Log : OBE : What is Mine and Not Mine

Note : I do not catch the actual shift into this OBE but I do enter into the OBE state from within the event, and the level of depth, the full ( conscious ) experience and energetic exchange makes it worthy of highlighting. The concept and meaning are notable as they embed all the way through to the cellular level. I will mention as well that it is becoming a more common event, through the current year-long consciousness experiment ( 365 Days of Dreams ) for me to re-enter not just the standard dream but OBEs in play during the course of the night(s). This is fascinating and goes far, by way of showing, if only to a degree how often we experience out of body states while at the same time not making it through to the morning with the data intact. It shows that these experiences can be re-entered and regained. We can go back in for them “after the fact”.


February 4, 2020

OBE : What is Mine and Not Mine, Cleaning Out the Attic, Accessing the Akash

I am not getting sleepy..

At midnight I am still wide awake and watching a documentary on displaced peoples around the globe due to climate change. I can see I am being worked with. I get on the mat a time or two, do some passive stretching and inversions. It seems it is going to be awhile before delta/theta come. A bit after I give in and eat a handful or two of blue corn chips. Around 2am I am finally beginning to feel sleepy, I turn off the laptop and go in.

I am inside a very large house. moving from room to room. upstairs – experiencing the theme of : what is and isn’t mine. What is mine is not mine for very long. It is mine and then it is not mine. It is someone else’s. I have given it to them. I am observing my feelings relative to all this.

7:45 AM

I am awake and am going to just get up.., I have not been able to shift into more than the ‘mine and not mine’ concept even though I have been attempting to for hours. I am finding a familiar comfortable state in the bed however so decide to enjoy it further till the inner prompt to get up comes.. I am periodically feeling the inner chills roll through which is taking me deeper and deeper into the state of relaxation and bliss.

Mom. drive. Laughlin, NV. **Mom is doing the driving : 

When we get to where we are going we go into a living space. White walls and bright blue carpet. It has been vacated. As we are walking through I am seeing *change on the floor, toeing it with my foot, a few pennies a nickel and dime. I give it no mind and move on. Mom picks it up and pockets it. I am getting up into an old attic space finding some of my old belongings ( memories ). I climb up in here, to what is almost no more than a long somewhat narrow ledge, or loft.  It is dusty and dirty. I am suggesting to someone, a male helper that it be vacuumed. I say I come here once a year to clean up but some of the others should also help. He climbs down the ladder to go find me a vacuum cleaner. 

I am finding old recordings, CDs, pictures and shifting into the moments, memories, records *akashic records. There is also a young man up here. The age we are as we are up here is turning to roughly high school age. The age of the memories I am finding. He is energetically very attractive. A wrestler. He is competing in the morning and has a shot of placing. He is laying center, in the middle of the attic space with canvas blankets over him head to toe. I am going to crawl over him to get to the other side where there are more memories but as I do I begin feeling this intoxicating warmth through me. I crawl over but rather than move on I snuggle up into his right side. Morning is coming, he is waking, he turns his head and kisses me on the forehead. 

I never want to leave this feeling—

A mix of the vibrational state, kundalini flows I am alert to within my system and two halves of a whole merging as one. I am having various thoughts. This young man is what I am perceiving at this young age as out of my league. I am concerned of him finding me here when he thwarts the thought with the kiss on the forehead. I am seeing also into the old high school I briefly attended here in Laughlin. Into the circular area surrounding the arts classrooms and theatre. A girl is teaching a very physical type exercise. A cross between sitting gymnastics and dance. She is very strong. Very good *but something is wrong with her, some condition. As she stands and runs by me she is much older than the age ( the girl ) she is on the mat. 

False awakening : 

I am doing everything in my power to write down ( embed ) this experience that is taking place. I am in the vibrational state, experiencing the revving, the rhythmic pulse, powering up and slightly down. It is intoxicating and it is holding the entire record(ing) intact. I am in our current house. Mom is here, she has just come into my room. The family is out there and making tons of sound/noise. I do not want to lose the experience, the energetic exchange but I cannot get Notes to open on my device as it keeps playing video footage of all the various memories. *I am still in and accessing the Akash. 

As this continues I am growing more energetically manic about getting the data down. I shout to mom to find me paper and a pen. I am throwing open notebooks, rifling through the pages looking for an empty page and even ripping all the full pages out. In the hundreds and hundreds of pages I finally find one side of one page that is available and as I sit myself down and begin to write I begin to shift back into physical space. Feeling poor about my behavior and the way I just treated mom.., yelling at her, not listening to what she had to come to me to say, about how she feels relative to her position in the family and current household. —Once back in physical space I am still in the vibrational state. I am absorbing from the energies, frequencies and collective vibration, concentrating it all for healing purposes for some time before getting up. The fields are all as one, I cannot tell one from the other in the sense of belonging to any one more than any other. This experience in itself is home to me. I do not want to leave this state.

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