Opening to the INformation: Working with Vocal Channels

I have mentioned previously,

The information embedded in transmissions is not as forthcoming yet as the FORMations themselves. I am opening myself to vocal channel to accompany the visuals but until this actualizes I am opening to others who are already, skillfully involved in this service.

Rob Gauthier, the ET Whisperer is my first and favorite go-to. Private sessions are at the moment not financially viable for me but Rob has a Patreon page with ‘perks’ that at times let me get a question in and answered by the beings he brings through,—TReb and Aridif.  You may connect with his work also via the links *highlighted in purple.

Here are a few examples of what has been shared with me:

This channeling goes into the concept of Alchemy and how the elemental kingdom is becoming more involved now than before. Co-operating with me to create more universal patterns that can be seen by not just me but you too.

Go to 1:18:00 to listen—

This next channeling addresses the Anunnaki and why they are coming to me (transmitting to me through the crystal.

Go to 56:22 to listen—

This last channeling gives information on a specific being who was the first to come super forward through the crystal in a very life-like manner. My connection with this being, where it is residing and more is told.

Go to 27:40 to listen—


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