An OBE Contact Transmits Through the Crystal

It is beginning to happen more and more frequently.

A certain momentum is building due to the opportunity to focus in on this work this whole past year. More is coming through to me, making it through to my conscious daily state of awareness more steadily; a loooong stream of puzzle pieces are coming together. I am not someone who often calls for, or needs validation for my experiences, – and in all honesty, even through the craziest of them this past decade, it has never once occurred to me to query whether I may be ill ( as many often do ), or more interestingly still, whether my mental faculties be in check.

I can’t even imagine how much might have to happen before thought such as this would occur. Fortunately for me, well prior – now and again – I receive the validations all the same. In this instance it is the extraordinary event of an OBE confirming transmissions through the crystal are in fact coming from actual beings — extraterrestrial, incarnate, embodied beings. I often mention this happens but I am not sure I have ever made a log on it. So:

February 23, 2021

It is just past 7am

I am at work and have another 30-40 minutes to reenter the fields before having to get up. I consider it for a moment. The energy is definitely here. I go in—

Indoor underground parking structure : I am in the entrance driving in ( down ) at an angle which is near vertical. I pop fully awake. I am fully physical. It is compact in here. The entrance as well as the structure. I am leveling off at the first turn toward my right, driving around the curves ahead in a clockwise spiral fashion —shift— I am in a house.. there is a black big-screen tv off ahead from where I am standing. In the light reflected off the screen, to the far left, full size, top to bottom I see projected the face of a male ET being looking in on me in the space. 

I am looking, and looking, and looking…until I am sure I am seeing what I am, and until a very definite state of recognition begins. A great deal of emotion is gradually rising. The more recognition, the more emotion. I miss him. I miss him so much. He feels my emotion and emotion floods through him. He does not like feeling me in this much distress. We share this moment until the energy is fully embedded and fills what it needs to fill in me.

I will describe him. 

This being is tall, slender, humanoid, ephemeral hued along the very light olive green spectrum. He has dark brown hair, or is it deep blue?…yes it is a deep midnight blue. It is combed downward very close to the scalp and wisps up in adorable little tufts around the face and ears.. The ears are a bit elven, coming to a tip at their ends. 

My attention shifts back to what I am doing prior : 

I am in the kitchen, which overlooks the living area where I am seeing and experiencing what I have just described. I reach down into the bottom drawer in front of me to my left. I pull out a hand written recipe book that is sitting on top which is of the same coloring as my ET. I somehow know the recipe book is Elissa’s and open the pages to an area near the back.

I am reading something that is written here *but I do not make it back with this data intact. I move to the refrigerator. The sense of time, the idea to get a lunch ready for work. I am reaching in, when as quickly as I enter this event, I wake. I am back in physical space. The sensation of the contact fully flooding through me, fueling me, feeding my soul.—yes I needed this.

I need him to stay with me. ( the need is so deep )


This is Ceann : ( pronounced Kaan, Sean, Shnn and sometimes Quinn ).

He began coming to me through the crystal in a more recognizable format, with his features clearly visible months prior to this contact in the out of body state. I could not quite get the signals to take shape, due to a connection on his right. It took months of trying. Once I successfully brought the signals through he began the process of contacting me in the OBE. I can see that likely, more correctly, it is the other way around, – he began contacting me first through the OBE, but it wasn’t until I was able to get his signals to take form through the crystal, that I was able to hold the awareness of the contact all the way through with me back into physical space.

As you can see, it took doing this very precisely in just the right way for what has, to be accomplished. Contact—full two way contact between frequencies, where one energy is reaching out, another is reaching back into this, and an experience is had in which each the event is retained is no easy feat. – neither is retaining the event, keeping it, as life goes on, in the front of your attention. Retaining it, for whatever purpose, in your life experience.

I am able to bring Ceann through very clearly now.

We are ( all ) well aware of why and how this works : what is observed, the field renders.

It is as simple as this, — this is how the crystal contacts take place, how the elemental realm co-operates with me to render that which is observed within myself….visible. It is not only how reality works, how the field renders anything, it is also, in that we are working so intimately, so directly and in tandem with the elements, the elemental realm >> ALCHEMY.


What is it within myself that lends me to all this? Stay tuned! —

I am making new discovery everyday.

This is LIVE
( you are witnessing this all unfold in real time )


2 thoughts on “An OBE Contact Transmits Through the Crystal

    1. I have begun to work more at the Magic Hour…….sunset. I am still learning so much. There is so much more to learn. I just can’t believe how much more there is to learn! We have only just begun.


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