The Communications Function of Crystals : Contacting Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( Podcast )

Hello gentle readers, oh ye of inquisitive minds.

This is going to be a fun one…, but before introducing this more outright let me take the opportunity to say and affirm with you again how important it is right now for us each to begin grouping with others-of-us in any and ALL ways that we can. The creative mixing and blending of our energies is critical to the current planetary Task at hand.  — that being, the participation in the evolution of experience and expansion of human consciousness.

This past week I threw together a log that went into explaining as best I can how the transmitting and receiving of the signals through the crystal occurs: The Crystal Work Explained. The more I process and put through to you, the more I realize how much remains still to be said. Will we ever get it all out there? I don’t know, but I can report, what near all of you already know – this has all of me, body-mind and soul, and I will work diligently until my last breath, trying.

It occurred to me late last night, as I was reading an article from Contact Underground which mentions CE-5 and HICE ( Human Initiated Contact Experience ) that this is exactly what we are doing here ourselves. Only rather than calling in the UFOs and taking our gaze out into the skies, we are bringing the beings themselves, clean through the center of ourselves and this is being reflected back to us ( not through the sky ) but through the crystal.

I have never thought of the crystal contact work in this way before, but it is true, it completely fits. We are doing our own unique variety of CE-5. In some instances it may even be possible that occupants of the crafts out there, in and around our local space are who is sending some of the many signals we are receiving. Extraordinary, isn’t it? To think we are possibly this close. So close we can communicate through physical means, – what a rush!

Ideas like this are what continue to spur me on.

Conscious Living and Wendy’s Coffeehouse

This past week I had the great honor of sitting down with Wendy Garrett, are all of you familiar with her? She has a fabulous podcast that ventures bravely into the spiritual and paranormal. We took a deep dive into the subject of the crystal, the communications function OF crystals and how the contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is happening. We covered as much as possible in a roughly 50 minute timeframe. Let us know if it leaves you wanting to hear more. – and even further, if it leaves you with a greater understanding of all this.

Podcast Interview : Conscious Living and Wendy’s Coffeehouse

On an added note, as you are listening, try to keep in mind and remember this is all about consciousness, about how consciousness works. As a result of my OBEs, of the inner restructuring that occurred within me as a result of my OBEs this innate capacity to work with the crystals as communication devices was unlocked/unleashed.

Wendy herself has equally phenomenal experience. You can explore some of this in her book Talking to Nightlights 2, as well as on her website, here on WordPress under the same name and/or on any of her podcast sites:

Conscious Living & Wendy’s Coffeehouse
KCMO Talk Radio

Please enjoy the interview.

Edit: Due to popular demand I am inserting my little 2D elemental friend mentioned near the beginning of the above interview, and the graphic showing how to open new planes inside the crystal when engaged in this work. You can see a larger shot of the elemental here on our forum board.

2D Elemental in the tree
Opening a new plane within the crystal

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