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I have begun making some of our work into usable items.. calendars, cards, etc.. We could make journals, shirts, coffee mugs, tea cups, the sky is the limit. If there is anything you might want any of the crystal work – any of the beings – displayed on you can let me know and we can research how we might do that. We are doing this to help create an energy flow to keep the work alive-and-happening. We would also like to see the work go out into the world in a more generous way to begin preparing the world and our individual biological systems for conscious contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. 

The first available item is our 2021 Calendar.. for those who would enjoy the energy of the beings on a wall in their home, as a month to month, daily reminder of their presence. A wonderful intelligence and love. It is also a great gift idea for the unexpecting (lol), go wake ’em up! In a wondrous way.  

The calendar is $22+ shipping, only $9 of which makes it to us/our crystal contact kitty.

Crystal Contact Calendar ( 2022 ) 🕊


I will keep our Storefront up to date as new items become created and available.

Our Storefront is on our forum boards linked to below.


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