A Call to Arms : New Equipment

Just as the Work is really beginning to take off, wouldn’t you know my equipment, the laptop I use for the work is beginning to fail. It is not an old device relatively speaking, just a few years old. But when you work these things as hard as I do, quite literally day and night it is not long before one begins going down. This one started to do so some time back. Heating up – presenting lines across the screen – now iPhoto is freezing regularly, making me ‘force-quit’ and compounding the problem. So it is time to begin the process of thinking of a replacement.

It is a process ( not a problem, but a process ) for me at present because the purse-strings grow tight as I take the steps needed to transition from my more standard way of work, taking slightly fewer hours each week to make room for the consciousness and crystal work. If you feel you are comfortably able to contribute to the proverbial pot, so there is no pause in the Work here on our platform, please let me know in the comments. I want to send my thanks out to you openly.

The device I use, and will need so that it synchs with the other devices used is a :

  • 13″ MacBook Pro with minimally 8GB of memory
  • All said and done it generally runs around $1500.00+
  • The exact price with tax depends on the storage and port space needed, usually relative to what I happen to have saved on hand.


No contribution to the pot is too small, – the energy you send, the love in your heart behind each and every movement made to help I will feel, and ALL of this fuels the movement of the collective endeavor. It means so much to me that you would aid us all and keep us going.

The link here or in the sidebar that says ( 🦋 Support ) can be used to send funds.

If there are any questions please do reply below.

To the Work and the Service!

with my Gratitude



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