Meet the ETs

The following portraits -rendered through the crystal- were born of a desire in me to help others see. I did not want to be alone in my seeing anymore. I wanted everyone to be and feel as blessed as I do by the Beings. By what they are trying to tell us. And by the sheer fact they are transmitting to us ground level through ( of all things! ) a CRYSTAL.

My emotion must have reached them, must have touched them because gradually, sequentially, the more focused single face ‘portraits’ began coming through. Each of the frames is still chock full of information, there is always much more than what I call the “Main” [ the main Being presenting in the frame ] but the Main will have the fore. It will push its energy way out to the front.

To connect, take your gaze into theirs, meet each Being eye to eye and you will begin feeling your energy shift.., feeling the brainwave patterns shifting (agree to go on the ride). To the degree you allow you will be guided into an alpha, theta and/or delta state through the transmission (and if you so choose into their world and even direct presence.

This is interesting- similar to going out of body,

The further away you are from the Being, the more cartoon or caricature-like it will appear. This is done out of kindness, to not scare you and not impede upon boundaries and free-will. You will deem always, for yourself what is and is not real. What is, and is not going to be a reality for you.

As you open and expand and enter new realms, new territory, the closer you come to the extra-terrestrial presence and seeing the ETs more true-to-life. In the collection of transmissions below you will see a mixture of this phenomena.

Remember this work does not happen without you. It takes us all: the crystal(s), me, you. It is only when all of you request to see that the vastest array of beings come through. 🪐


I am going to begin introducing the Beings to you- one by one.

Visually, for now.  (more will come later.

Take your time moving through,



The beings do not always come through in a pretty “portrait” style format. Often they are whole scenes that come through. The whole room or area they are in is displayed. Or….sometimes I can catch them close to physical space, peering in at me from directly within my own rooms, or from just outside them, in through a window. I will show you an example of each. In the first is a sorceress and male associate. In the next is a being named Cebadanite, I call him Ceb, who has been watching me from the beginning. He is the first being who ever came through the crystal. He is linked with my OBEs and I have been with him ( “on the table” ) on board craft.

Sometimes an Overbeing will come through as itself, and also show us the smaller ‘avatar’ body they use to manifest in physical space. Note that physical space can be 1-3D physical, which means confined to a planetary body of origin, or 4-6D physical.—galactic. In the second frame I tried blending them together for you, cheek to cheek as it were.

Avatar body
Higher Being

Now back to a stream of portraits.

Pause to remember.
These beings are real, they exist. You can connect and interact with them.

This has been just a sampling of the beings.

Many of the ones you have now met are the much less often displayed.

You can see there are a vast variety of entities and species which come through. It is rare for Earth humans to come through, which is interesting in itself, but let’s pause here to say/show that when they do it is often someone we know.

I had never seen him before, I just knew….
I knew exactly who THIS was!
Albert Einstein
This one took synchronicity to lead me to
An Extraterrestrial Dimension of Vincent Van Gogh

I, myself have come through the crystal, in many forms including the one I have now. The most interesting is a Mesopotamian child, donning near the same appearance I do now. I of course recognized myself immediately, but to be sure I sent this frame to my mom and asked if she recognized the child. She responded in an instant, verbatim, “It is you.”


If anyone knows the artist of this page’s feature image at top, please let me know. I have altered the image somewhat to fit here. 🙏🏻

6 thoughts on “Meet the ETs

  1. The eyes are fantastic. Others have mentioned and drawn images of the cat beings. I met the most beautiful being I have ever seen – in the OBE dream state. Decades ago. I was awestruck at his beauty and could not stop staring. He was standing in a doorway to the next dimension. Extraordinary with tiny iridescent feathers all over his body. Face to face – 6 inches between us. Spoke with his eyes. Wanted me to know they existed and are visiting us. Energy of invitation and welcome. The Bird Tribe. – – – Sharing this post. Thank you!

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    1. Incredible!.. the contacts can be so amazing. Through the crystal it is so interesting. Even the ones who appear soft and lovely in the renderings are quite INTENSE in their actual formats. At times they begin coming through to me in this fashion and my heart begins beating wildly. So they step back again while I acclimate. Full physical contact is not as easy as some may think. When from the 3/4D field, prior to a full transformation of our system it is a challenge. It is work. But I am ever so pleased to take it on. Thank you for sharing your contact, Wendy, and thank you for sending the beings who have contacted us through the crystal(s) out to your audience. This is how conscious global contact begins.

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      1. Yes, the vibration/frequency is higher and my heart speeds up too. They warned me to relax and said they would limit their transmission to avoid overwhelm. It was encouraged for us to continue raising our vibration to evolve and accommodate the connection = Conscious Ascension. ❤ Thank you!

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