I . . ( we ) . . Have Had a Fortunate Turn of Events This Year

I . . we . . are stepping increasingly more into the magical.

I do two things for living at present ( or, one of them, hopefully ‘prior’ ) – I am a medical caregiver, and there is our online platform for the consciousness work.

A few weeks ago, a startling thing happened. Someone who knows I am trying to leave the one profession behind – ( the care work, incredibly challenging work and I am getting older now ) – and focus on the consciousness work, offered to fund an entire year for me to begin doing so. In which time I would be given the opportunity to build the consciousness platform and make it sustainable. I accepted wholeheartedly and am now diving into the task.

One of the challenges of sustainability is that I have chosen an unconditional basis for the work, as it is what I, myself, am most aligned with. So there is no charge or ‘condition’ applied to any of it. Instead I am taking to task the role of helping others of us to understand what an unconditional structure is. How it works and functions. This will be a big part of what I am engaging in this coming year. Summer Solstice 2021-2022. Creating and growing more natural, sustainable, unconditional structures.

It can be something of a challenge when there are a great many around us who think we should be doing the work we are unconditionally, but then go on to misunderstand the actuality of such a structure. An unconditional structure is not when one person alone gives everything they can to it. It is when everyone connected with and actively benefitting from the structure does. Otherwise it is not a structure, it is not a successful, sustainable thing, from the beginning it is in collapse.

Extending energy into the individual and collective matrix of ourselves is essential to sustaining and survival, of course.. Entering the idea of doing so unconditionally adds an interesting, if not intriguing potential new element, wherein giving is purely for the sake of itself—individual gifts are gone into, acknowledged, energized and let to flow. As gifts flow through us to one another, we ourself, individually, as well as collectively are the very first recipient of the flow.

The fountain of life within us is turned on.

An innate intelligence resides within the activation of the flow which we now have the opportunity to merge with, blend with and even be.

As thus, we build!


I get clearer and clearer on this everyday.

I don’t know if anyone here has the time, or the inclination…..but

With the time I now have through the coming year I am reopening a lot of the Zooms and you, of course, are all being very welcomed.

There will be more but right now the telepathy group, roundtable discussion <—open forum, healing circle, and multiple time slots for silent sitting meditation are up.

You can come by and get the links : pinned to the top of our board : or : directly from our events forum .

We have OBE groups, ET contact groups, the gamut.



Link in anytime.


Read more about all this and the unconditional structure here 🕊

Let’s build our ship!


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