Time Travel : A Message Through Time

Some things, even though seemingly somewhat simple are just incredulous. What they turn out to be is exponentially more surprising than what you might first think. A few weeks ago I was given a “homework assignment” by my higher ups. I was given the assignment due to an experience that is in the process of heating up in my physical life-space.

This experience involves the use of frequencies in my livable area which began to be used to establish a mean of connection through which to pass a more ‘physical’ kind of communication to me. Something was happening — it may be that others were also using the frequencies — and apparently the beings wanted me to be alert to this.

In order to assist my understanding, it was suggested that I go back into my video archives and string together clippings from a selection of the logs, 2009-2021 in order to help tell a story. In order to help me see something more clearly than I currently was.

Well I took on the task, enormous though it be in its stature, there are more than 300 videos in the archive – knowing surely I would see something anew indeed, but it turned out to be something far more than mere understanding that has taken place. 

Biologically, physiologically this process has been more akin to the striking of a tuning fork inside myself and undergoing an entire restructuring. I would almost liken this to an entire timeline dissolving and a new one coming up in its place. 

It is a fascinating sensation, being both on the sending and receiving end of a transmission, at two points in time – at the same time. Have you ever experienced this? The sensation is one that is hard to describe. As what is now ‘the future me’ listens, the me perceptually in the past relays a message the future me is hearing —now— for the first time.

The first time I moved through the moments archived in these videos they were being lived – in real time – there was no real depth of perception because what was happening was so brand new—there was no past seemingly being built upon, I could see only as far as the front of my nose, the future was truly being designed LIVE. ( blind ). 

Now, — as I travel back into the past and move forward through 12 years of highlighted moments not in real time but at the accelerated, condensed speed of 3 hours what I am able to process is significant in comparison. It is almost as though the type of experience relayed requires being processed at this speed, – to bring the physiology, and personality up to speed with the neural networking previously created.

So much gets by us when traveling forward in .r e a l. time. When processing data, linearly in real time. Almost everything gets shoved to the back of our awareness. Relatively speaking, almost nothing stays at the front. This faster processing speed seems not only required to fully comprehend, but also to glean pertinent data clearly present. — Maybe this can only be accomplished from the future, connecting backwards. 

Can this truly be? – what I am now thinking.

Can it be that an even more future me has reached back through time, creating the moments I did move through, the experience(s) I did move through, so I would in turn deliver a message to a future me, not as far forward in time as the element that first reached back? 

This is mind twisting, right?

And – another thought – would it then make this a time loop?

Why would an aspect of my higher fractal consciousness send a slo-mo message through physical time? – a letter, data packet, the slow way to the me standing here NOW in time. While allowing my thoughts to pattern in this way I actually begin seeing how such a letter would loop as time moves forward, picking up more and more data, accelerating me faster forward.

As I stand here right now in time, I am a portion of the letter that will one day reach a portion of my future self. – endlessly. ( ? ). It puts a particular level of importance on what I glean now, what I say now, record now. It is how my future self will one day come to see what she will. How she will actualize what she will—and come back for me in time. How do I find myself knowing this?


There are a few key, embedded messages that have been delivered to me through this assignment. Receiving them all together here now makes it all so clear. From the beginning I did see that my awakening was sourced in the idea of liberation within the lifetime. Within this concept is the delivered data packet I am now receiving.

I am processing all at once at this faster speed that :

  • In out of body states I am traveling in time back to myself in the past. I am traveling into moments wherein I am also in the out of body state.
  • I am greeted in the additional frequency field by Indigenous Indians, in the beginning always Indigenous Indians and that those who greet me are dressed always in stark white.
  • Sound is the key to the way I shift frequencies, the way I shift frequency fields.

I am also shown :

  • Consensus fields, alien worlds, and the difference between point consciousness and waveform : physical and nonphysical : private and consensus territories.
  • The difference between graduation and annihilation. – between . g r a d u a t I n g . out into galactic space <—> and another galactic species working its way into our 3D space.
  • My own disclosure.

Why is this all so important?

I begin to tell you why in the last 5 minutes of the video, and it is where we will launch off on our new channel. Beginning with what happened in 2014, just before I faded away for 5 years.

A story I have not yet told.

It is finally time.

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