The Central Nervous System, Your Back Body “Guard”

It is the one thing you may hear me say more than any other,—

If you are not prepared for conscious experience your central nervous system will not allow conscious [ out of body ] experience to take place. You may still have out of body experiences but the data will not remain intact. To some degree or another, all content from additional fields will fade as you shift back into physical space, physical awareness, the beta brain w a v e.

As this frequency field rolls in, it is the experience of most for all else to wash away… It rolls in and all else rolls out. This is, in essence, itself our consensus reality — 3D-reality land. Which as we very well experience throws out the mandate that 1) physical reality is the basis of all reality and 2) physical reality is all there is. Life on Earth exists, life elsewhere does not. ( or is ‘just a dream’ ).

It is work, it takes discipline, daily practice, a strong and stable desire to go out beyond this idea. It takes courage and a strong backbone. In the beginning, because the idea has been so firmly embedded into both our collective and independent psyche, the human central nervous system -what I call your back body “guard” comes heavily into play. Nothing gets in that could potentially disrupt or damage the system.

The job is to assure the life, to keep everything running and performing smoothly. This is its role. So for the conscious mind, the conscious individual to go out beyond this idea and what has previously been experienced requires a capacity for efficiently and effectively processing through the conscious system – ( the mental, energetic and physical body system ) – NEW INFORMATION.

When consciously going out of body, we are talking not just about new information, but information that potentially exceeds the current paradigm. We are talking about radically new information. In the form of direct experience. This comes in the beginning through our most basic survival mechanism, – the fight-flight response. This is the first test we encounter, the first test we must pass.

Neutralizing Fight-Flight

At the base, or root end of our experiential spectrum lays the primal urge to fight or flight. In order to consciously get out beyond the physical construct [ ie: go out of body ] this mechanism must first be neutralized. There are both local and non-local means through which this is accomplished. We for instance often see in our dream awareness how this is being worked on.

We may see the ultimate task in these scenarios is to neither run from nor attack what is coming, but to be purposefully still in the full on experience of the energy presenting without losing any degree of consciousness. On the local side of life, a practical example of this same basic scenario might be that of a husband not wanting to face his wife, but rather than 1) avoid, or 2) fight with her he stands, experiencing this energy and doing neither.

In these moments there is the opportunity to be and behave in new ways. The opportunity for growth. In OBEs, many of us are aware of the guardian at the gate, the dweller on the threshold who brings us this test, activating the primal response from within. No-one ventures beyond this point in full conscious awareness who cannot neutralize to the urge to drop into fear, – to flee or fight.

It is only a clear mind, calm energy, clarity of observation and surrendering of fear that passes and the experience patterns further out. As many of us may experience, opening out into the next layer there is the sex urge, the feeling for willful creating/manipulating, the taking one into our personal love and caring –> communicating –> merging –> and ultimate BEing of that other.

Here we are standing in their perspective, looking back out at ourself through their eyes…. It is a challenging process to fully move through but as we are, fear layers are being dissolved, neural pathways are being cleared. New neurons are being created, new neural networks designed.— a new human!, designed. This is the process we are in one way or another all moving through. All while awake, aware and in the body.

Rewiring the System

Currently in this timeline there are neural pathways that do not exist. These are being built from within the timeline through systems like yours and mine which can endure the initial shock without a systems fail, – which can, through expanded states such as in the OBE usher in the new by, through consent, deactivating old systems and codes and re-activating, re-writing, re-wiring new systems and codes.—all within the existing DNA.

Relative to the depth / degree of our collected awareness, cognitive function and capacity to bring experiences back through with us into physical space is the exact extent of the deactivation and dismantling of the old, and the activation and structuring of the new. Which in other words equates to : the evolution of the quality of our individual and collective human consciousness.

Conscious minds are struggling with the process, struggling to understand what is happening from a start point of being essentially blind. Many fear creations are being imposed into the mix. But it is all a part of the process. Through it all – do know—all is at all times indeed well.

There are some who are more fully focused on and working with elements of the process falling directly within the scheme of the current paradigm, and others more focused on bringing in elements from beyond – which is accelerating the process.

Evolving the timeline more rapidly.

Leveling the Playing Field

Reality and dream.

What we like to call ‘reality’ and what we like to call ‘dream’ . . .

It must be said at this point that to venture out further than what the current paradigm allows, requires first that these concepts, these experience fields be brought into direct alignment. A meaningful state of equivalency in our awareness and understanding.

Requisite to going out beyond the duality is dissolving it. In this, only in this is the primacy, the deeper order of reality truly revealed. This is the work, the service we are performing for humanity as we now know it.


A new idea brewing in Neuroscience is what is called neurogenesis.. It is not yet a widely accepted idea but ample strides are being made by those awakening to the wider reality. The idea is that within each of us lays the capacity to generate new neurons, new brain cells…. Specifically, new stem cells that regenerate into new neurons.

Our brains are populated by a type of glia called astrocytes. We, as a human collective are just beginning the funding to study them in more depth, but with what we have thus far learned, a hypothesis being put forward to consensus is that they have the capacity to break down into stem cells, which in turn then form into new neurons.

You may be wondering of what relevance this is to the out of body explorer and out of body experience. To the capacity we as humans have to quite naturally explore consciousness. This all becomes quite clear when taking a look at these cells and what a high, and low rate of neurogenesis means. How it translates in practical terms.

Let’s take a brief look :

With a high rate of neurogenesis there are experienceable benefits such as cognitive enhancement, rapid learning, protection against stress, anxiety and depression. While conversely, a low rate of neurogenesis is associated with cognitive decline, memory problems, reduced creativity, greater levels of anxiety, stress and depression.

The environment, our diet, relationships and more – all come into play.

Through these means, in conjunction with our choices in their regard we may subject ourselves to processes that bring us into states of being seemingly SUPER human – and/or – feeling less than human. The quite neuro-toxic world we live in aside,

Each of us is still fully in command.

Our choices are our own.

The Hippocampus

This is where it begins getting interesting from an OBE point of view, as it is data integrated from within the event of the out of body experience, as well as discrete OBEs – that is in fact writing this article. I am often, when I shift, taken directly inside my own biological structure. These experiences are fascinating. Most recently I was taken into my own hippocampus.

The hippocampus is an area of the brain that deals with memories, cognitive function, emotion regulation, body awareness, spacial relationship. It processes new memories. So this structure, therefore, is of immense importance to the OBE and out of body experiencer who is bringing to it information, experience, memories to process well beyond the mundane.

How the information we bring back processes through our system has a great deal to do with who we are in our reality, – with how, and at what rate we grow and/or do not grow with-and-from our experiences. A healthy hippocampus is essential, critical to our success in bringing new information back with us into physical space. Manifesting it, grounding and growing it here AS a reality.

Let’s go back to Neuroscience and neurogenesis..

This is something I learned only following my out of body experience, prior to this I have no relationship whatsoever with this concept – I have never even so much as heard the word ‘hippocampus’.. What I know now as a direct result of my experience is that it is here in this region, and not anywhere else that new neurons are formed. ( this is huge!

It is also an example of how data from within the event of our OBEs integrate into our personal and planetary system, – and how the relevance of the OBE truly begins to be seen. How it is possible to go into ourself as consciousness, and access data that is beyond the range of our personal knowing. Data that is beyond our consensus, or planetary knowing. — data that has the potential to evolve the timeline.

Neuro-Healthy Ideas

There are many ways to build a healthy central nervous system, to align in purpose and intent with your back body “guard”.. To help stimulate a high rate of neurogenesis and thereby! – increase your aptitude for the fully conscious OBE. Would it surprise you to know many of us are already aware? We may be suggesting these as ideas now, and from the beginning – without realizing the why’s of it in the more scientific scheme of things.

We see here an area wherein the scientific, spiritual and practical all fall beautifully together. Where consciousness, mind, energy and body are congregated as a whole.

The bare-bones idea is this :

  • Get outdoors : be in nature, expose yourself to the sun, water and elements
  • Get sufficient sleep/rest : this is how the body heals!
  • Expose yourself to periodic, short term moderate stress, *never chronic stress
  • Mind : meditate, contemplate, learn and do new things
  • Emotion : practice friendship, social interaction, devotional rituals, surrender
  • Body : diet, aerobic exercise, essential fatty acids, bioflavonoids

Diet is always a huge course of study.

The ideas behind the neurogenesis and OBE diet are identical. ♥︎

Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, smoking, processed foods, toxic chemicals/salts in foods, stimulants, depressants, etc.. – all reduce the rate of neurogenesis. This likewise follows through to toxic environments, toxic relationships, toxic thought and emotion. This all is an attack on the hippocampus. It collectively being a form of ongoing chronic stress lays waste to the hippocampus.


Plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy essential fatty acids, bioflavonoids, a wide variety and beneficial combination of natural foods increase the rate of neurogenesis, grow the hippocampus and overall health of the central nervous system.

Just keep the whole collective idea in mind, – work with it as you are able and you will find yourself falling into alignment with your own central nervous system, – the guard which either lets, or does not let your expanded states through to you.

Develop a relationship with your breath
Practice daily dream recall
Journal – daily

I’ll see you out there!



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