New Youtube Channel

Hi, Everyone.

Just sending out the notice that I have opened a new youtube channel and inviting everyone who would like to follow the coming content to come by and SUBSCRIBE.

I began on youtube back in 2009 as “omcasey1”.

The channel then shifted to “theGalactic.Travel.Channel” a few years ago.

I am now coming out more formally, simply as myself : Casey Claar.

Channel Trailer

Subscribing will help me reach the goal of 100 subs needed to apply for a custom URL, which will make the channel discoverable and help the videos have a further reach.

The first upload to the channel went up just over a day ago ( it took 12 hours to load! ).. The video is a homework assignment given by my Higher ups. The assignment was given to due to an experience that is in the process of heating up in my physical life-space. It involves, as the title of the video suggests, time travel and the real time enactment of the 3D/4D shift.

To assist my understanding, it was suggested I go back into my video archives ( 2009 – 2021 ) and string together clippings from a selection of the logs in order to help tell a story. In order to help me see something more clearly than I currently am.

Well the assignment did this and whole lot more.

I will be writing about this soon.

For now – here is the link for those who would please swing by the new channel and Subscribe. ♥︎

New Youtube Channel : Casey Claar

2 thoughts on “New Youtube Channel

  1. Thanks a lot for putting in the effort to compile this video from the large amount of your previous videos. That sounds like it must have been a LOT of work. I have started watching it, but have only seen the first hour yet. Amazing experiences!

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    1. Thank you for adding your energy to the transmission, Karin, it is always so appreciated. If you feel to like, comment and subscribe over there it helps me build the channel and the videos go out to more people. It was a lot of work, this homework assignment, yes! but I am loving every minute of it and learning SO much. The key features of the story within my process are coming into clearer view. This also will help me build the new channel, make the new videos, etc.. Time travel will feature heavily. As will my contacts, what specifically they have been teaching, and of course, what lays at the basis of all this, – the idea and enactment of liberation within the lifetime. Thank you for being here with me.

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