Log : OBE / Et Contact

February 18, 2021

Descending emerald green steps I carry items for a meeting, marriage, merging. The meeting of this Asian male and female ( me ) is far prior to this moment but at this moment is coming to a convergence point at an elevator. He is tall, dashingly handsome, dressed in a comfortable suit . . an architect. He has in his hands a very plain rice and seaweed sushi-like dish. There is humor in this gift, there is a meaning in it, special and also funny to them both. There is a third in the elevator, another female who I intersect with just prior to this. She is wearing bright colors >> pink and yellow. She is highly unusual looking. I do not know what I am doing here with her but she feels that I am attempting to “fix“ her as we connect. Others often do this and she makes mention of it to me. I tell her I am not fixing her, that I love pink and yellow. She is making a comment of the man bearing something so plain and ordinary while in the elevator – as he is walking toward me, the energy palpable, handing me the gift.

Two things are key for me to mention today:

  • We are working on compressing larger blocks of data in dream states for me to embed and bring back into physical space. This is attempted but not wholly successful today. It is more important for me to see that we are specifically working on this, to bring it into fuller view and log the information on this date.
  • What happens when I am taken. Automatic breathing. Dives into the biological system. Work being performed. In galactic space this will be “on the table”. When this happens the body is in need of medical attention and attunement. In this event the adjustments made are specifically designed to help me hold larger quantities and finer qualities of data. Experience within the biological construct is fascinating. I am more here, in frequency than ‘on the table’. Which is as far from an easy experience as it is possible to get. For this reason I am not seeing what the physical situation is. ( /was). It has been addressed. As I type this I find myself knowing it is related to the brain. A reflective repatterining of a new network and network connections that will result in the greater capacity mentioned above. The physical structure has been additionally altered. Interesting. Let’s see if it comes into noticeable effect.

The most adorable little voice. 

It shoots through to me . . { { { freedom of speech } } }

This brings back the above dream state data as well as the following >> I am with a group of others.. there is a male being who is leading a discussion. An open discussion in an indoor/outdoor setting *the room we are in is circumvented by windows through which a great deal of light is entering. The talk is on current Earth world affairs and notably the virus. I am speaking here at this point more than I am listening. Putting out information that has come to me, that I feel I know, that I feel is accurate. That what we have found, a short chain RNA sequence, is some thing we could call a virus but itself is not a virus. I go on for some time dispensing the information I feel I know. My mouth is so dry ( IRL ) that I am reaching a point of almost no longer being able to speak, to make sound, my voice is getting soft, increasingly more silent. The man at this point very compassionately takes over, continuing where I am leaving off as I am transitioning from this space into physical space.


Further note:

Automatic breathing. The discernible cessation of the physical breath. 

I cannot identify at this point the mechanism that brings this into play. Question : is it the total absence of the personality point from the body? Observation : automatic breathing does not occur every night, it occurs only in some instances. It occurs every time I am “taken”. Every time I go on board craft. Every time the body is being worked with, every time I go onto the table. I am able to witness, within the physical form certain criteria to the cessation and automatic breath : 

The chest cavity expands/alters in its shape and function, the normal processes of the body are suspended, the mouth and nasal cavities alter in their shape and function, the soft palate is notably more active/engaged, a small pin hole sized opening through the lips is created, so tiny as to not be discernible from the outside looking in at the mouth – through which tiny, quick, near imperceptible bursts of air are periodically expelled. The mouth cavity is enlarged to capacity. It can grow to be absolutely dry through the length of this process. Which can extend in length to be many hours in physical time. 

Following these events the beta wave is not accessible ( beta frequencies will cause great head pain ). Alpha is fully engaged in physical space and only alpha waves inward are engageable. I am broadcasting now from this wave. While letting theta access me. 

This is increasingly more the norm.

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