I was born in the Las Vegas desert in the mid-60s..

I suppose this may say, and even predict in itself ( at least in part ) the unfolding of the life that has come to be—this being an epicenter of the peace and love movement, and much activity relative to consciousness and the extra-terrestrial presence.

Yoga and meditation came to me early.

A willing student, I began practicing at the age of 12, becoming seriously devoted to the discipline in my late 20’s. The study of ancient texts, The Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and others led me to Shanakaracarya, Sri Ramana Maharshi and Jnana; to my inherent alignment with Self discovery and the idea of liberation within the lifetime, – also termed “ascension”, and more modernly the “3D/4D shift”. — Teaching soon followed the years of study.

In 2009 came an Awakening; a spiritual “Kundalini” top-down awakening process ensued. At this time, a capacity—an innate ability to explore consciousness – systems, realities, worlds beyond our own is becoming a permanent part of my ground level life experience. Years [ 2009-2014 ] are spent, daily developing the ability. Shifting in full awareness into additional consciousness states, additional consciousness SPACE, — galactic, universal and elemental experience territories.

I enjoy regularly being out, exploring the shift itself, cultivating an intriguing capacity for holding what I call “synchronous states”; being in many states-and-spaces all at once. All this is culminating, bringing through the previously dormant capacity and spiritual skill I now exhibit working together with the crystals *specifically as communication devices. To briefly sum it up:

I am an explorer of consciousness systems, 

An experiencer of conscious contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, 

and communications specialist.

My name is Casey


The Crystal Work Explained
The Communications Function of Crystals PODCAST
The Breath and Altered States
OBE Logs


Time Capsule : Coming to Terms with ET Contact

7 thoughts on “About

    1. It was incredulous. My mind had never been so alive, so interested and engaged. It was long, roughly 4 years long at its onset. It involved every kind of body phenomena you can imagine. It was painful, most notably going into the night, every night for years. It included the OBE, the out of body experience, also near nightly for years. The expansion of consciousness included ET contact and everything that comes along with this. Everything you see here on this site is a result of the ( kundalini ) awakening. In the footer are various tags that can take you to a lot of it. This was the very first article I ever wrote on my experience: https://consciousnessexploration.com/2013/08/28/activated-to-awaken-a-kundalini-top-down-awakening/ . There is a reason you are asking, though, yes? What is happening over there with you? –Casey


      1. i’m asking because i yearn to meet people going through the same thing that get me. i yearn for connection. i’m going through something new now, a transformation. my current life seems devoid of meaning. i’m seeking meaning and purpose and passion and love and whatever. that’s pretty much it. i don’t have it in my life right now. just poking and probing and feeling out the world…you seem interesting and deep and different, so i’ve sent out my feelers to you to see what’s going on. that’s pretty much it.

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        1. Well I am glad that you did. It is the first step toward community, reaching out. If you ever have the time for it, you might like joining us on the forum board ( there are others there, not just me ). It might be a good place to begin meeting more of us, and maybe sharing your own story in a group? : https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/omtalks/. The welcome mat is always out. Come by anytime. We are always happy to have another onboard.


  1. Hi,
    My name is Adam,41,from Europe.
    I was wondering whether you are doing any healing. I have depression, a hard one, unable to do work…
    Thank you for your answer.

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    1. Hello, Adam.. I am sorry to hear about the depression. Although I do not work specifically as a healer, we have a weekly healing circle that meets ( currently ) each Thursday at 4PM PST. I will leave you the link to the forum board, the links to all our Zooms are in the announcement area at the top of the board. Anyone who sends or is wanting to receive healing energy is welcome to attend: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/omtalks/ —Blessings.


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