The Gateway of the Breath : Breathing Patterns and Portals

This information is an accompaniment to the breath work class we are opening titled : The Gateway of the Breath. In these Zoom LIVE-streams we are journeying into the breath, into more of our total self – creating alterations in the brainwaves and brainwave patterns specifically to consciously ride into new frequency fields.

We are delving into the basic components of the breath.

  • the inhale and lengthening / emphasizing the inhale : so called puraka
  • the exhale and lengthening / emphasizing the exhale : so called rechaka
  • the retention and suspension at the top and bottom of the breath : kumbhaka

We are working with the breath and sound.

  • heart breathing
  • om breathing
  • ujjayi breathing
  • bhramari

The breath and ratio.

  • samavritti : same wave breathing
  • plavini : the breath that makes one float

The breath and cleansing/health.

  • kapalabhati : the skull shining breath
  • bhastrika : the bellows breath

To begin,

Perhaps 15-20 minutes prior these live-streams spend some time relaxing the body.

Lay down, put your gaze into the brow and sequentially relax the face and head. Relax the brow, relax the eyes (let the eyes fall deep into their sockets), relax the nose, relax the cheeks, the mouth and jaw. Relax the tongue down into the lower palate and let the very tip of the tongue float up—follow the line upward and relax the soft palate, let the ears fall back and down : keeping the gaze into the brow..

Let the relaxed state of the face and head trickle down through your whole body. Enjoy the way this feels. When you are satisfied, be aware that you are breathing, and as you breathe, listen. If you cannot quite hear the sound of your breathing, notice the natural movement of the body, the movement that ripples through you as you breathe. Feel the movement, feel the energy, let yourself be rippled through.

The gaze is into the brow.. you are attentive, at rest, peaceful rest,
inwardly listening to the sound.


When you sit up and enter the Zoom live-stream,

  • Again get comfortable
    Keep the gaze steady and again sequentially relax the face and head
    Let the relaxed state trickle down through the whole body
    Keep the awareness with the breath
    Inhale sit tall, exhale let all your weight go down
    Inhale sit tall, exhale let all your weight go down..

When you are ready, open up into the front and back body

As you inhale the lower belly expands, once the lower belly is full open up into the back body—breathe evenly into the front AND back body. This will take the breath up along the passage of the spine. The sensation of the breath may be more feelable now, there may be an obvious vibration that the mind is aware of and the body feels.

Now you are ready to begin the breathing patterns.

We will explore them one by one.

Leaving room for dialogue.


There were many breathing patterns ( portals ) that led me through the doorway at the bottom of the breath. Through which I began shifting consciously into dimensions beyond our own. I taught the breathing and these patterns the decade leading into the new capacity. Included here are those which were to me the most advantageous.

1:05 Samavritti – Description
3:05 Samavritti – Preparation
7:40 Samavritti – Practice

14:12 Ujjayi – Description
15:55 Ujjayi – Practice

27:32 Kapalabhati – Description
28:45 Kapalabhati – Preparation
31:30 Navel Breathing
32:46 Kapalabhati – Practice

36:35 Bhastrika – Description
37:28 Bhastrika – Preparation, Pant Breathing
38:22 Bhastrika – Practice

43:18 Plavini – Description
44:27 Plavini – Practice

49:08 Bhramari – Description
50:20 Bhramari – Practice

A quick visual of both Kapalabhati and Bhastrika:



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