Zoom Call : The Fully Conscious OBE

Our group is meeting for the first time today for a talk on conscious shifts. The fully conscious OBE, its significance and benefit and how anyone can begin to prepare.

0:00:00  Introductions
0:23:40  Who wants conscious shifts out of body
0:25:17  Who is doing sky watches
0:25:50  When beginning to have conscious OBEs
0:28:00  Conscious awareness and escape velocity
0:29:29  The still point between the trajectories
0:31:57  Where to dive in
0:32:50  Brainwaves, frequencies and territories
0:35:45  Meditation
0:37:20  Preparing the central nervous system for conscious shifts
0:38:30  Water
0:39:27  The breath and breathing
0:42:05  The body system, toxicity and detoxification
0:45:00  Intent and playing with water
0:48:50  Making it back from an experience with the data intact
0:52:05  Journaling
0:53:00  What journaling is, what it is a replica of and why it helps
1:02:34 Celebrities showing up in experiences
1:04:29  Head aligned magnetic north
1:08:23  Quick recap
1:09:30  The fear factor in making conscious shifts
1:13:20  Central nervous system shock
1:17:57  The diet and foods that get in the way of conscious shift Open dialogue




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