ET Portraits

The pieces of the puzzle are coming in gradually, but they are coming in.. The connections are beginning to be made. The crystals, crystalline technology, Atlantis, extraterrestrial beings, the current timeline. I may not know what I am doing but I seem to be doing it all the same. I may not know who I am, but I can SEE now. I can see who I am.

Some of you I will also help see.

2 thoughts on “ET Portraits

    1. Hi, Kathy ..In that photo I am holding my hand in a deliberate manner in which the lines could be easily seen. But, yes, even when holding the hand perfectly at rest the pinky finger does splay out a bit. Different people have different interpretations of this. I suppose it has to be taken along with the rest of the data in the hand to be rightly unpacked. I’ve not dived too far into it. 🙂


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