Sirius Activation of the Crystal

Something special for this year’s heliacal rising of the Sirius star. What in some spiritual circles is known as the Lionsgate. I mention this from time to time, to people, and out on the forums, but I have not properly written anything around this yet directly. This year I am feeling it is time.

This yearly event in our heavens is said to be a particular alignment:

“At this time, Sirius rises in the morning sky, conjunct to your Sun, and for this creative moment your Planet has two suns, a white/gold sun and a blue sun ( Sirius ).  In this magical energy the Planet also aligns with the Lions Gate in the Constellation of Leo and the Royal Star Regulus, also known as the “Heart of the Lion”, which ushers in a new cycle and timeline for Earth.”

It is said:

“The Egyptians celebrated a Sirius season, from our July 3rd to August 12th, when the Nile flooded the surrounding plains, giving life to the fertile soil, and the heliacal rising of Sirius, which took place at the end of the season was the climax.

“Heliacal” is formed from the Greek name “Helios,” meaning the Sun. The day on which a star or planet rises exactly with the Sun is a conjunction, but as we cannot see that star or planet because the Sun’s light is too bright, we must wait for it to rise ahead of the Sun before we can see it. The day it becomes visible is the day of its heliacal rising, that is what we are celebrating. For the Egyptians, this was the start of the new year.”

Now a little astronomy

Jeffrey L. Hunt writes — “From my latitude 41.7N, the sun and Sirius rose at about the same time (within a minute) on August 3 this year, according to U.S. Naval Observatory data. At 1350 B.C., just before the time of King Tut, the heliacal rising date at Giza was approximately July 19, from a quick look at the computer program Starry Night. Remember that we have had corrections to the calendar; so before 1582, the dates do not match the equivalent dates with today’s sun’s position.”

“This means:

1. For the Egyptians of 1350 B.C., Sirius had its heliacal rising on about July 19th.

2. Sirius now, 2020, conjuncted the Sun August 3rd, and reaches its heliacal rising on August 15 or 16th, depending on where one is.”

Now I will tell you honestly

I know very little about astronomy, and perhaps even less about the spiritual insights of those who came before us, many of which in our own time are being repeated, celebrated and even elaborated upon each new year. What I do know, is the experience I myself am moving through this year is in fairly exact accord with the information and dates in quotes – and, of course, clear as can be is what I came to experience myself at the cusp of August 2017. Which continues each year now to this day. I am happy to call it a Sirius season, for it does last near the length of a month, and what happens through this month carries through the coming year.

The crystal and I activate

The date is August 8, 2017
The location : Pacific Palisades, Ca
The time : sunset

I am at work.

The home I am in is up high in the hills, and stunningly overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The sunsets here are unbelievably spectacular. I am standing in the companion suite of my care clients set of rooms and I have the crystal in my hands. The past week a fascinating thing has begun happening.

Pictures….entire scenes have begun appearing when I look at the crystal. It is hard to believe what I think I am seeing at first. It occurs to me to begin using my camera, to see if what I think is there will show up in a frame. It does show up, extraordinarily! I am riveted. I begin playing with the phenomena a little everyday.

On this particular day an opportunity comes at sunset. I have made the observation over the past week that the portal of sunset brings through a unique kind of experience. It brings through beings, large as life, it brings them through in these template formations wherein you can see their cluster of associated ‘others’.

So it is sunset, and I am standing in the center of the room, facing the large picture window and the sun going down over the ocean. As the sun hits the horizon I see her coming through – through the crystal – what is clearly a feline being although I cannot see her yet in any great detail. I begin snapping off the camera, frame after frame in rapid succession. Will she embed?.. I am wondering this to myself with exclamations.

T’ia – Sirius, Heliacal Rising ( 2017 )

This is where our crystal contact work first began, this frame is ground zero and this female feline our very first fully formed contact. She has been here with me for days as the heliacal rising of Sirius now occurs again, 2021. She is transmitting sounds to me, her name, I think, it looks ( sounds ) something like “T’ia”. We will call her T’ia. She has been connecting with me, at times overtly these past days, to bring these memories into the present in preparation for a new and immanent connection. Her work is paying off, I am quite aware of her and paying close attention. – to when they want me to work with the crystal.

Now—before moving directly forward, because we are wanting to paint a clear picture here, the year following T’ia, ( 2018 ) – we likewise were connected with the feline race.

This fine looking, somewhat tiger-like male came through to us.

Aster – Sirius, Heliacal Rising ( 2018 )

Sometimes I hear a name when I see the being.

I am only now beginning to open more as a channel, to bring through more than the visuals. I am actively sitting this year, specifically to connect with those who have come through. To communicate, conscious mind to conscious mind through a form of telepathy. This one has just given me the name Aster. We will call him Aster. Each year these connections build. They work with one another, with me and grow what is possible.

In 2019 I was not working with the crystal, oddly I had not picked her up the entire year. It was a year focused deeply into healing, and it was this year that I found my Healer, George. An extraordinary quartz crystal point. You’ll see him currently featured on the main page of the website. When the crystal, Isza, who I combine with for contact work, began calling to me again it was in full force.

Now I am being shown that I can ‘read’, that I can bring through beings for other people. We begin playing with this and work a great deal through 2020 in this way. I render so much for other people that the Sirius season gets by me entirely. So MANY beings come through at this time, but because the rendering is for others no direct connection for myself is made. Not through the crystal.

This brings us to the present – August 2021

Let’s touch just for a moment, briefly on the months leading into it, for it is a magical stream of events indeed leading into what is happening now. Through synchronicity, an alignment in the stars ( it must be! ) I am given the opportunity to focus the entire year, Summer Solstice 2021-2022 on the consciousness work. Mid June the coming year is already being set up for what is now in play.

I begin to dive into my personal healing again. The space is made to orchestrate a set of practices to reengage throughout each day. Dream work in the morning, binaural beat sessions midday, meditation each evening, – just to set the basic template. I am employing all of these most specifically to connect inwardly. To reach in and connect with those who would connect with me.

Aton – Blue Ray Being – Sirius, Heliacal Rising ( 2021 )

He comes through at the cusp of July 31 / August 1, 2021.

I almost never work with the crystal at night, there is no sun, no light.. but tonight I am being called, the call through the crystal is a highly unique sort of call. The lure to it, although not always at first detected, will have me getting up and down doing various random and seemingly unnecessary things until I, at last ultimately find my way to the crystal. This is such a night.

Until now I have been calling him “the blue ray being”, because he has come in on the blue rays. A rare occurrence I can tell you. Blue is as precious through the crystal as it is in life. I am looking at him right now, though, and I hear “Aton” – who is a being who connected with me through a celestite crystal years ago. The blues in this frame do match the hues in this crystal. I am asking if it is him and receiving an affirmative.

Has he been with me this long? – attempting connection this long?

The affection in his eyes comes through so clearly. With him has come a pride of lions who have been connecting with me strongly since his arrival. – every time I go in and seek to connect with HIM. I have consented wholeheartedly to this connection. A strong heart connection.

Let us see what it brings through the coming year.


5 thoughts on “Sirius Activation of the Crystal

  1. Wonderful! 😻Love the images you captured😻. I’ve missed seeing your crystal photos. They’re all so adorable and they’re emotional warmth radiates thru the photos. A special treat to see Aton came thru on my bday (7/31).
    Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents. Hope you’re well! 🌀🌷😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Regina!.. thank you for enjoying and taking a moment to comment, I love hearing from everyone. You should pop ’round the Patreon every now and again ( nothing is hidden ), the beings are always posted there. As well as on the forum board. The links to everything are in the sidebar. Happy birthday !! —Casey


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