The Geometry of Dream Recall

It has been some years now since focusing on bringing my consciousness shifts >> OBEs, lucid dreams ( and even ordinary dreams ) back with me into conscious awareness and daily life. However recently I am once more with the growing impetus. The unmissable, undeniable inner directive. To again align with the flow.

Through the very early morning hours just this morning I am being guided through the all too interesting process, we could even say geometry of (re)opening the gates, portals and pathways of the flow of information : my larger consciousness present, and I -in another body- on the verge of projection.

I am shifting into the 3rd eye area of myself as this other person.. I am ripe to project but at the same time not wanting to lose the data from this evening I have thus far collected. So I split, I hold a dual awareness: a fraction of myself there on the outside of this female person ( holding the previous data ) and a fraction within her, within this 3rd eye area.

Here I am shown the geometry of the two-way flow of consciousness, of awareness, observation and information, from the inner-being outward toward physical space, and from the outer-being, the physical person—inward. I am shown the shape of these flows as being conical, intersecting one another and resting along a horizontal axis.

Two cones—interpenetrating the space of the other.

The cones I am seeing are longer and intersecting to a lesser degree than the illustration above but it will give you an idea what I am being shown. To lend an even greater idea, were the cones, rather than static set to motion this is how they would appear.

The diamond shaped space in the middle being where the interplay of ‘here’ and ‘there’ is occurring and where the crossover of data is taking place, — ( and ) from the inner stream of data flowing outward – being converted to a recognizable format; most often symbols interpreted by us into picture and word concepts that are to some degree or another shareable. 


when the cones are held from interpenetrating, the data – rather than first impacting our discrete awareness flows directly into the consensus reality field. We have no immediate awareness of it -or the flow of it ( as ) arising from within. This is the normal state of one’s dreaming in the Earth life.

The data, by the majority is then only able to be unconsciously read in the consensus field as that which is arising through independent experience in the field, our daily lives – patterns, themes, scenarios and things : often repeating or arising repeatedly.

Increasing and Improving Reception and Recall

Having said all the above,—

To address this issue is, at its basis to allow the cones to interpenetrate.

To allow the (re)union through our awareness, attention and intent. I am often visualizing and feeling the cones in the third eye area reentering one another as my consciousness center positions itself in the diamond shaped window or doorway in the middle.

The Geometry of the Cones and the Crystal

A final note.

It is notable that the vision I have been taken into – relative to how communication/data is coming to me through the crystal – is so very similar to this geometry which is more specifically of RECALL. In the place of a single conical, or vortex-like structure intersecting another are multiple interlacing V shaped structures, at the center of which is the same diamond shaped window through which the transmissions -waves- are being sent.

Sent, and received.


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