Do you Remember Day One?

August 27, 2009…. after a summer unlike any other, in the 44th year in the body you see before you I was lifted up and out. Into the novice stages of becoming an avid out of body explorer. I remember the imperative in me at that time. I could not contain all this new information. The excitement, exaltation and energy. I had to let it out. I sat down in front of the camera, humored by having no idea at all what I was supposed to say. I pushed the GO button, looked at what I thought was the camera and awkwardly began. There ended up being so much to say it took me four years just to catch up to it.

In those days I was “omcasey1”, this was the name of my channel. A few thousand of you somehow found me. Linked in with me. It was a wonderful time of connection and discovery and the energy of these times lives with me still. Fuels and moves me ever forward—still. It is like the space itself is held open, forever open. An opening that will never close, I know. I can enter it, continue into it at any time, in any moment, at any point.

Today, Summer Solstice, 2021 a point has come.

It is time to begin again.

We are being given a year, ONE WHOLE YEAR.

It will be a time of great creativity and intense focus. I am here and I am yours, 7 days a week. At this point in the unfolding of this story it no longer just I, it is we, – and we are! :

The Galactic Travel Channel

We are an unconditional collective.
We are aiming to grow our collective and become self-sustaining.
We are becoming a SHIP and we are lifting from the 3D conditional sphere into 5D,
by grounding 5D ideas and energies where we stand.

Climb on board!, STAY on board!

We have work to do. 🪐


Day One

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7 thoughts on “Do you Remember Day One?

  1. HI, again Casey and anyone else out there.

    Here is the link to my Out of Body blog-

    This journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Life never is. I think I have not always lived up to what “they” hoped I would have done. (In other words, I believe they questioned my ability to do what I was to do with that empty book.)

    My OOB experiences have been shut down a couple of times, after being told I was not taking advantage of my time as they thought I should have done. “We” are now on the same page, so to speak, now. But, it has now been well over two years since I have had an experience.

    I was busy caring for my late wife for much of the last few years and had very little to blog about, nor the time to do it. But, there are things I can still add now that I have more time.

    Thanks for expressing an interest in my blog. I have been writing other things not related to OOBEs. I have more to add here too.

    And about that email I think I sent- I can’t find any record of it, and I must not have saved your email address. But, not to worry- I know where you are. 🙂


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    1. I am sorry to hear of your wife, Richard, I can relate to these kinds of years, though, I am a medical caregiver by trade. It seems we both are being ( unconditionally ) given the opportunity to dive in more fully this year. Thank you for sharing the link to your blog, I love reading other people’s experiences. Just fascinating.

      If you do dive back into the task of writing, you might hold yourself to it a bit more by posting not just on your blog but here, where we have easy access to it all 🙂 : : it is our journal forum. I checked some of the links in the sidebar of your blog, many of them did not connect. I am confronting this also in places on our board I have long since visited. Time to dive back into fixing, and getting it all back up and running. Day and night, day and night. I am ready! Btw, if you do go by the board, you will see our group Zooms linked right at the top. You might jump in sometime. Do you meditate? —Casey.

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      1. It has been a while since I have taken the time to check the links I have in this thing.

        And thanks for your kindness about my wife. The last five or six years were kind of tough. But I don’t think she would have made it through worry about covid either. Her immune system was about gone.

        Meditation, well I have tried from time to time. I am still in the regrouping mode. I know they can come to me anytime they want to also. They have made that clear over my life.

        Thanks for the other information. I will be in touch.


  2. Hi Casey- I found your videos first a couple of years after your start. I lost track of you due to LIFE happening. Good to see you are still out there.

    My start was somewhere around 1970 when I was two years from graduation from high school. All my life to then, I had been plagued by sounds and sharp jolting electrical feeling sensations at night that scared me since I was younger- I thought I was going to die. These sensations always had a brief but obvious “tell” before they would start. Since it didn’t seem this sensation would ever just go away, I decided to be ready for it. And the next time I “heard” that signal, I sat up in bed to wait for whoever, or whatever was tormenting me.

    Then I heard the signal, I sat up to watch. And I saw a glowing pulsating sphere of energy coming down towards me. On seeing this, I reacted like, “Oh, it was you.”

    It spoke to me, and I attempted to speak to it, although it took more concentration than I had at the time. I heard it clearly, its voice seeming to be in the middle of my head. It asked if it would be OK if it took me to a place we could speak more easily.

    I was not allowed to remember much of what it told me wherever we ended up. But this started my journey into gaining control of what is referred to as out-of-body experiences.

    Eventually, I was told that something I had to do was to tell people about this experience and that we are more than just a physical body. I asked how I should do that, and I saw a book open up in front of me. The pages were blank, and I was told to do it the best way I knew.

    I started by just talking to friends about the OOB experiences. Now I do a blog, not this one on WordPress, but one on Blogger.

    So, that was my first and a bit about where it sent me.

    I almost remember emailing you somewhere back there about one of your experiences. I no longer have that address so it is gone.
    Keep up the good work. I will see you out there. Richard

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    1. Wow!, Richard!.. thank you for taking the time to share your very own day one with me/us, I was mesmerized the whole way through. So much of this I can relate to. My email hasn’t changed ( neither has my phone number in 30 years, lol, I am pretty reliably stable in my reachability ), you can reach me through the very same email which is what my contact page here links to. Please write anytime. OR!….better yet!, link in with on our forum board, it is where we ALL are. The links are all just to the right, down the sidebar. I am sure everyone would be interested in your blog, would you share the link? Now I am curious how you are filling in the empty pages of that book !! —Casey.


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