My name is Casey

And this is ( in part ) a story of a spiritual awakening.

You are coming in at the tail end of the story,–the culmination, – which began with the developing of an ability to shift into additional consciousness states, additional consciousness SPACE – galactic and universal experience territories. I enjoy regularly being out, cultivating a somewhat unique capacity for holding multiple states [ realities ] simultaneously,

Entering expanded states with regularity for an initial four year period of time did, to my great joy result in a capacity to work with CRYSTALS in the format I will be sharing here. In what is for me a viable means of connection and communication with occupants of the additional consciousness space. – with universal, galactic, and ever so delightfully elemental beings.

Humorously told,

“I am now on COMMs for ground control.” I ( We will be sending in questions and receiving transmissions in reply in a visual, visible format. I look forward to the Co-Creating,

To the Work and the Service,

I am!