Earth Status Report: Sound, Resonance, Frequencies and Frequency Assault

In some situations I might suggest to forget altogether about fiction, some things are simply far stranger than fiction. – not in the sense that they are not understandable to our physical faculties, but in the sense that they are so outside the range of what is usual that when they do pop up in our direct physical experience, it is as bizarre as bizarre can be.

Some months back, perhaps mid-summer ( 2021 ) a sequence of highly mysterious events began to unfold. – all of these events are connected and each involves sound and resonance. Frequencies of vibration. I began to notice, for instance, some unusual, and what has since become regular air traffic over the house. Along with the usual flights which are up at an elevation that is barely audible there are now low flying craft, which due to the loud and near constant sound is intrusive. These craft include a khaki colored double propeller plane, jet fighters flying in formation and helicopters. As I am typing, all of what I am mentioning and more is overhead.

The next thing I begin noticing is that I am periodically hearing errant music.. I think nothing odd of this at first. I think I have maybe left music playing on an old cell phone, which I had begun using again with headphones for binaural beat sessions. But, then, when I go to check the phone there is nothing there. No music is coming from any of my devices. I then think that someone else somewhere in the house is playing music ( even though I can clearly tell it is coming from my own rooms ). I investigate and again there is nothing.

This phenomena rapidly changes, from hearing music that is familiar to me, Solfeggio frequencies, Native American flute, to sounds I gradually grow to know are not coming directly from my physical space. The last, and longest lasting of which is a low, deep Gregorian chant, a sequence of 3 or 4 specific notes, sounded at a particular metre. This plays over and over in my awareness around the clock, even during sleep for more than a month.

Synchronous to this I notice the theme of my OBEs, meditations,
binaural beat sessions and even dreams begin to change.

I am regularly experiencing abductions, assaults on my person, depraved individuals. I am experiencing this at the top of the night, through the hours wherein it is common for me to experience the more challenging kind of conscious contact. One night as I am coming into the full awareness of one of these events, I notice that not only do I feel the usual ‘vibrations’ common to the OBE but that this is being connected to by frequencies coming off my refrigerator.

Now this may sound strange, and let me say it was ( and still is, as it still is occurring ) strange beyond measure to experience directly in first person, LIVE in the middle of the thing actually happening. My first response to it is anger, to fight and resist. To snap myself wholly out of the experience in play. Of course I cannot, I am at a depth within the event that I cannot surface from, the only way out is t h r o u g h —so into whatever this is I go.

“I don’t even remember falling off. 90 minutes later a housemate is at my door, asking “Casey….are you okay?” I wake to the sound of his voice in an instant, because I have for some time been activating an escape route from within the fields, something I have been doing since childhood and which I am able to accomplish all these years later to far greater effect – I have been screaming through to my physical body. I answer him in the affirmative, and apologize.” He says “Not to worry, I have bad dreams, too” and goes back off to his room. 

I am in the classic “abduction” position, flat on my back, heals wide, I still feel pinned to the bed by an invisible magnetic force. I am mildly angry and want to throw myself back in there to see more clearly what has had me so up in arms. At the same time I don’t want to start screaming and wake the household again. Which I know is apt to happen, the hour is till ripe for more of this kind of activity. My feelings go back and forth over this a few minutes until I decide I had better roll over onto my side. A few minutes later I am able to break the magnetic force, connect with my physical body enough roll over and lay here trying to see into what I can. There is a male voice in the background of what is happening, relaying details of a story, a future type prophesy. This is the magnetic force that had me pinned, the tones are acting like a spell of sorts. There is an enormous slate grey ship at an elevation roughly a few hundred yards above me.”

Abductions that have been occurring regularly since this one are the type I have had since childhood, at which point I experienced almost solely through the dream state. The theme, dynamic, energy state and level of fear are fully recognizable to me now, in my advanced years where I experience this, to the degree that I do in conscious, out of body states.

Not all those who I am contacted by create this kind of experience. It is only ONE particular kind, or cluster of beings who do and I have yet to fully face who they are. To this day I do not know what it is that invokes me to scream. Although, in part, it is now me, for the purpose of gaining more conscious ground in order to throw myself back into the event at a much higher level of alertness, – which of course is necessary to genuine understanding.


This is what I am learning through my experiences. I am choosing the focus of what my experiences have to say, not about hypothetical “others” but about me. I, myself, am what is at the core of my experiences and, somewhat clearly, along with this are the concepts of :

Sound, Frequency and Resonance.

Were I not in frequency range of these experiences they would not be happening. Fear brings us into frequency range of what we fear, on the one hand. And on the other, focus of attention has grown to the degree it now has. Had it not, experiences such as these would not find a home in the span of my attention. – but rather outside its range. So there is work to be done. To bring myself into a state worthy of holding such awareness. Without fleeing, freezing, or fighting.

I do get the feeling and impression that I am an envoy. In a sense being made fit to “report the news”. Sky to ground level. This concept is also coming through to me quite clearly and I feel I would very much find honor and fulfillment in fulfilling this function.

More on this to come.

Earth Status Report ( 1 ) — out.

Log : Three OBEs About Shifts

Working With and Within Free-Will

March 29, 2015

From the back of my truck. ( I lay down and shift in—

New Shift. Repeatedly. Or (an additional perception).. One long shift inside of which I am periodically landing in data fields. I am being held by two helpers, intent-fully close to the physical. Each is on one side and has me up off the ground with a hold of a wrist and an ankle. I am first bent (legs going up toward my head), then stretched, twisted, turned, and tossed into the air. *This activity is to increase flexibility and decrease fear. Heighten sensitivity to the physical system and it’s independent systems. Sex center system sensation is notably high. To focus my attention away from fear I ask— ‘how can I help people’..? ‘I like to help people’.

Data field opens out:

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OBE Log : Entity Assault

February 2, 2021

Second chakra energy transmutation : all night.
Sexual depravity.


I am unsure how to begin.

An entity is in my space, in the etheric energy space, it seems to have no regard for me whatsoever and this is much as a predator and prey situation. This entity is human. It has a hold of my right foot and is dragging me 180 degrees within the exact space of my physical body. It is performing the rotations of the bodies necessary for enacting what is for me a conscious shift into an OBE ..It wants me to be as aware of what is happening as possible. In a sick way, because this entity is violating my space and violating me. It wants me to see not just what is happening but who it is. I am certainly attempting to see, but at the same time, aware from within multiple fields and the goings-on within them, my entire mental/energetic/physical construct is screaming. 

As I am first coming to experience and tangibly feel the violation, the feedback is of a male being. But I see clearly here, at least to this degree, the entity is not male but female. I am seeing the outline of the body, face, head.. She is very generic in her appearance, utterly lacking of vitality and color. She is perfectly still, standing here before me, energetically and compassionately numb. I see the hair, ash blonde, not quite to the shoulders, outlining her face. It is a complete blur through the features of the face. I am coming into full alertness, screaming with every ounce of my energy the words “you are dead”, “you are so dead!”, “you don’t even know how dead you are!”. The energy is coming through me with such force the words are reaching through my physical body in physical space. Where it is the pre-morning hours ( 4am ), I am at work, the dog is barking loudly down the stairwell in what I come to think must be in response to my distress.

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The Crystal Connection with the OBE

When people are in doubt about the validity of the out-of-body-experience I am pleased I now have the work with the crystal to help show them — in pictures — because this is the way it is easiest for most to learn. More than learn, really, because with so many a picture is a sort of proof that something REAL is indeed happening. Notably when that picture comes about through unordinary means. Such as those I capture through the sole aid of a crystal.

When I am working with the crystal, let it be known I am not doing anything different than when I am consciously leaving the body. Let me say this more clearly, when I am expanding out beyond the 3D Earth-life field into additional areas of consciousness. I am locating my point of awareness within myself, letting the kaleidoscope turn ( the brainwaves shift ) remaining alert while accessing data from multiple, additional frequency fields.

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Experiencing Myself as Alternating Fast Sound Vibration

May 7, 2020 

I work hard for this one. 

It is a late night catching myself up with computer related stuff, then a falling off somewhere around midnight. 

I am waking in the early morning to having conceptualized no content, have to use the bathroom and the family is already beginning to wake ( ie: much noise is beginning to flood the house ). I put in earplugs, put on the mindfold and feel my way to the bathroom, knowing this will help me remain in the process of shifting cycles, and more ‘in’ there than out in physical space. 

I return to the bed, position myself prone, put my dream crystal in hand and call for the frequencies to return to me. I am shown a moment from before I fell off to sleep, like the flashcard game I repeat it back. I am shown another moment, I repeat it back. I am shown something large and round and reddish, the size of a bowling ball but visually more like a biological organ bathed in blood. I am curious and asking what in the heck I am seeing. 

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Reporting from the Out of Body State : A Monroe Explorer ( Type ) Project

Are you familiar with Robert Monroe and the Monroe Explorers?

It is a fabulous piece of OBE history left for us – to reach out into—potentially further and further, as would all true Explorers. The idea came through to me recently to continue on, and/or even re-devise a recreation of the work.

You can : read about Robert Monroe here.
You can : read about the Explorer Project here.
You can : listen to the original 24 Explorer Series tapes here.

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The Role of the Body

Have you ever wondered?

What role the body plays in conscious out of body experience? Conscious contact? These being highly related and equally relevant. It is a subject I find of great interest.

A first observation on my own part when beginning to make conscious shifts into what is colloquially called the OBE – is that the body does indeed come in to play. That while the conscious mind is ‘going out’ – new levels of information and energy are ‘coming in’ to the whole conscious construct. The conscious mind/energy/body SYSTEM.

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The Gateway of the Breath : Breathing Patterns and Portals

This information is an accompaniment the breath work class we are opening titled : The Gateway of the Breath. In these Zoom LIVE-streams we are journeying into the breath, into more of our total self – creating alterations in the brainwaves and brainwave patterns specifically to consciously ride into new frequency fields.

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The Geometry of Dream Recall

It has been some years now since focusing on bringing my consciousness shifts : OBEs, lucid dreams ( and even ordinary dreams ) back with me into conscious awareness and daily life. However recently I am once more with the growing impetus. The unmissable, undeniable inner directive. To again align with the flow.

Through the very early morning hours just this morning I am being guided through the all too interesting process, we could even say geometry of (re)opening the gates, portals and pathways of the flow of information : my larger consciousness present, and I -in another body- on the verge of projection.

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Who I Am: Returning to Awareness

The first realizing.

I am two, maybe three years old.

I am upstairs with my Dad in his room. My sister is here, she is coming in growling at me again. I am not sure why but she does this. I don’t know why she is doing it. Dad is coming out from the bathroom, half preoccupied with what he is doing, half checking in on us. I am looking up at him. Telling him something. He is responding but it is not anything to do with what I am saying.

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