My name is Casey

And this is ( in part ) a story of a spiritual awakening.

You are coming in at the tail end of the story,–the culmination,

Which began with the developing of an ability to shift into additional consciousness states, additional consciousness SPACE – Galactic and Universal experience territories.

Exploring Consciousness systems, realities and worlds beyond our own became permanent in my experiencing January, 2009. I enjoy regularly being out, cultivating a somewhat unique capacity for holding multiple states [ multiple realities ] simultaneously in awareness, each with distinct, related vision fields. An aspect and component part of my being.

Entering additional consciousness space with regularity for an initial, extended four year period of time did, to my great joy result in a capacity to work with CRYSTALS in the format I will be sharing here with you. In what is for me a viable means of connection and communication with occupants of the additional consciousness space. With Universal, galactic, and – ever so delightfully – elemental beings.

Humorously told,

“I am now on COMMs for ground control.” I ( We – will be sending in questions and receiving transmissions in reply in audio and visual format. I look forward to the Co-Creating,

To the Work and the Service

I am!