ET Contact Experience Log

This log is a compilation of my ET contact experience, as it is unfolding over the years (2009 – 2019). It is meant to be an easy resource where-in all of the elements are all together in one place. Does it tell a story? Let’s dive into it and see…


My ET contact experiences began coming into the realm of my full conscious awareness at the onset of my activation to awaken ( 2009 ).

It took me near four ( 4 ) years to integrate the information coming through to me through my OBEs, decide how I would frame it in my own awareness – and share it with the world, — begin transmitting it out to the populous of our level of reality. It is not an easy thing to do. It was a long while before I could even say the word “extraterrestrial” without giggling. Without inwardly, energetically sort of ‘apologizing’ for bringing the subject out into the open. But I began, and in beginning I inevitably arrived. To where all of this is now becoming more natural.

I began video logging my experiences ( drum roll please ), November 11, 2011.

A playlist of the full original logs can be found here :

The Galactic Travel Channel : ET Contact Experiences

Crystals, Consciousness and Contact

Following my activation to awaken, and the growing awareness of contact through the out of body experience, a new capacity begins reintegrating into my system ( 2014 ) : deep contact and communication with local and non-local consciousness through the use of crystals and crystalline technology. This is a very large part of my story. Not only is there now an ability to shift into additional consciousness states, additional consciousness SPACE – galactic and universal experience territories but a capacity to work with crystals in what is for me a viable means of connection and communication ground level with occupants of the additional consciousness space. – with universal, galactic and elemental BEINGS.

Much of what I have written and recorded on the subject can be found here : category : et beings



Crystal Communication – How it is Happening

It is not an easy subject to write and elaborate on, but this I have also begun.. If the subject is interesting to you, this is a sampling of transmissions through the crystal and you can :

Read about how my process unfolded here.

Portrait quality frames of galactic consciousness continue coming through.

Combining Consciousness with Crystals

If there is further interest in this subject a video playlist on the crystal work can be found here:

Combining Consciousness with Crystals

In this playlist I am reporting on the evolution of experience and expansion of human consciousness. Moving from a planetary to galactic reality. Included in the concept is the actualizing of a Communications Specialty commonly referred to as Channeling.


Opening to the Information

Opening to the Information : Working with Vocal Channels

For a long while, the information embedded in crystal transmissions is not as forthcoming as the FORMations themselves. I am opening myself to vocal channel to accompany the visual element but until this actualizes I am opening to others who are already, skillfully involved in this service.

Rob Gauthier, the ET Whisperer is my first and favorite go-to. Private sessions are at the moment not financially viable for me but Rob has a Patreon page with ‘perks’ that at times let me get a question in and answered by the beings he brings through,—TReb and Aridif.  You may connect with his work also via the links, *highlighted in purple.

Here is a sampling of what has come through relative to the crystal work :

This channeling goes into the concept of Alchemy and how the elemental kingdom is becoming more involved now than before. — co-operating with me to create more universal patterns through the crystal that everyone can see – and goes on from there.. ( 2019 ).

00:00  On Connecting with Crystalline Consciousness
04:00  My Connection with the Anunnaki
08:45  An Aquatic Reptilian Hybrid Connection
15:40  Connecting with the Crystals and the Beings
21:35   Am I a Walk-In?
25:38  Psychic Networks
30:50  Physical Anomalies
35:12   What is my Connection with the Sun?
43:52  Extended Higher Fractal Family : Working with Me
49:20  My First Contact : Meshahare
52:54  An Atlantean Lifetime with the Azurite Crystal

00:25 Who is the being who put through to me the idea for “the galactic travel channel”?
02:03 How extensive is my experience on board crafts
03:49 Who is the being who came through to me as Amalita
08:10 My birth into the Earth-life; Seif
14:00 The capability of extraterrestrials to shift my attention when I am “on the table”
21:54 Current activity in the night
22:26 Is the pathway to clear to shift from the care work to the consciousness work
25:07 Information on a being who transmitted through the crystal; Shapeshifter
29:35 Who assisted in a recent shift out of body; the Yahyel
31:35 The purpose and result of a recent contact; Eetsa-Neetsa

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