OBE Log : Entity Assault

February 2, 2021

Second chakra energy transmutation : all night.
Sexual depravity.


I am unsure how to begin.

An entity is in my space, in the etheric energy space, it seems to have no regard for me whatsoever and this is much as a predator and prey situation. This entity is human. It has a hold of my right foot and is dragging me 180 degrees within the exact space of my physical body. It is performing the rotations of the bodies necessary for enacting what is for me a conscious shift into an OBE ..It wants me to be as aware of what is happening as possible. In a sick way, because this entity is violating my space and violating me. It wants me to see not just what is happening but who it is. I am certainly attempting to see, but at the same time, aware from within multiple fields and the goings-on within them, my entire mental/energetic/physical construct is screaming. 

As I am first coming to experience and tangibly feel the violation, the feedback is of a male being. But I see clearly here, at least to this degree, the entity is not male but female. I am seeing the outline of the body, face, head.. She is very generic in her appearance, utterly lacking of vitality and color. She is perfectly still, standing here before me, energetically and compassionately numb. I see the hair, ash blonde, not quite to the shoulders, outlining her face. It is a complete blur through the features of the face. I am coming into full alertness, screaming with every ounce of my energy the words “you are dead”, “you are so dead!”, “you don’t even know how dead you are!”. The energy is coming through me with such force the words are reaching through my physical body in physical space. Where it is the pre-morning hours ( 4am ), I am at work, the dog is barking loudly down the stairwell in what I come to think must be in response to my distress.

I am unnerved at what is happening, at what I know is still happening deeper into the fields but I am not going to let the opportunity get by me. If this is happening I know it to be happening with and within elements of my own total being and this moment is given to begin its resolution. It is not an easy energy to willfully reenter. I attempt various methods. First a transmutation of the overall energy, which at this particular point is premature and does not work. Next, a straight reentry into the experience which due to the precise energetic nature of it also does not work. Finally, the calling of the portion of my higher fractal consciousness which can best serve in this situation.—which is the key,—the shift back in is seamless and I am here again with immediacy. 

This is a very different experience than prior ( I am accessing more levels of the event ) . . Immediately I am asking how this was even let to happen. For at first, it naturally occurs that the Inner being, as part of Its job deflects this kind of thing. As soon as it is thought I know. It is important for me to process this consciously, through the current biological and cellular construct. I need to know. This component exists. It is being brought face to face with me for the LIVE and in real time transmutation. I accept. I accept knowing. In stark contrast with those components predominantly used in the creation of the current life, highly monastic, refined warrior lifetimes and energies – what is before me now is depraved. It seeks for the perpetual existence in this depravity to end. To be reabsorbed into something in any way new. I consent to quite literally BE what supplies the torque, for the differential to be known to this other. I consent to blend.

K chills
Inner chills as I reenter the additional scenes.

I am in a large house, not my own, the energy of those here very obviously emanate to me that I do not belong, I am an intruder. I don’t know where to be so after awhile of looking I just sit at the foot of a bed where-on there is a young couple. All of those here depict this same group and ‘nightlife’ atmosphere. There is drama ( among the people here ) and drugs going around. Everything breaks from this point to a scene where the alpha male of the group who is on the bed, to the astonishment of all the others walks up to another male and deeply kisses him. The walls in this house are all clear windows, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. The whole inner structure, clear windows. Everything is out in the open, nothing is hid from the sight of any. This stands out to me almost more than the mix of astonishment from the group at this instant. The activity continues here>>>while I shift<<<it stays at the back of my still clear and very present awareness.

I am now in another location more immediately in the presence of three women of advanced age. They are well into their 60s and even 70s. They are spiritual minded individuals. Deep into the spiritual arts. Wicken, psychic, alchemic. Two of the women are together, sexually, and interacting. The third is extending the same invitation now to me and any of the women also present here. I am surprised when one comes forward from behind my line of sight and lays with her. I am not pleased by what I am seeing and can feel the work within my own construct and genetic make-up, identifying and neutralizing the displeasure. I am allowing the kaleidoscope to turn, the energy to shift from what it is into a more fully embodied state of compassion, acceptance and love. 

This is all happening in concert with the activity of the etheric field. It is all in my awareness all at once now. The whole picture, the whole dynamic, the whole shift of energy(ies) from what they just were to what they are now.

The work here tonight has been successful.

I am again in a new energy. 

A new me.

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