Log : OBE : Tests, Fear Tests

January 7, 2020

OBE : Tests. Fear Tests.

As I begin waking to my conscious state of awareness in the early morning hours, the uneasy feeling in my gut from my car of 20 years having come to her end with me, and having to finance a new one comes to the fore. It is a process I move through each time a new car / purchase occurs and generally passes through my thought/energy structures in a matter of 2-3 days. My Group is assisting me with this, sending through the song : 🎼 Heaven is a Place on Earth : and highlighting most specially the two lines, “we’ll make heaven a place on earth” and “I’m not afraid a n y more!”. I am fully aware of their assistance, thanking/loving them and consciously participating by sending Ho’oponopono out to all of us who participated in the exchange at the dealership yesterday ( *never fun being ‘sold’, worked over and even shamed by those working systems in place in this industry ).

As I am scanning, – scrying for dream content……. I pop into an OBE I have been having :

Structure : college campus. schoolroom. getting to class on time. 

It is 7:30am, I am a bit late getting up.. I look around and it is still dark outside, *I am knowing I am out of body. Everything is uber real, super physical and true to life. I am waking in a room with another person, a young man. Average, plain looking. A bit short. He wears his hair slightly long, thick wavy, sandy colored locks. We are going to be late for class but not by much and it is okay ( not triggering ) it is a college class. But I get up, through that half awake half asleep feeling-frequency-vibration, throw myself together and begin walking there. I am undressed waist up *again ( ughh ). I notice this most on the pathway through the campus to the classroom. Note : dressing myself in a pure OBE, ie: a consensus space, very physically experienced, is not easy. I am exacerbated but keep heading to class. Noticing the night, the trees, grass, pathway and building in front of me.

When I arrive the room is full of students, there is a lot of talking going on in the classroom amongst groups of us and a feeling in the air of it having been some time since we were tested. [ shift to dual consciousness and a dual location ] : Home setting : I am most keying in on a woman here who is upset with me. She is thin, perhaps Amer-Asian, long straight deep brown hair. The idea happening here is related to nursing. I used to be involved in diagnosing but lately I have just been treating. She feels this is lazy of me and disappointedly says to just continue then. 

A small bundle, a small something, a baby something, *I cannot quite tell what, perhaps hybrid, female, – is handed to me. I hold her for a moment assessing what it is I have here then look over toward a gold colored sofa where another female presence here wants her set down. I am seeing a large urine saturated stain here, though and ask for assistance removing the child from this. I now fully have her myself, I am acclimating to what she is while walking her to another space where I set her down. As I am doing this she sees something coming up from behind me and appears scared. I look in the mirror that is in front of me to see what it is and immediately begin screaming for help. – over and over and over and over. 

My attention in this way draws in to my body, into physical space, where the scream is reaching through in tiny peeps. Automatic breathing is in play, my mouth cavity and tongue have reshaped/formed in the standard way with just a pinhole of a space through which, following long durations of breath cessation, tiny expirations of air flow. The mouth itself is very dry.  I am on my back, the body is comfortable, perfectly at peace, my hands are clasped in a highly interesting way at the thumb notches. **I have never found them in this configuration before. 

I am teetering here on the balance point between ‘here’ and ‘there’. — observing. everything. all the scenes, all the activity, all the frequencies, feelings and fields,—embedding, absorbing, processing. I am brought into full conscious awareness multiple times, each time resulting in me screaming for help. The body, central nervous system is doing well, definitely a PASS, while I, my person, I would have to say FAIL.

The central nervous system is not letting through to me what I see in this experience.

I would, however, like to test again. ( until I can pass this test. 

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