Where Does Your Support Go?

Dear Reader,

This conversation began over on our community forum, but because those here are not all over there let me put it up here as well. It has been brought to my attention that the support structure in place for our platform – ‘our ship’ – is not entirely clear. I appreciate this so much because it helps me know where and how to focus my attention better. To bring our whole venture into clearer view. I was asked, what exactly are people supporting by supporting our platform. Why would people link in through the Patreon, or send the more practical kind of support through PayPal? This is what I am going to endeavor to shine a light upon here.

It has been suggested that in writing this I be  :  sweet.  short.  succinct.  :  or in other words, precise and to the point. This is very good advice and I am going to try my best – to spearhead and bring some massive concepts in on their target. I will use links to help me do this.

As many of you who are here already know, we were given the gift of a whole year to focus into the consciousness work alone. The year was given with the aim of bringing our platform, our little neck of the woods into its own self-sustainability.

So, to begin, first—

Who am I, who is we, where is here

I hope this will suffice to give an idea : day one, introducing myself to you.

Our platform is based in two core concepts

1.  Unconditional exchange
2. Everything is for everyone

You can read more about —> entering the unconditional structure here.

With this said,

What exactly are you supporting by supporting this ship

At the heart of our support structure is its unconditional basis, – and here I will say that by supporting, through any available format:

  • Through investigating our sites
  • Joining our forums
  • Asking questions, beginning discussions
  • Participating in live-streams and Zooms
  • Sharing our content, introducing our work and ideas to others
  • Requesting renderings
  • Sending in material ( monetary ) means of support

It is not just that you are supporting the idea of unconditional structures existing in our world ( you are becoming it ), you are engaging in a LIVE experiment with us that has the possibility of altering our world. Currently our world is operating in near solely conditional structures. This locks in mental holding patterns through which we see, engage with and experience each other and the world. It holds us in the conditional mind frame and keeps us in 3D, it keeps us from growing any more open than this. By supporting, participating in the unconditional arena you are allowing ( supporting ) the influx of additional information and energy, through your personal construct, into our 3D world, that is of great benefit to our 3D world.

You may notice there are graduations of this.. We begin within ourselves ( step one ), we advance to enacting this through coalescing into groups ( step two ).

When advancing into the group structure you are assisting, supporting…..greater potential.

There are, and will be many such group structures, we are but one.

What more will you be supporting

  • The continued existence of our group structure
  • My own steady, continued presence at the center of the structure ( working for the whole )
  • The continued and on point awakening processes of all those who enter the structure
  • The additional information and energy  —work—  that has the potential to come to bare through each of us who enters the structure
  • The restructuring of our world into something more harmonious, brilliant and beautiful
  • A resultant ‘body of work’, left to the world and newly arriving generations

And in terms of what is taught, or may be learned here:

  • The conscious shift
  • The idea and actualization of liberation within the lifetime
  • Conscious contact with occupants of the next level of reality ( the galactics )
  • Inner Disclosure

Please let me know if this is clear, and has been helpful,

and/or if you may still have questions.

Let’s build our ship!



Support through paypal.me
Support through patreon

3 thoughts on “Where Does Your Support Go?

  1. “As many of you who are here already know, we were given the gift of a whole year to focus into the consciousness work alone. The year was given with the aim of bringing our platform, our little neck of the woods into its own self-sustainability.”

    This means we need to all pull together for our board, our space, and support this work by either being a patreon supporter, or through PayPal so Casey, our tenacious leader, can continue to do this work full time. I do not know details of how many supporters are needed, or how much is needed to sustain Casey in the ability to do this full time. I am sure it is not too much as she lives a life of necessities not wants. Also in making this board successful in unconditional work others could benefit with the same support by being actively participating. If you are able become a supporter of this beautiful space by contributing in every possible way.

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    1. Thank you for passing through, Robyn, and taking a moment to comment. I love our group, I so look forward to it continuing to grow over the years. You bring an interesting and important point, and that is – yes! – by participating in unconditional structures such as our own, we GROW them, to support, in return, the participants. It would be such an amazing thing to accomplish in our world. Wouldn’t it? A terraforming of our terrain. I know we can do it. We just have to excite enough cells. We’re working day and night at it. Thank you so much for your support. ♥︎


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