OBE Log : Cephalopod

February 24, 2021

Monsters and mythical creatures. — wars waged.

Large white marshmallow shaped things coming out of small slits in the back of my legs. I somehow know these are eggs. Someone asks me from within if I want to move forward with full awareness of what this is. I come out from the experience, considerate it for a moment and decide yes. Full awareness from this point forward.

I go back in.—

I am now seeing someone, I am taken to see someone, a female gynecologist-like a person, she is familiar with what this is, she is going to help me understand, give me more information, help me remove more of the marshmallows ( /eggs/fetuses ). Two of them >>little creatures now<< have hatched inside me already, before having been removed. We are bringing these out now. One of them is scared and moving around inside my legs trying to hide. The sensation of this is startling but I am holding it together. Being more curious and inquisitive than afraid. I will be honest, though, I am near exceeding my edge. 

As the first one is being removed my point of attention moves in for a close up. I will describe what I am seeing : a uni-tentacle appears from up out of the slit, a single gossamer fiberoptic thread reaching up from out of the top. It appears like a periscope, as if the little creature, before surfacing is having a look around. As the rest of it comes out and into view, although I am struggling to stay conscious and not fall unconscious I am gleaning that its basic shape is round, roughly the size of the palm of my hand, the epidermis layer is flesh toned yet moist and gelatinous. I am perceiving the idea of small suction cups like that seen on octopi. 

As we bring the second little creature out there is a bonding moment. So beautiful. The little one I feel so deeply is just so beautiful. The feeling encompassing me, although now here for life I cannot at this moment describe. It is beyond anything. So entirely unique. The eyes I am seeing are holding me fixed.. these are perhaps a feature that more fully evolve out of this just born being, I am not clear about this. But I will describe them. They are tri-toned, green, gold and yellow, almost as a tie dye horizontally across the eye with vertical slit and black flecks throughout. What a beautiful, special moment this is. 

There are many other scenes within this event. 

The feelings, emotion, awe and shock are in the way of being able to discern the connection points of one data cluster and another.

One of the scenes involves a woman and her offspring open firing on people in a park. I am one of them. There are those who would hurt them here but there are also many innocents. As I make my way to the front line, the edge of the park where the woman’s house is just across the street I see someone here, a young couple who has a child. I say  { { {  e m I t  } } }  who would let their child be in such a place?!@#$! She takes exception to my words. I explain why I have said them. This is what leads me into the awareness, and to more awareness of the marshmallows and the back of my legs. 

There is so much more. So many superimposed scenes and concepts collapsing into me seeing and focusing  into this particular element of what is occurring. Eric Corso, Mom, others. A battle of sorts. A war is being waged against some others. Some others who are different. I am very definitely among those who are different. Very definitely among those who are bringing those who are very different.

The tri-toned eyes, as I am seeing them and finding them so beautiful, a young man is telling me how beautiful mine are also. I miss the opportunity to look and see how I myself appear here. Something is removed from around my arm? leg? when I am in the area with the lady doctor. Others in white lab coats are also here in this area. What is this? It is made of plastic and has ties. Clear – purple – black. What is this?

When I first discover the openings in the back of my legs and the white marshmallows needing to come out, I am sent around the corner into a rocky cave to be alone and not disturbed and remove them. There are many hundreds, maybe thousands removed. It is a war zone here. It is a mountainous, desert terrain. There is far too much activity to bring back. I have focused on the birth and as much of the surrounding information as possible. 

I am quite honestly still experiencing some shock.

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