The Recall Muscle : Making it Back with the Data

Let’s face it, a day in which we actively recall our dreams – bring back with us into our conscious daily state of awareness even fragments of the energy and activity of our inner world, experiences, adventures,—immersed in their waves, merged with the concepts, symbols, messages, integrated to any degree at all their depth, meaning, feeling — is very different than a day in which we have not.

The world I myself enter when I wake into the beta bandwidth depends wholly on what I bring forward with me into this level of experience. Is it anything at all? – anything new? – anything more? – or is there nothing between the instant of falling off at the top of the night and resurfacing at the bottom. Am I just here ( for goodness sake ) again?

I refer to this latter situation as “beta lockdown”. I am not fond of it, of entering this “more confined” world and reality. It is depressing and dark relative to the freedom, choice and focus I more normally experience. It is heavy,  s l o w  and so tedious.

This is why I do what I can to help ensure I do not often enter this. Why I am writing this now, because maybe some of you feel the same and by sending this out I can help you enter a more vibrant, mysterious and magical world—reality—realm, – each morning as you wake.

Of course upon arriving,

It will be up to you to walk this world into the more mundane world, to not fall off the balance point as you move through the moments of your day, but we will get to this some time later. At this juncture we need to talk for a moment about recall itself.

The Recall Muscle

Recalling your dreams is like working any other muscle, the more you work it, exercise it the stronger it becomes. The less you work it the weaker. The more it becomes subject to atrophy. Common physics, as the saying goes “use it or lose it”.

The most hopeful point to begin with is that regardless of your start point or state of decline, there is no state in which you cannot, if you wish, rebuild the muscle. If you are someone who has never, or rarely remembered your dreams you can begin.

The way to begin is to feel your state of resolute.

To make the choice to remember, to feel its importance and make a solid investment in the new endeavor. Supporting ideas will begin to come to you – but, notably in the beginning I might also suggest to bring on board that which prior explorers have previously learned.

  • Get to bed at a decent hour
  • Be clear in your intent going in
  • Learn to be still, center, meditate
  • Make daily logs

Your Mantra and New Exercise

I am the reality I am experiencing  {{{ repeat }}}
I am the reality I am experiencing
I am the reality I am experiencing

Repeat this until you begin to feel it, until the feeling of you begins to change. And change it will as you truly begin to let this seep in. – the implications of it also begin to seep in.

I – ( not my body )
I – ( as consciousness ) – am the reality I am experiencing  {{{ echo }}}
I  —  am the reality I am experiencing

Feel yourself right there where you are
Feel your felt presence
Within your felt presence FEEL yourself breathing
Feel yourself breathing-into-life the very space all around you

( pause )

( sit in the energy and new space )



You have just this easily entered a new reality

Bringing Yourself with You

It sounds almost ludicrous to be bringing it up, doesn’t it? – but, quite seriously, this is the part every one of us forgets. It is why we “don’t remember” when we wake into beta. It is likewise the reason a good deal of life itself can grow listless. We have left ourself out of the equation. We have focused our attention so far  o u t  into object reality, physical space, the world out there—> that attention has come wholly off ( our ) self.

Bringing ourself back into the picture, literally is what brings back to us the keys to the kingdom. The waves beyond the beta wave. The infinity of frequencies and frequency keys. To experience as our deepest JOY dictates.

Riding the Waves

Each of the waves, we refer to these as ‘brainwaves’ – is a vibratory complex of sound and sound sonics.. Each contains a particular, wave induced quality and amplification of light. The light realms are the visual realms, visible spectrums. They extend from the wave we know as DELTA, through theta – alpha – beta – and gamma *in its more contemporary sense. There are more waves than these but we will work for the most part in this pattern of understanding.

The waves may be thought of as ‘altitudes’ or ‘depths’.. We are all familiar with how as we go up a mountain or into an area of the world elevated to a greater degree above sea level the air gets thinner, it gets harder to breathe, to take in oxygen. We may get light headed, have to pop our ears. We may struggle to stay alert, to focus and even see. Going slow, acclimating ourself to the new environment is critical to remaining active in it.

Fewer of us may have experience with free diving but it is similar, perhaps to an even greater degree – going down under the water and out of our more usual, principally oxygen environment. The alteration in the terrain, and upon our system is acute and apparent, as a different type of breath altogether – breath suspension – is utilized. Acclimating to this through training is a necessity so as not to “pass out”.

It is highly similar when taking our conscious self into what we term the ‘subconscious’ and ‘superconscious’ areas. There is a process, an acclimatizing through training that needs to take place in order to retain conscious awareness, our Earth-life personality point of view during the event of entering, experiencing and resurfacing from these waves. The more common tendency of falling off and out of awareness needs to be overcome.

Practice and Training

We’ve now come almost full circle —

Back to the point of bringing the content of what is predominately the delta, theta and alpha waves – into our beta world.. The superconscious and subconscious into our conscious territory. This requires not just practice, but persistence and patience.

Are you ready?

Let’s go over this briefly again.

The way to begin is to feel your state of resolute. To make the choice to do this, to know and feel its importance and be resound in the investment of yourself to the endeavor.

With this the journey, adventure, training begins.

You are from this point an Explorer, activating your Explorer training.

There are many modes and methods of aligning and achieving resonance with the waves.. beginning of course with the next harmonic over – the alpha wave(s), the astral and astral territories. You may employ any or all of the following to this end :

  • Silent, sitting mediation
  • Tratak, gazing techniques
  • Pranayama, breathing patterns, breath awareness
  • Savasana, Yoga Nidra
  • Brainwave entrainment, binaural beats, isochronic tones, solfeggio frequencies
  • Window gazing, ( yes gazing out a window )
  • WBTB, Wake back to bed techniques

Training and practicing solo on your own is as important as taking it to the next level and practicing in a group. **as well as taking it further into the culmination level and beginning the phase of being a mentor to others. As I, myself am now doing. You will never learn more than when you begin to pass on what you have learned through direct, personal and impersonal experience.

With this I would like to extend an invitation to you all — to join me on our forum boards where there is not only sanctuary from outside influence but mentoring, open discussion, practice groups and LIVE Zoom opportunities to meet and hold space together.

Enter theGalactic.Travel.Channel Forum Board Here

Individual Forums :

General Practice and Study
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2 thoughts on “The Recall Muscle : Making it Back with the Data

  1. Thank you for this post. You have reconnected me to many threads of exploration. I found your site because I bought the domain consciousnessexplorations. I love what you share here. How fun to be a sister site of yours for those who make typos, like me. Many Blessings. Abigail Larrison

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    1. Well how cool is that?! Thank you for the error ( lol ) and having a look around here, I will take a peek into your site as well! – always good to have a sister. To your favorite planet and back. —Casey.


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