Zoom Call : ET Contact Experience

Are you an experiencer? – or suspect you are an experiencer. Every week members of our group are meeting openly to share our experience with extra-terrestrial consciousness. Anyone is welcome to join the call who wishes to genuinely discuss this phenomena.

The room is used for discussing all matters related to ET contact.. Including how to make ET contact, how to connect with galactic consciousness. If you are having challenging experiences you have not yet fully integrated this is also the place to receive help.

The group space is designed perhaps most ideally for those interested in contact specifically through the out of body experience.

We offer an open platform for discussion that may delve into independent experiences, what contact is, who we are being contacted by – and even further into types of contacts, potential traumas, how we are integrating experiences and information coming to us through them.

Missions, ground level service. How all this impacts, or is otherwise important to the Earth and Earth life. Our outlook(s) for the future.

All this is included.



The whole playlist of calls can be watched here.


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