The Crystal Connection with the OBE

When people are in doubt about the validity of the out-of-body-experience I am pleased I now have the work with the crystal to help show them — in pictures — because this is the way it is easiest for most to learn. More than learn, really, because with so many a picture is a sort of proof that something REAL is indeed happening. Notably when that picture comes about through unordinary means. Such as those I capture through the sole aid of a crystal.

When I am working with the crystal, let it be known I am not doing anything different than when I am consciously leaving the body. Let me say this more clearly, when I am expanding out beyond the 3D Earth-life field into additional areas of consciousness. I am locating my point of awareness within myself, letting the kaleidoscope turn ( the brainwaves shift ) remaining alert while accessing data from multiple, additional frequency fields.

I may choose to experience this as

  1. A point of awareness
  2. An observer within the consciousness field of someone present
  3. Or fully embodied as either them or myself

Once this data is collected through one or a combination of these potential points, and this is a stunning realization : I can focus that data through the mean of the crystal. I can transfer, send, project and even store that data IN the crystal. I can open it, amplify it, allow you to see.

Are you familiar with my process?

Void — point of light — star field — blueprint grid — geometric color patterns — arial level view of world — ground level view of world. These are the layers I pass through / merge with as I come (wondrously) from nothing through the Void into being—fully embodied in some new world.

When I work through the crystal these layers have their visual equivalents :

To begin the field is black, – ( void ).

I travel through until I see the point of light. Through the crystal this often appears as an eye. Literally, an EYE, – at first a single eye.

I aim myself at this and travel IN.. I do not photograph this part, I go in until I see a compressed, or condensed view of what I know to be a WORLD.

I know it when I see it, the light is unmissable.

There may be many sets of eyes peering out at me.

I will be pulled, magnetically so, – ( this is an experience being had through the whole of me, the visual element is but a part, just as it is in every day life ) — into a particular area.

I focus and take my attention into it.

“It” is usually a being.

A guardian,

Someone to greet me at the gate, so to speak.

I may be invited and guided in to see, experience and meet others. Sometimes they embed fully enough for me to bring through for you to see :

Sometime not so much :

Either way,

The point is that the process is the same.

The work with the crystal is a compliment to consciousness and the conscious shift. It is like being able to photograph or film parts of your vacation. It is not the vacation – ( the experience ) – itself. It is the parts that were important, meaningful, the elements, snapshots, snippets that more fully embedded and were brought back with you.

There are always many loved one who want to see. To enjoy, themselves, where you have been. Through your pictures and stories —later memories that we ourselves, even, at points down the road enjoy to revisit. So many of us are still grounded – not able yet to go off planet. I am pleased to be able to bring to you, even in part what it is like.

It is my great honor, as well, to introduce you to who is out there.

Even if only visually at present.

I am!


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