Lucid Dream or OBE : Revisited

It is the question that comes to bare upon us all. Is my experience a lucid dream or an OBE? – is this a private or consensus field? Not too long ago, with hundreds of experiences under my belt : I wrote this on the matter.

For years, and even now, truth still be told I can not tell.. A ‘lucid dream’ from an ‘OBE’, a private from a consensus reality – a free-will individual from a simulated one. The consciousness system itself from a soul.

The level of reality of each is extraordinary, equivalent and even singular within the event of my many experiences. So at present, in times when the curiosity again rears its head I find myself coming at the matter from yet another angle.

Fundamentally – no longer is it a question of whether an experience is a lucid dream or OBE.. It is a question of whether I am ( or you are ) experiencing the thought of :

  1. Being a person, a body – within which is the rest of you : or
  2. Being consciousness – within which is this person, this mind-energy-body system

It is one or the other that is at the basis of all experience. Which one it is, is something you just know. The keys and clues are all there. At times all too obviously.

In the one, the sensory world and ‘body’ is the really big thing happening.holding near 100% of the attention. In the other, consciousness – awareness, observation and even experience itself – or in other words the non-physical element lay at the basis.

Now this is but a portion, I know, of resolving the mystery in whole.. But it is a very good place to begin, it is a formidable first step as it is actually an element of the equation that can be known. Without first seeing this what follows has no foundation.

What follows, the next potential rung as it were is a particular discernment between the concept of 1) a consensus and 2) shared – reality. Because there is indeed a very large divide between on the one hand *being fed the same data stream and reality rule set, and on the other *having grown out beyond your own personal field.

Once more – it is something you just know when you look.

The signs are there.


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