Log : OBE : Hippocampus, Magical Being

October 10, 2019

Magical being. 

Hippocampus – Mythological aquatic reptilian/horse being. – so named after an area of the brain. POWERFUL.

I am in the ocean, the waters are rough, but so not so rough that I cannot remain afloat. I am immersed as I would be up to my head. I am at first fearful, as I would be if physically in the middle of the ocean but as this enormous, magnificent, silver/blue/grey skinned being is surfacing through the waters before me, my state is growing more rapidly into awe and a more direct physical experience is ensuing. 

My heart is thumping through my chest – very clear to me is that the event at hand holds great importance and is not meant to slip idly by. I reach out my hand to touch the skin ( of the massive neck area ) of the creature. It is for this moment of direct contact that I am recalling the event at all. I am connecting directly with so much information, cosmically, universally, galactically it seems I have gone into stasis.

All of what is happening, all of me is suspended here. While the concepts all trickle down into me. The being is leaving a calling card – a way to contact it as a gift. It appears as a 4” x 4” thin plastic ( or clear ) square with the hands of a clock upon it. This is dropped into a scene unfolding below. A dark, dingy perhaps 1800s England(?), peasant village. There is a woman down there who this is for.

The woman, perhaps in her late 30s, a good deal aged for hard work, dressed in a short sleeved smock, apron about the waist, thin cotton bonnet, broom in hand – does not seem to want or have any interest in it. The calling card falls and drops to the ground. She sees it there but has much to do and just sweeps by it and heads out to the stables. Something that happens in the stables is holding the bulk of her attention.

She is not refined in the slightest, or perhaps even kind. She is highly focused on self, and survival by any means. I, myself, in this experience want the calling card very much. I shift into the environment and pick it up. With this the heart of the woman begins to change. Something that has happened in the stables makes her begin to want the calling card herself…..we begin to compete for it through the remainder of the scenario.


@3:40 Going into my own biological system

With a decade of steady conscious OBEing under my belt, hundreds if not thousands of shifts—let’s now explore where I go when I go out. Fundamentally – ( yes ) – I go into my own Greater self, my own Guidance system but through this I quite naturally find myself in a few common, specific types of environments. These are the top four.


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