Re-Entering the Unconditional Structure

My name is Casey Claar.

Online, people know me as “”, and together, collectively our group goes by “the galactic travel channel”.

Our platform rests in two core concepts:

  1. Unconditional energy/exchange, and
  2. Everything is for everyone

Most of those who link in with us to help form our group likely find this to be what is most comforting—this core energy, feeling and broad bandwidth frequency of being. It is the wind beneath our wings, what we innately attune to as “home” and the real gift we are here to help bring, the seed gift we are here in the reality to plant and give root.

Now we all play with concepts in the structuring and building of our space.. All concepts are fine and absolutely fun to play with. This is one we have chosen for ourselves in the building of our own simply because, to one degree or another we read within ourselves that it is present.

Within us are the keys, the correct frequencies, and this venue is a way of inciting the further activation of them — of extending out within these streams into the graduation from the conditional ( 3D ) to the unconditional ( 5D ).

This is a potentially challenging feat from within a conditional world, which makes the navigating of the terrain ever so intriguing and yet another glorious lure into the call! Are you anything like this? enlivened down to your toes by the possibility of exploring new terrain? of bringing in a new level of new? of being among the first to actualize what is yet to be? It is the very great work of reality creation, notably from within the 3D display. Creativity is activating in novel ways, to incrementally greater degrees, truly there is no grander life, joy or service.

Connecting within ourself with what makes all things  f l o w  is the way we are beginning.. this is what is now turning on the tap. Connecting and linking in with us, with our group is one way to give greater charge to this yourself, as it is the fundamental activity collectively within us. We are powerful when we are linked in, not only within ourself but with one another, our potential grows by orders of magnitude. Where we may stand in a pristine exemplification.

Visible in the world, others will be increasingly able to access the structure ( our networking ), the cleared pathways and patterns necessary to build in this way in their own light. With their own energy and tools….agriculture/land/food, architecture/design/housing, space/technology, etc..

A whole new world can arise, based in a movement toward the unconditional.

Wherein the work you want to do is the work you are active in.. the work you engage in because it is presenting in the energy of excitement within you.

Can you imagine it?

This is what we are doing, we are imagining it.

Do you want to play? Do you want to experiment together with what is possible?

Link in! ✔️

It takes us ALL

No one of us can grow this out beyond our own personal sphere into a global reality.

It takes us all, and the energy must be present, it must RISE. If and when it is, the energy will very naturally want to go into the structure—into the imagining, the experimenting, playing, building, growing. Energy may flow into our structure, in any number of ways and formats:

  • Through investigating our sites *links below
  • Joining our forums
  • Asking questions, beginning discussions
  • Participating in live-streams and Zooms
  • Sharing our content, introducing our work and ideas
  • Requesting renderings
  • Sending in material, practical means of support

The avenues for sending in material support, at present are not as apparent as necessary in order to proceed full steam ahead. I am working on this, it is an aspect of the structure I am still clearing. I am open to all encouragement relative to completing with this, feeling comfortable enough within myself for there to be absolutely no foot at all upon the brakes. 

Please know that when motivated to put forward practical support ( patron support ) that it goes directly into the WORK, into the time that is needed to group together, create, process and dispense this all through the many venues. Which on my end, as many of your know, because I work as well in the dreamtime is 24/7. I am, and have been from the beginning ALL IN. 

I am here and I am yours, motivated beyond measure to reconnect ( with each and every one of you ) and send out OUR RAYS. 

The in-coming streams open to us at present are:

Please bless these streams and know that they let us continue,

Full steam ahead!


Unconditional Exchange Understood

Extending energy into the individual and collective matrix of ourselves is essential to sustaining and survival, of course.. Entering the idea of doing so unconditionally adds an interesting, if not intriguing potential new element, wherein giving is purely for the sake of itself. Individual gifts are gone into, acknowledged, energized and let to flow. As gifts flow through us to one another, we ourself, individually, as well as collectively are the very first recipient of the flow.

The fountain of life within us is turned on.

An innate intelligence resides within the activation of the flow which we now have
the opportunity to merge with, blend with and even be.

As thus, we build!

This is a LIVE experiment, jump in with us.

Our Main Work

  • The Conscious Shift
  • Conscious Contact
  • Graduation


The unconditional nature of the work

Our Links

Forum Board:
FB Group:


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