You are still you, they are still them, but you are moving around perceptually in that body.

This said, in certain conditions—

You can also physically manifest yourself as well. I will emphasize, though, it is not generally a 3D-frequency manifestation. And this said, 6-5-4D physical is equally physical to the one who is experiencing it. You can still touch and interact with any environment to which you are a frequency match. It would be unwise, from above to shift down into any 3D space outside your own. It is indeed a violation and if done on purpose could very likely not result well. Worst case scenario your incarnation ends. More likely is that you find yourself “fallen”, stuck, sentenced to a 3D-system cycle from which you have to then work your way out. I don’t know of any who would do it. Even if there we no penalty, once you are free of a 3D constraint, to come back down into one is very far from pleasant or comfortable.

It is not only through etheric frequency bandwidths that one can travel, I also use the Void and void systems but I could not as easily describe how. My person is not at the helm when I travel, my larger consciousness is. In one sense I can see more from the Void, in another I can see more from the etheric. One thing I can see is that in etheric frequency space, this is where I can begin to more fully access the vertical ( time-space ) axis. Higher dimensional capabilities that allow greater access to the time-space grid and portal systems.

One more thing about frequency

This is one of those things hidden right out in the open, that so often can get by our limited span of attention. If to travel it is first requisite to shift frequency, and indeed this is not only required it is in essence WHAT traveling is, know this : at one frequency we are one thing and at another frequency we are another. This is the central reason there is not ever any paradox ( multiple-or-parallel timelines are not necessary to bring in to help explain things ). We ourselves are not the same, from one moment to the next, not to mention from one whole frequency to the next.

I am going to pause here, take a breath and listen for
comments, questions and additional ideas.

Continue reading on this subject here.


[ Relative to the video-log above ]

What if there were a way to assist in more rapidly graduating yourself within the scheme of a single lifetime in scales of whole dimensions by traveling in consciousness, from potentially multiple points along your timeline to yourself in the past,—connecting the one point in time to the other point in time via the expanded state itself? Accompanying yourself along the way, laying the seeds of all you have learned. Planting them with immediacy right there within yourself.

Do you see the power in, and potential of the expanded state?

Wide o p e n s p a c e

5 thoughts on “Time Travel: Solving Paradox

  1. We tend to view “reality” through the “eyes” of the density in which we are emergent. I have to agree it is dangerous for biologicals to move between densities, as in the case of the ETs that get stuck here when their craft malfunction, it must be an awful existence. I’ll share an original thought I had after reading Greg Braden’s book Fractal Time – Time is the relative motion in consciousness compared to the relative motion of the background of experience – PA [gfs] 2011
    PS when you talk about frequencies are you familiar with side bands in radio transmission. Very similar (same?j as what you are describing

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    1. Grandfathersky…….. I am not as familiar with radio transmission concepts as I should be, lol, but relative to time, space, travel, etc.. we are always talking essentially, as you have described ‘an area between’, or differential between one ( thing ) and another ( thing ). Or in other words, a SPECTRUM. So it seems radio bands, side bands, broad/narrow bands, all fit well within the discussion, yes!

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  2. Fascinating! I don’t have any answers here, but an observation:

    The ages you mentioned (7 years, 15 years, 63 years) were all multiples of 7 or (in the case of 15) very close to one. Cycles of 7 years are important in some Western esoteric teachings. They mark the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another. You may have been visiting yourself at these points because they were the beginnings of a given stage in your life, and thus a time for touches of intervention (or blessings of some sort) that would play out on that stage (and possibly beyond).

    “What if there were a way to assist in more rapidly graduating yourself within the scheme of a single lifetime in scales of whole dimensions by traveling in consciousness, from potentially multiple points along your timeline to yourself in the past,—connecting the one point in time to the other point in time via the expanded state itself?”

    Because you thought of this possibility, I’m guessing that it’s along the lines of what you (in at least some of your times and places) have been intending—and that you’re making good on that intention. 😂

    My first thought, though, was that it might be dangerous to intervene in one’s past. I don’t know whether it is or it isn’t; I’m just careful when it comes to intervening in natural processes. Where I could be wrong is if, for example, to “gather up one’s pieces” IS a natural process that occurs.

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    1. Hi, Mike!.. thank you for your comment. This,–

      “My first thought, though, was that it might be dangerous to intervene in one’s past. I don’t know whether it is or it isn’t; I’m just careful when it comes to intervening in natural processes.”

      It is important to point out. Notice that what I and others are moving through IS a natural process, and the contents within this process simply a part of what we begin gleaning. These experiences are always hosted and Overseen by a larger part of us. This larger part of us begins bringing our conscious state of attention in on certain facts and functions within the larger scope of reality, such as the traveling to ourselves back in time, but it will not let us go as far as what might be called “intervening”.

      One state of presence merging with another state of presence within our own selves is not intervening in itself. I have learned this through the OBE, that I am often merged in the consciousness field of another, and that my natural state of presence, my spontaneous thoughts and feelings relative scenarios being moved through are accessible to the one I am merged with. I am here as a compliment and they are there in the aura, so to speak of that one but they are far from forced on them. In the expanded state there is not impetus such as this. There is awe, there is understanding, there is a level of compassion that is near indescribable. So thorough is it as to be the very basis of our being. It moves not wrongly but as a wonderful intelligence and love.

      From an advanced age, laying a hand on the shoulder of my 7 year old self. What affect did the experience of this have on me?…..I have always known I am not alone. Knowing this has led me to always be very strong within myself, even fearless. My 15 year old self having access to what my 54 year old self knows relative to these ( ET ) kinds of experiences, and, also, let me say vice-versa, me having renewed access to my innocence, how powerful has this been? how moving? this beautiful compliment of energy-and-experience dynamics. Does it allow for a more rapid advancement? A greater ability, or capacity to process data? more fully or completely?

      I would certainly say yes, and that it is cumulative. It is adding up to something that I am so close to, but not quite yet seeing. So much of all this I am still processing.–processing in a perpetual state of wonder.

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