OBE Log : Another 3D Consensus Space

It is 3:30am

I am returning to my bed having just checked in on my care client.

I close my eyes, still a good deal awake and look in. I say “okay what am I dreaming? . . and just this easy drop in—

It is a multi-purpose sort of environment. Shops, restaurants, thoroughfares. When I wake up from this area just prior I can’t believe I did not realize I was dreaming. Multiple things are occurring that are telling me. Including having been in the experience even earlier to this. The time I am mentioning is the second time I am dropping in. Going back in ( now ) I find myself here again for a third. It takes me a little while to realize, many things are happening prior to it occurring to me that I am here yet again. Extraordinary. I do now fully realize and am awake as can be—experiencing the environment mind-blowingly as solid as physical space, as real to life, as fluid and linear as physical space. I am in a consensus territory, another 3D consensus territory?, embodied – fascinating! 

I am in here for an extraordinary length of time. So long that I ask inwardly about Bob, my care client. I have my attention strongly on the monitor tonight due to changes we are making and there is awareness of the length and depth at which I have been here in this experience. I say “if he needs, please get me back fast.”

I am keying in at the moment, as I am dictating this, on a segment where I have made my way to a restaurant, I am at this point leaving.. I go quite a ways before I realize I have left behind my purse and phone. I still know that I am in this other reality, I am still fully awake, but just as if this were to happen in consensus Earth life, I incline to going back for the items. It is a very conscious and coherent choice. Making my way there I see my friend Darr. This is an outdoor farmer’s market type of space I am crossing over. I jump into there and surprise her and say “hi Darr”. She looks over at me somewhat disturbed, almost inconvenienced by my hello. By my seeing and intersecting with her here. As though this were a private, personal area for her. Interesting. She says hello and we both move on. 

I am back at the restaurant, feeling some urgency, wondering if my purse and phone will still be here. The purse is on the floor tucked under the table right where I left it. I cannot find the phone. I am going to abbreviate the interaction here. There is a woman sitting at this table and some others at the nearby and attached surrounding tables. A booth seating bench connects near all of them. One of the women has a phone just like me. I pick it up and take note, it is really just the color that is the same, periwinkle blue, the rest is quite futuristic. I mention the color of our devices is the same and that I almost mistook hers for mine for a moment. The older of the women stands up to excuse herself and right there, right where she was sitting is my phone. My belongings now in hand – I head out again. 

On the way out I see a crystal on a table. 

This crystal is exquisite in its clarity, shape, weight. highly unique. I am drawn instantly and pick it up. It is some time, on my journey home again before I realize I still have it in hand. I never sat it back down. A ‘oneness’ kind of a connection has us bonded. It all just feels like me, like one energy. I feel I am going to have to go back again and return it. The crystal is not legally mine. It may belong to the restaurant, or someone there. On the way back two things take place.

First I intersect with a young blonde girl who has two crystals of a fine, barely perceptible green hue. One of them by weight is very light, much lighter than crystals most often are. Both are very beautiful. I make comment on them both to her. We are climbing very strenuous steps. They are more challenging for her than for me. I am helping her up *helping her through. It is all very sunny, happy and friendly. I am having a really nice time with her. Enjoying her company.

Following this I am engaging in the deliberate act of waking people up from the dream environments they are experiencing. Right here, even as I myself am quite awake in the same environments. As I am stepping through one door a man is coming through from the other side. He says “hi, Casey”, addressing me quite casually by name as passes. He knows me. Interesting. I recognize him also. I am still seeing him in my minds eye as I am recording this. It is Lee Pace wearing a blue dress baseball type cap. 

Lee is the one I hone in on to wake. We are in an elevator at the moment. He is changing into a little something he aims to have fun with. It is tiny, erotic and in flat brown paper wrapping that is square. I cannot see what it is. While changing ( I am helping him change ) he pees right here in the elevator. I do not realize this until I actually step in it. Real as can be. We have words about how he maybe should have mentioned he did this as we step out of the elevator into a kind of mall structure. 

I say ‘mall’ structure because of the high amount of light and bright colors, almost psychedelic light and colors. The energy coursing through me at this moment is dizzying. I am pointing out the dream to him. He is allowing me to do this. I am suggesting he find someone in the dream to focus on and in the swirling of all of this, of all of this energy, of the awareness that is slowly building I swing, with a rush back into physical space. 

There is an alarm on Bob’s equipment upstairs. 

It is just past 5am.

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