OBE Log : Awakening the Lion

August 13, 2021con

Dome : Dan Winter : Two Lions

The Lions are laying under blue tarps – note: when I am accessing something buried, from my extended past it is often buried under blue tarps. The Lions are laying here under the tarps as though sleeping. I am sneaking myself through the center of the dome, first over the one, then over the other. I sneak over the one without incident. As I am sneaking over the second, a long, thin tongue begins protruding out from its mouth. Like a snake, although not exactly, and as though sensing around for what is in its environment. It wakes to me just as I am making my way over its hind quarters and through the dome door. I climb the exterior of the dome to evade it. He roams the inside, and even climbs at the underside of the dome to prowl me. 

A group of others, farmer type people are outside the dome. One man says I am coming with him. The idea of a truck and getting me away to safety. ( I think this is not a good man ). At this point in the event I see I am merged with a young boy. I am intercepted by another person in the midst of all this happening.

It may be the woman I am sitting across from now.

It is night, we are outside at a park bench. She is ‘narrow’, for lack of a better way to say it, ethnic, very different looking *I think she is not quite human. She is chewing something like gum and begins forming and extending it from her mouth which is visually in mimic of the Lion. This is what the action has been made for. To bring remembrance back to the Lion. 

I am standing in the kitchen now doing the dishes. It is predawn, just a glimmering of light penetrates the space. Bon Bon is here. This might be Bon Bon’s lower self. She is behaving peculiarly. Whispering a whisper sound in my left ear as I am telling her about this experience. About something fascinating in the way it initiated. As I am waking, as I am aiming my attention inward at myself it comes to me literally in the blink of an eye.

The visual display inside myself is exactly this : I am behind a set of open eyes that slowly blink closed, and then open. In the very instant of it ALL this data downloads. I have been as fascinated at ‘the blink of an eye’ in which it has all come as the content itself this whole while.

Dan is talking in the background the way Dan does. And I am asking the resounding question :

Now that I have awakened this, what do I do with it?

Who am I asking??

2 thoughts on “OBE Log : Awakening the Lion

  1. Interesting that this popped onto my radar shortly after reading your post.

    It’s about a conjunction happening right now with Regulius and the sun. Regulus is referred to as “The Heart of the Lion”… Also, 08/08 is a date referred to as the “Lion’s Gate”… I spoke about it some years ago in a video after getting back from a trippy trip to Mt. Shasta. I learned upon returning that the night I had a very powerful experience (the night of 08/08) that my aunt had passed away that night. Anyway, guess you are got the lion energy memo, eh?

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    1. Robyn – hey thanks!, I will have a look at the video. What is happening right now is more than the Lionsgate itself ( I am being contacted by my own inner Lion/feline connections ) but/and, yes! I get the memo every year with the Lionsgate, which is actually what activated me with the crystal and initiated the crystal contacts : so much fun each year learning more and more as the larger scale picture unfolds : https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/omtalks/lionsgate-2017-the-crystal-work-begins-our-first-c-t1604.html


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