The Role of the Body

Have you ever wondered?

What role the body plays in conscious out of body experience? Conscious contact? These being highly related and equally relevant. It is a subject I find of great interest.

A first observation on my own part when beginning to make conscious shifts into what is colloquially called the OBE – is that the body does indeed come in to play. That while the conscious mind is ‘going out’ – new levels of information and energy are ‘coming in’ to the whole conscious construct. The conscious mind/energy/body SYSTEM.

Here I will point to this :

There are experiences in which I may be fully conscious while,

  1. Shifting into
  2. Moving through – as they are taking place, and
  3. Returning from, back into physical space

This is what I call the fully conscious shift.

Each segment of the shift in its entirety is with its own qualitative and quantitive impact when it comes to the potential penetrative effect at the physical body level of being – and relative to them, both each and collectively is the depth and degree to which cognition of potential data within their span is taking place.

Beyond the experience in itself,

  • Is the information being gathered new? ( how new? )
  • In what ways am I processing and integrating it? Am I integrating the data, the experience as ‘real’, how real relative to physical space?
  • To what extent am I bringing through the data? To the extent wherein I am point consciousness alone within a new field. To the extent of being point consciousness within the consciousness field of another lifetime/life-form?

Perhaps it is penetrating even further. To the extent of being fully embodied as them in the new field. Am I holding the data in and as a full conscious embodiment in another world. Is it a world that I know, a planet that I know, a body form I am familiar with? To what extent is the information new? And is all or any of this, by me, being conceived of as a machination of the brain – or of something larger, something prior.

The fully conscious shift is rare and not many of us have yet come to the extent of what is possible but for the years spanning 2009-2014 I did experience to a very great degree, as often as five days/nights a week – fully conscious shifts into new territory : in large part galactic space. And from this territory back into Earth space. But a fraction of what lay in store, though it did give me the necessary, fairly large and steady glance into that happening at the body level of my being in unison and direct result.

The Central Nervous System

The central nervous system is what I refer to as the “back body guard“.. The back body being what connects us to spirit – to the unknown.

We are not equipped as 3D physical beings in 3D physical bodies to see what is behind us. So in this sense the back body is what can be said to connect us with this, with what we do not know and cannot see : while the front body is connecting us with the known, with what lay directly ahead of us,—the Earth life and 3D physical world.

Only what the central nervous system allows, makes it into our direct conscious knowing. Into our immediate, direct physical experience. Only what the system as a whole can handle without deleterious effect on the system is let in. Only what would not compromise the system. The system being an intelligent system.

What does this mean relative to the making of conscious shifts into the out of body state? It means if the system as a whole cannot handle the additional flows, the new streams of information and energy, conscious experience will not be allowed to take place. The body being necessary to the expansion of consciousness – ( it also fundamentally being consciousness ) – as well as to the purpose of such.

The Conscious Construct

The conscious construct is not the conscious mind or mental framework alone. Combined with this as we all very well experience is an energetic and physical body framework. This comes as a total experience package. There is no part of the package any more real or relevant than another. It is an equivalency. It is all one – it is all at once.

This said, a hierarchical frame of reference in regard to it is often put in place in order for each of us to have the lessons and learning space through which we have chosen to grow. It is not challenging to see our perceived preference. How we have structured, patterned what is most and least important. – what is most and least activated.

Awareness of your structure, critical observation and attention to this are all somewhat important to the conscious shift from the structure – the pattern – into patterns more apt to assist you in this. Patterns more balanced, more giving, more malleable. This is what we want. A structure that will give-way but not break.

The fully conscious shift, wherein each phase of the shift – into, through, and back into physical space is retained – requires this.

The Schools of Thought

Is anyone still with me?

If you are there is a reason. Let’s look at this :

There are three ( 3 ) basic schools of thought, relative to the expansion of consciousness. You may be familiar with these. The first states flatly that there is no expansion, no liberation possible because physical reality is all there is. The second is qualified, it says liberation is possible – but only at the moment of death.

The third is absolutely unqualified– it offers that if liberation is not possible in any moment it cannot be true ( or in other words ) lasting liberation. It must still be transitory. Therefore – liberation is possible at any moment including within the lifetime. What does the lifetime have that the more usual moment of death does not? — the body.

Are you beginning to see what the third school acknowledges that the first and second do not. Yes. —  Consciousness, the DNA, the Body are a singularity.

Nature and the Natural World

Why is this important?

Why would the above realization be important to you?

Read on.. Certainly there are many reasons. Why this might be found to be of relevance to the lifetime in which you are. What follows being very personal to me..

The world, the planet, the body-form is either sustainable within its current expression or it is not. If it is not it goes down, it dissolves, it ‘dies’ as we say. This is not in itself simply an individual occurrence ( a “natural” occurrence at that, at the end of our personal lifetimes ). It likewise is a collective occurrence. In that of our species as a whole. We know this as the cycles of time. The rise and the fall. — the wheel.

Sustainability – we might say life – is what is natural to the natural world. Regeneration, health, healing being inherent to life and all living beings. This is observable in nature and yet we fail to rightly apply it to ourselves. To specifically the human being, the human genome and biological system. Even though it is known we regenerate in our sleep. That the cells of the human frame likewise regenerate. In full, consensually approximately every 7 years.

Is the body – then – in actuality ever any older than this? Do we really, continuously have to be so callous and careless in its regard? Cycle after cycle after cycle.

We do not.

The human can go much further in its rise.

Kundalini and Ascension

Death as we know it – as the dropping of the body is not a natural occurrence. Or as natural an occurrence as you might think. The body is not, and never has been solid, static and put. As an expression of consciousness it is as capable of transformation as consciousness is itself. Capable of change. — of growth.

It began happening in my sphere in unison with the event of the activation to awaken and my first conscious shifts into the wider reality. What is known as Kundalini, the alignment of the inner energy centers of the body came into play. In fact the very first words I heard in my very first fully conscious shift were : DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT THE PHYSICAL BODY SYSTEM.

Visiting this link will give you a fairly good idea of the process undergone and how I experienced it through the years 2009-2014. Not an easy process when in the full conscious awareness of the experiencer, but all of which has been and still is of great importance to me. As the more I am conscious and aware of, the greater help I can be.

What I see now in direct alignment with that moved through is that ascension is the ascension of not just the consciousness, but the physical BODY. Why? – because ascension of the physical body is the ascension of not just the physical frame but the entire physical framework. – the world. – All who are in the world. Including ours truly : ours which has failed many times over : the collective consciousness of humanity.

Enacting ascension through to the body level of our being, is equivalent to enacting it collectively, consensually. Bring to your mind the mirror. First you smile – then the you in the mirror smiles. First you change, then what you see as the world all around you changes. Do you see? — body, mind and soul – I/you/we ARE the collective shift. Any one of us may actualize it.

Why would any one of us want to?

Well this is yet another long story.  but…

Would not a true shared frequency experience of the 3D Earth life be nice?

I think it would.

I think if ( any ) one of us comes to this, it makes it more accessible to us all.

I love life — I love the Earth life and all of you, the stunning beauty and sheer brilliance in the Earth human blueprint, DNA, genome and its potential.., this much.

Enacting what is our oneness, our connectivity and still dormant cooperative world would I think be the Earth of our true Heart. – heaven on earth.

I wonder what it will be like…,

Living here with you.





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