We are an unconditional group, – aside from what is considered merchandise there is never a charge or condition applied to any of our work. If you are comfortably able and would like to help keep us in motion, ensure a flow of continuous creativity, or just show appreciation for a service we provide, – please consider using one of the methods below.

An easy way to send for those with a PayPal account already set up, just enter an amount, leave a little note and whoosh!

All our work is shared openly here at Patreon, nothing is hidden, your support can allow us to keep moving forward.

Every year we put out a calendar featuring twelve of our clearest ET contacts. Let them decorate your lives.

For those who prefer to send by personal check, gift card, and/or simply a lovely note this remains a fast and favorite.



Article: Re-Entering the Unconditional Structure
Come by our Community Forums. I make myself available here daily.

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