365 Days of Dreams

I am someone who has always remembered my dreams… Who, in the beginning, did not have to write them down to remember, I carried them with me as clear and real to life as my experience in physical space. In fact for a great deal of my life I absolutely could NOT write down my dreams. In the rare event that I did, awareness of the dream state would stop for a short period. As a lesson perhaps. In this way I learned to carry the additional fields more immediately with me in direct awareness alone. I learned that for one reason or another I was not meant to document.—Until much later in the lifetime, that is. 

At the ( 2009 ) point of my awakening, I began to find that I could dream journal, log out-of-body experiences, kundalini events. I not only kept a written log I began video journaling as well. I did this for many years, roughly through the years 2009-2014, when all of a sudden I just stopped. When I did this, awareness of the dream state itself faded in near unison. I even stopped logging the more significant obes and as if the one were falling in line with the other, awareness of these events faded into the recesses and were lost to me.

Here at this juncture ( 2015 ) I am finding myself in the same state as the majority of earth human experiencers. In beta-wave-consciousness only, what I sometimes refer to as “beta lockdown”. I am on a level playing field, as level a playing field as it is possible for someone like me, relative to others who are here in this reality system — with everyone else.

Sitting here at scratch. For years, growing notably discontent, I make a choice, 

a choice to get it all back.

I begin the consciousness experiment “365 Days of Dreams”. I am interested to observe what is necessary to bring forward dream content **every day. The intricacy and extent of what is learned from daily recovery. The areas of my dreaming I find most important and from which content is regularly chosen to bring back with me. Most of all—what change is affected on a person and life through the daily action of experiencing **all** the fields.

Regaining my fuller state of being was not easy, but it also wasn’t hard.

It all begins with the first step, unwavering focus.

If you haven’t heard me say it yet – the onset of awakening is a gift, its continuance is a choice. If you want it, all you have to do is choose it.

Really choose it.

* * * * * * *

This collection of material is from a consciousness experiment participated in by members of our forum/message board. It is proposed that together we begin logging our dreams daily. The Idea is to create an impetus toward bringing forward with us as we wake into our daily state of awareness at least one dream, or dream fragment, or feeling. To 1 ) work the muscle required for recall and 2 ) observe any significant crossover in our concepts and experiencing.

I myself am looking, perhaps more specifically for potential crossover as *evidence we may, as a direct result of our grouping be synchronizing in such a way as there is observance of our collective activity from within as a One-Consciousness; where-in our persons are entering the fields of each other. During the course of this experiment I am finding clear evidence of this occurring within my own observation point with multiple of the experiment participants.

I have compiled this material and formatted it as a PDF with links making it super easy to navigate. Each day in the table of contents is linked directly to the log for that day. I hope those of you who are wanting more access to your dream state, to the additional fields which are every much a part of you as this one – enjoys this and uses as a tool to help you on your journey. I had great fun with this experiment and learned more than I even imagined. I will be taking what I learned and creating a playlist of video uploads as a compliment. Soon!

365 Days of Dreams PDF ✔️


Follow this video series on YouTube

We begin with the subject of bringing through dreams everyday.

With every upload in this series I will share a dream from the log.. After this, today let’s talk about how to bring your dreams through to physical space everyday. Remembering….the more regularly you bring through content, the more in step you will be as well with your lucid states and OBEs. You will bring more of all of this through with you. The first step is to get in there, and of course out of there with the data intact. Let’s begin.

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