Experiencing Myself as Alternating Fast Sound Vibration

May 7, 2020 

I work hard for this one. 

It is a late night catching myself up with computer related stuff, then a falling off somewhere around midnight. 

I am waking in the early morning to having conceptualized no content, have to use the bathroom and the family is already beginning to wake ( ie: much noise is beginning to flood the house ). I put in earplugs, put on the mindfold and feel my way to the bathroom, knowing this will help me remain in the process of shifting cycles, and more ‘in’ there than out in physical space. 

I return to the bed, position myself prone, put my dream crystal in hand and call for the frequencies to return to me. I am shown a moment from before I fell off to sleep, like the flashcard game I repeat it back. I am shown another moment, I repeat it back. I am shown something large and round and reddish, the size of a bowling ball but visually more like a biological organ bathed in blood. I am curious and asking what in the heck I am seeing. 

I penetrate my gaze, looking into it and into it more closely.. until I begin seeing the color pattern changes behind my closed eyes.. I am enjoying the sensory depth at which I am in here and soon the experience opens out into auditory, and tactile sensations – waves and waves and waves of vibration begin patterning through my physical form. I am experiencing myself as alternating, fast sound vibration. 

I am in my room. In the bed. 

Familiar hands have a hold of my feet and are wiggling them from side to side. I am giggling inside, “thank you for coming” I say. I relax down into myself and synchronize with the quite literal symphony of sound and sound waves. Of vibratory frequency quality(ies).

I surface in a very large house, with a very large yard and garden.. 

Many people, souls, are housed here. As I come into the space, the first one I see is a black dog. It is coming to get me, I feel to get out.. I am calling for someone who the dog belongs to, emitting that he needs to get outside. I am taking the dog here myself as a young ethnic man is at the same time appearing to answer the call, to take care of the task.. another dark haired dog arrives with him. 

We are in the garden. Here bird species are also intersecting with me. First, a smaller type bird, then a very large peacock-like creature slightly larger than myself who is coming in close to investigate and interact with me. It is swiping me with its extraordinary plume of feathers as we are circling one another. A middle-aged man comes through following this activity, and a young woman who is associated with him — each, also ethnic, of mixed race. 

The man wheels through in a large green wheelbarrow. He is simply standing in it with his head and shoulders exposed along the top. He is proposing to lead Services for the people who are here ( the idea of them being locked in for a time ). I express what a wonderful idea this is as they cannot get out for it. A conversation ensues relative to the ease at which I slip out of body. The woman is trying to understand why I have brought it up, how it is relevant to the conversation and says “do you mean you can time travel?” I say “yes” and “this is the same thing that happens when a person dies.., they leave one body and step into another in another place, they move in this way to where they want to be and what they want to experience.”  

From the withinness, the in-between frequencies, ~

I begin getting a signal that is making me feel uneasy.. like I have given away something about myself too easily to someone I did not know. I am saying from the in-between, to who it is that is here with me, “I am so gullible, I always fail this test.” It is the man in the wheelbarrow who should not have been told. On this cautionary and knowing note, beta is rolling in and I am shifting back into physical space. I am laying purposefully still, my mouth is very dry but I do not swallow. Soon another wave of the vibration and frequency changes are rolling over me. I shift in. It is a short trip and does not last long in the physical sense of time.—moments. No further data comes back with me.

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