Crystal Communication: How is this Happening?

I am about to share with you my process.

It is the best I can address the question at this time.

Some of the nuts and bolts, the internal function of how this works I am privy to, but in a very large sense I also have little idea yet. What I do know—what I am aware of—what I am observing, I will share with you.

A brief bit of history is perhaps first in order

I have known from very early on mine was not a standard Earth life. I knew from before the age of six I would not marry ( for instance ), I knew to not have children, not own a home…not settle in anywhere in particular. I have not always known what this life is about but have been clear it is not the standard Earth-life kind of stuff, – not the same curriculum. And, somehow—I knew—it was imperative that I find a way to blend in.

I have what I refer to as an extended range of vision. I see beyond the usual visible spectrum. I did not always know the range was beyond the norm, that light was appearing in my visual field that was not appearing in others’. I often see many layers of the light simultaneously superimposed.—from the field of pure potentiality, in to the blueprints ( of creation ), to the actuality fields. What most like to call reality fields…‘physicalized’, ‘visualized’ fields.

Visual reality – reality as we more commonly know it – is composed light…light and light particles. I literally see this, what I call the tiny brighties, the independent light particles that compose reality, the world and every thing.

The light particles, generally thought of as belonging to the elemental realm I have a very deep connection with,—deep enough to be allowing communications through the crystal to arrive not at just me but you. Were the elementals not in play, the light and life-forms communicating, – as before – would reach only myself. It is that they are becoming involved, and CO-operating with me that makes the formations potentially viewable to all.

Why is this?…because the elemental kingdom is resident here and ALL they form is potentially visible to those who are also resident. It is the elements composing the entirety of what we accept as reality.—visible reality. The air, the water, the earth, all matter.

Why potentially visible?

All beings are sovereign. Absolutely free.—to look or not look, to focus as they will, to see or not see. It is a choice.

Also, a certain willingness to look and not look away, a certain capacity to focus is in order. As is the malleability, the openness to shift from one frequency pattern to another. To the degree one is willing they will see.

Some of the frames may be seen while still in a soft beta pattern, to encourage those at this stage further IN, however most are multidimensional. In order to see the formations and information, the simultaneously superimposed layers of data, first—requisite is a shift in ( brainwave ) patterns.

The frames are designed to help you shift

The crystalline communiques are the visual equivalent of their more well known audio counterparts, isochronic tones, binaural beats, etc.. Working with them is apt to guide you into new consciousness states, new experience space, decision space, greater choice, – what in my language I refer to as ‘additional consciousness space’,— universal, galactic and elemental experience territories.

The frames are not static but dynamic

Yes—dynamic, moving.

You may wonder how this is even possible, — quite frankly so do I.

I do not know, how what appear to be still frames can contain action. I am still working on the intricacies of this. At present I simply know they do because I have gone this far with them. A few others are already reporting the phenomena as well.

So, in short, working with the frames may assist you into what in contemporary times is referred to as an Out of Body Experience. Into the Akasha to retrieve raw data. Into deeper meditative states.

Seeing is a boon, but seeing is not fundamentally what this is about. It is about opening, expanding, growing out. — Graduating an old level of reality.

The communication began without me trying

All transmissions first began coming through from the senders side. At this point my only skill, if it can be called this—was noticing.

An overwhelming urge to take the photographs, of the crystal ( or sky, sidewalk, tree.., in the beginning there was not purely the focus on the crystals ) would arise. I would get an ecstatic, bliss-like feeling that would begin altering my vision, transfiguring the landscape. Everything would now seem to be glowing. To be brighter, more brilliant, beautiful. Intoxicatingly so.

This would generally happen as I was looking at, or passing by something in particular. The object would simply be stunning and it would make me want to take a picture. Later I would look and always there would be something additional in the frame. Something I was not seeing at the time of taking the photo; in the moment of which I, myself was simply photographing the sky, the tree, the crystal itself.

The phenomena occurred only every now and again for years. There were great lapses between instances and only a great many years later, upon one day realizing that “hey!, this isn’t the first time this has happened”.., going back into old photos and compiling them, looking at them all together, did I begin to glean the possibility of this being something.

The integration was gradual

The capacity did not exactly hit the floor running overnight, but at my leisure as I became ready ( or readied ) for more. As I grew in the experience, as curiosity
 grew, as my need to know more grew more intense the instances of the beings coming through grew increasingly more steady.

When I began focusing on the mean of the crystal, the still mostly latent capacity began accelerating exponentially. To where I stand here now, mere months having passed, unequivocally saying : ( their words originally not mine ) :

I am a Communications Specialist—

I am, from multiple points in the Field connecting and communicating through the mean of crystals with universal, galactic and elemental life. Extra-dimensional, extraterrestrial and, ever so delightfully elemental beings.

In the Earth life I am still remembering

The knowing, – the information, – the hard data filters in a good deal more gradually than the formations themselves. I am still tinkering, re-learning how this works. How to tune in, focus, connect, – communicate! I am still very much in the discovery stage.

A primary focus is discovering who it is principally on the other end of this line. The renderings do indicate and I very much feel an intelligence, a being in particular facilitating the event.—the experience and the data feeding through.

The most recent communiques point somewhat clearly to this potentially Arcturian fellow being the one at present. There could also be another, an Over-being beyond even him, — who is larger than the image frame and I can never quite capture in full.

This being is itself comprised of many beings. All depicted here,—fitted together much like puzzle pieces, forming the Arcturian,—who himself is a fractal of a larger fractal; my Cluster, my “group”, who pattern into and out of him in so many ways.

My cluster presents very strongly as a cluster. It is very challenging to separate and show them individually,—as individuals.

Here is a peek at a portion of us.

I am still uncovering my part, my portion.

Where I am, where I fit in, my role within this colorful configuration.

To even just gaze upon them in this way alone is glorious. A very deep, very unique kind of joy. Reuniting, even at a visual distance like this will bring the recall, I know. It is all so very close. We are all so very close.

The process of redeveloping the skill

The skill of working with the crystals in their capacity as communication devices, – communicating through the mean of crystals and crystalline technology….

To surmise what I have thus far drawn out in more long-winded fashion,—which I am hopeful has been helpful to some of you:

Key to the process has been the realization that:

  • Elemental consciousness is involved and co-operating with me to create images which are available to be seen by consensus.
  • Higher consciousness is involved and facilitating the event.
  • This level of connection, of connectivity which itself is the capacity for communicating through the crystals is carrying over from concurrent lifetimes in which the skill is also being actualized.

All of this is coming through as information via the various transmissions. All of this is critical to the actualizing of the skill. It lays at it’s basis.

How I am capturing the images

At present my skill is developing well.

It began, as stated, more rudimentary, random, awkward.

I would just snap a photo. I knew when to snap the photo. The light would change and I would know. Then I started playing. I would hold the camera closer to the crystal. I would see where faces meet and how going into the point, or the line where two or more met I would be taken into a new, previously invisible field.

I was learning how to enter the crystal matrix ( the dimensional existence ), what I like to call the kaleidoscope. When a certain light appeared, again I knew to begin capturing. In my play, ideas would just come to me. I would sometimes oscillate the crystal slightly. I would lay it on a certain color, or somewhere on my body, or bring additional crystals into the background.

I experimented with shadow and light, as well as various types of light. Discovering the gateways of dawn and dusk to be the most powerful. As well as both sunlight and moonlight during various planetary alignments; the Lionsgate of 2017 being what kickstarted the beings coming through and the current exponential rate.

This is when I began realizing more thoroughly the transmissions were transmissions. That they were being sent. Prior to this, the primary thought was that the renderings were records.—history being held in the rocks, or even data that had been intentionally stored there. Now the thinking was going in a new way—an additional way, and I wondered.

Immediately upon wondering I am pulled into an all too clear third eye vision.

I am point conscious, diamond white viewing an enormous pattern.

[two-dimensional rendering]

It is multidimensional and moving. Colorful and vibrant.

It is Telling (me) how the crystals are used for communication.

Crystal communication.


6 thoughts on “Crystal Communication: How is this Happening?

  1. Oh! Casey this was very helpful and so interesting. For me you just wrapped up all what I was wondering about your skills and made it so much more down to earth to understand your journey. I just love what you said about the moment of joy would come up and you knew but not knowing fully yet what your were doing was what kept you looking. I would say that was a training by itself and very important to follow that because it does make a shift in our brain and also a pattern that will create a route for traveling when you need to expand if desired. I can definitely understand this with my cards playing , it amaze me at all time and you know when something is to be notice because it just vibrates at the core of your being and like you say the light is what you notice were it will be more for me flash of ideas and thoughts that goes through and I am trying to put order to this fast enough not to lose the moment. It’s like I have to act right now and then or I will only find it harder later, kinda of retrieving some memory which does not feel alive at that time anymore. I don’t know if I make any sense here but those are my thoughts when reading your posting.
    Thank you for that , it never to long when you write your experiences, they are captivating and very informative.
    I going to meditate this afternoon and put some thought on connection with my crystal amplifier I have. All part of training for future adventures. Do you remember the reading with cards I had last year for you. It was that big crystal very handsome youth man holding it. Ace of crystal , I knew that was very relevant to you when I picked it. Those were the moments that sparks out of the blue and just right at that time I act to reach and share because it does just exactly what you say keep the journey expanding and frankly what else are we supposed to do anyway, I think it’s pretty safe to think that way would you say ….see you…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ingrid, thank you for leaving a comment and yes!, of course I remember. It was during the delightful stage of noticing, of playing with light(s and pure JOY of having fun––(re)membering. That thread goes into a great deal of it so let’s link everyone in order to show the progress/progression:

      Deep bows. Gratitude for letting me know this has been helpful.



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